Lifting the Seven Veils (enlightenment)

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7 months ago
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I was sure which group I should place this in . If I have chosen the wrong group, please let me know. Very interesting read
updated by @rene: 10/15/17 11:49:57AM
Cat Whisperer
6 months ago
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Thanks for was a very interesting read 😉
6 months ago
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very awesome!!! thank you
Cheshire Cat
6 months ago
1,194 posts

This was very interesting, thanks. I am confused though about whether these veils must fall in the order they were listed, which seemed to be implied. I feel like I am done with and can totally relate to all but the fifth, which I still have serious trouble with, and that was early in the listing. I have a couple of friends who do not believe humans are even capable of true unconditional love as long as we are in these bodies. I try, but know I am not there yet, and with the combative way SO many people are acting lately, I am getting further away, not closer. 

My question for all who read this is: Do you think we must all go through these veils in order? 

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