Astrology is all wrong?!

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10 months ago
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That's right. Due to the Earth's wobble while orbiting, common astrology information is inaccurate.

Find your correct zodiac sign here:

For a more detailed account, visit here:

Love and light~


updated by @lotusfly: 07/04/17 05:54:39PM
10 months ago
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really? interesting. thsnk you!
10 months ago
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bunnigirl: really? interesting. thsnk you!

You're welcome! It's amazing that most astrology providers have not bothered to update their information.

Merin Eliz
10 months ago
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May I say that we have always taken the wobble into account in Indian Astrology. I always wondered why I had diff signs in Western and Indian astrology and then i saw this. :-)

Cheshire Cat
10 months ago
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Wow, Lotusfly! Like merin-eliz I had also seen Indian astrology and the differences in it and wondered what was going on. My husband of 31 years and I were supposed to be an awful match before and now I think it is even worse, lol! I will go look it up. 

It makes sense, as I had even asked his mother if he was born late, since he acts so much more like the sign before him, which is what the link says he is. I also have had close to a whopping 90% of my exes and friends in my life from the sign this says I really am, one not particularly a good match for me in my sign according to western astrology. I guess they aren't really the same sign though......they'd be the one before it, which is not a good match. 

Both of us do have some strong characteristics of the western signs, but they make up about 1/3 of who we are, I'd say, so this makes sense. 

I just saw something earlier today which said your present rising sign can tell you all about your past life and why your karma is what it is now in this life. It said your sun sign in your last life was the sign prior to your rising sign in this life. That would imply linear reincarnation though, and I do not believe time exists.......this is all enough to make you pull your hair out!

Very interesting......

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