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Hop Daddy
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Thanks for posting this topic. This is a topic where I also would like to learn more. I personally don't seem to have anything I remember that would clue me into a past life. But I do get occasional Deja vu moments that make me wonder. However, my wife is unnaturally afraid of drowning at sea and has never had a related water scare in this life. So we always joke that something bad must have happened in a past life where she drowned at sea. And your holocaust flash backs seem to point to a prior life event as well.

From what I understand about past lives from reading about it is that we all keep coming back to gain achievements so that we can elevate our soul. After we die we are given the opportunity to come back on another mission. If accepted we are told me have to make certain achievements and learn lessons in the next life. We then come back but don't normally remember what our purpose is or what we are supposed to learn or achieve. We come back with a clean slate and have to live our best life and hope to pass the tests and level up. At a certain point our soul has reached the highest level and we are given higher being options (becoming a spirit guide, angel etc....).

But since I admittedly don't know that much about this subject, I am sure we will hear from others shortly on how this all works and your connection with the holocaust.

Nocturne's Angel
Nocturne's Angel
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Rocky Wolfe:

How do I go about doing that? Also, do the events/periods of history that I'm particularly drawn to or feel attached to have anything to do with my past lives? For example, on the topic of the Holocaust, I feel like I was right there. When it's discussed, I just get these moments of vivid visuals of the camps (even before I ever saw any pictures) and any dreams I've had related were always the most "real" to me. 

Any advice?

Hi Rocky Wolfe,

If you are seeking how to do a Past Life Retrieval on yourself I would recommend looking through various you tube videos, using binaural beats or isochronic tones  to help you connect to your past life/lives.

If you are seeking someone else to assist you in a Past Life Regression I'd recommend a licensed hypnotist for Past Life Regression Sessions.

If you are seeking someone else to assist you in retrieving your past life/lives I'd recommend an experienced person who does Past Life Retrieval Readings/Sessions.

Best wishes.

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