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We all try to enlighten ourselves as to what the other side is, the fact that you are here and on this website seeking something is validation that we/all of us seek answers.

Religion has a lot to answer for because a vast majority of religions tell us that we ascend or descend but this is a bit of a red herring, we assume that we go up or we go down once our time in this place has passed. Those of us that follow religion will have some sort of belief system indoctrinated within us that states we must behave and follow "these" rules or suffer in the next life.

Based on my experiences to date, Id like to suggest that ascension is not straight up and that we dont rise to a different level we sidestep, once our physical body has ended our life force energy stays here for a while as we acclimatise to our new environment. If we believe that all spirits and entities are the souls of dead humans, we limit our understanding of what lies beyond and fail to see the big picture. The other side is not just about the spirits of dead humans floating about doing ghosty stuff. The spirits of dead humans are just one very small aspect what lies on the other side/s, it is this side that is possibly one of the closest to us and one which we identify to easily. Unfortunately it is also the one that is so often misconstrued and is often interpreted to be the only side.

Our reality is physical and it is predominantly 3 dimensional, our perceptions are based on our vibrational frequencies of both sight and sound. The pet lovers amongst us will have seen our pets staring into space or watched their behaviour change for no reason, then we have become aware of an oddity occuring, something outside of our normal range of what we deem to be normality. Any non physical reality that we are priviledged to see or become a part of needs to be considered carefully, in a dream like state we are capable of travelling to their place, and yet we are all familiar of stories where spirits (energies of dead humans) have visited us in our place.

All of us have a unique energy field around us, it is like a finger print or DNA sample everything we do and everywhere we go we leave a trace of our energy behind. Other people will follow us and pick up on our energy. Look at this energy like a perfume, when you walk into a room and you can smell a perfume you immediately change your state of awareness, wether this perfume be from a vase of flowers or wether it be from a woman will depend on which senses are heightened. Our energy fields are the same way, depending on who is picking up on them depends on how they are affected and this will also work the other way as well, with practice we can control how our energy is projected and to what degree it will affect others.

To hold an antique item or to touch an item of great sentimental value is to touch the energy of what once was, to be able to interpret that energy and make sense of it is to invoke the energy and manifest an opening into a paralell reality. I want to suggest that when we look straight ahead this is 0* (* = degrees)and if we look imediately to our right we have 90* immediately behind us is 180* immediately to our left is 270* coming back to the front is 360*. By holding an object and looking at various points around this horizontal circle we can find and approach this spirit with intent, to turn slowly and trust intuition to guide us to where this spirit can be found, to then approach or summon this spirit is to set up a line of communication. When doing this it should always be remembered that in doing this it is disturbing energy, you would not barge into someone elses house without knocking first, so respect must be maintained at all times. Set a simple intent and state that it is being done for the greater good, ask permission, good manners and a polite demeanor will contribute towards successfully achieving what you want or hope to achieve.

The safety elements to this need to be considered as well, it is not always easy to control your own energies even after considerable practice it is not always possible to control the energy put into an activity. I personally find that sometimes places will drain me and leave me discombobulated for a long time after. Usually once I have recognised that I have left a large amount of energy behind I can take steps to retrieve it or replace it.

Angel Blessings

Bruce 5th Oct 10

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