The bumpy road to spiritual enlightenment...

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There is no fast track to spiritual enlightenment. The road is bumpy and filled with giant pot-holes. It is a lonely journey for brave spirits. It is not for wimps. Shallow people need not apply.

There is noIphone App that will get you there quicker.Abackpack full of crystals and sea-salt and sage will not speed up your journey.

You will betesteddaily. Your body and mind and spirit will ache and scream at you. Your ego will be pummelled.

Yourtravels will beunique. No-one has everbeenthis waybefore, and yet it has a well-worn familiarity.

Your journey,will in all likelihood involve many devastating life changing events.Perhaps lost loves,homelessness, hunger, unbearable grief,manual labour, physical or mentalillness, poverty,abuse, divorce, abandonmentetc.

Yes, it is true that youwill see the light when you emerge from the darkness.Time and time again. Time and time again. The spirit is strong, but the human body and mindare toopreciousfor thisprocess to be rushed. The years, and then the decades go by.

Your spirit grows with every new challenge. It isexhausting.... and exhilarating. It is life. It is your spiritual life. Your journey. It isn't free. It isn't quick. It must be earned, in love and kindness, hard work and tears. There is no other way.

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