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Is Shamanism the same as being a light worker ? I heard the term and looked it up and I see some familiar traits except for the drum or a trance unless meditation is what they call a trance. Are they the same or what. ? Opinions welcomed
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Nocturne's Angel
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In my opinion no.

This link might help :

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In my opinion and experience, all (real) shamans are lightworkers and some lightworkers use shamanic techniques. I think the answer to your question depends on how one defines shamanism and lightworking. Specifically, what does a lightworker do?

If you look at the Wikipedia definitionof shamanism, the description in the first paragraph overlaps significantly with other modalities that I believe most people would classify as being under the lightworker umbrella, such as psychic mediumship and energy healing.

Also, I think it's important to note that shamanic techniques can be used by "darkworkers" just as much as lightworkers, but because the title of Shaman is generally bestowed by others and not given to oneself, true shamans tend to be the healers, the lightworkers.

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A Shaman is a lightworker, because they are a healer, in fact, a spiritual healer. But not all lightworkers are Shamans. :)

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It all depends on the Shaman to heal or harm.

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