Paramahansa Yoganadaji

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3 years ago
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Well guys and gals, i knew they were making a film about his life and it is complete it is called

Awake: The Life of Yogananda

and I will be going to see it at the UM theatre this sunday. Here is the trailer for it


What can I say, my kind of guy...


He is one of the very few people I know that has 100% full integrity and can be trusted fully. His teachings are A OK. As with any one sent by Source, he was persecuted by the religious fools in this Nation at the time, the government, etc. But he came and delivered with grace and poise.

I have visited The headquarters of the organization he founded, Self Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles. At that property there is a small well where he placed his hand print on the concrete, I have touched that, separated only by time. I have also visited the SRF Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades, where a portion of Ghandi's ashes are kept in an ancient Urn. There is a small lake boat that he spent may a time in meditation, I have also visited and had a private tour and been where he spent so much time.


I strongly recommend his bookAutobiography of a Yogi

Any one here at the EC know about him?


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3 years ago
915 posts

I remember that the imprints of the well were kind of faint. Here is a pic of the well, They have built a structure around it now.


He was a small man with little hands. faint but did great things. He's the one with foot print.


3 years ago
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Saw the film and even though it was a documentary, I got to see plenty of pictures/movies about PY that I had never seen before. I new that someone betrayed him and it turned out it was his long time friend and fellow yogi, I didn't know he did not want to come but did because Source wanted as the Divine Mother. I got to see post death images of his dead Guru still in Lotus form. Why did the US Government keep him on a watch list? Paranoia or just christian religious persecution of the times? He did have wealthy benefactors and money was never a problem.

He was perplexed when told that only white people could come to his lectures. He responded by starting his own black groups. I did not know that Indians think of themselves a brown caucasians. I loaded up a copy of Autobiography of a Yogi on my phone to re-read it again after many years.

And in true Yogi fashion, picked his own time and way to exit this Earth at a dinner honoring the first Indian Ambassador to the US. Usually, these guys are cremated but he was not. He is at Woodland hills in LA.


But he Loved his Guru Sri Yukteswarji immensely and this spans the ages.


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