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You are in a tough place. You will be up against all manner of ignorance, hatred and just plain stupidity as taught by mainstream religions mainly christianity. I do not go to church and I see it as they can't teach me a thing. Your soul is speaking to you and in reality its part of the Shift. He can choose to remain ignorant or maybe learn what is NOT being taught in Churches. I would not tell him all things, just enough, silence has its place. If he stays, is OK, if he goes its still OK. Its a choice. I have a Portable Vortex set up in my living room floor doing a very important task for the USA. Some people came into the house to do an inspection and one of those Bozos purposely broke the circle, maybe christians in their ignorance... On the Reiki thing, its extremely important to ask for permission to do it. As of about 1.5 month ago, the level of available energy to us has been greatly increased. I have noticed during my Reiki practice. Also psychic abilities and gifts are being awakened. Its all part of the plan.

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