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My experience and experiences to date have led me to believe that each and every one of us has a "Guardian Angel", that helps us throughout our lives. I feel the need to amphasize help.

I am sure almost everyone can relate to the metaphorical angel that sits on your left shoulder and the lil horned devil, that sits on your right shoulder and the angel telling you to ignore the trouble that the devil is invoking. I have recently been told that in some religions these metaphorical figures keep records of all the deeds that we do one recording the good and one recording the bad a sort of real life akashic recording of all that we do in this life time.

Whilst this is a metaphor and is the stuff that cartoons are made from, this isnt to far from the truth, speaking from personal experience. Your Guardian Angel will if invited whisper into your ear and allow you to find things, your angel will do things to attract your attention...

Allow me to back up a little bit and explain from my perception based on personal experience. We all have a Guardian Angel allocated to us at the point of where we came into being, the moment of conception. This Guardian stays with us throughout our earthly existance and brings us back to source, so to make this absolutely clear from the moment we leave source to the moment we rejoin source our Guardian Angel will stay with us.

So what does "My" Angel do for me? I want to make this clear as well! I also have an Angel and guides that to my knowledge are not my Guardian Angel.

My Angel has been with me for a very long time, but I am aware of a much higher celestial being that is around and has been around for much longer than my Angel and it is this being that I believe to be my Guardian Angel.

So what does my Angel do for me? She talks to me often, sometimes I hear her and sometimes I dont. When I dont hear her or dont get her messages she sends me clues that she is trying to attract my atention, usually feathers. ( as I sit writing this in a covered car-park a feather has landed just inches away from me and as I smile and thank her, I am covered in pins and needles as she touches me reassuringly. I now look to the sky and can see a sylph an air elemental of about 100 feet in length. Again this is just a clue that I am being looked after.)

I believe if I ask for help my Angel will try and help me, my Angel will help me in all situations, sometimes providing a hug and sometimes moving obstacles to make my journey easier. She is only ever working to the greater good and will only ever assist if asked. She is not my servant because I am not her master, we are equals and this is something that causes me much dismay. I think that sometimes I forget that we are equals, and I treat her like a queen, something much higher and become afraid to disturb her for what I deem to be to trivial a matter for her to be concerned with. She has told me many times nothing is to little or to great for her to concern herself with and yet I still struggle to ask her for help. Something that disturbs me greatly is I tend to ask her for help when all else has failed and expect an instant answer to a question or expect an instant result to a problem, the problem with leaving it so late to ask is I have then made her my slave in the sense that she must perform or I will lose trust, this is not the case but to all intents and purposes it is what is portrayed. I do try to be careful but we all have our faults...

Does my Angel have a sense of humour? The answer is yes.

How do I know if my Angel is around? Most of the time I know, so I accept that I know and this is enough. Other times I will state or ask, "are you around?" I will usually get a hug and a feeling of peace, an actual physical feeling that can not be mistaken.

Do I see my Angel? I have seen my angel, I do see my angel frequently, not as frequently as I would like but frequently. I am able to see my guides much easier than I see my Angel and I am able to see my Angel much easier than I am able to see my Guardian Angel. I remember seeing my Guardian Angel as a child and can only remember one occasion since. My Guardian is around I can feel him, this is not the same as seeing him.

Arch-Angels I have been honoured with their presence more than I have been with my Guardian, I have no reasons for this and dont understand but then I dont need to understand and so I leave it be. The Two Arch-Angels I have met are Raphael and Gabriel, Raphael being the more frequent.

I have recently been priviledged to have been allowed to see a Seraphim, the Seraphim is to my belief an Angel of the highest order. I have no ideas why I was honoured in this way, and can only summise that a message or explanation will be forthcoming.


Salem wa Alaikum

With Love


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