Energy/Aura I see anyone else see the same?

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Bigg Hoss
last year
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I can see a similar "field" thing around EVERYHTING in existence.... It is faintly clearish maybe a hint of whiteness/bluishness to it.... field of energy around all things....sometimes I can see it BIG TIME.... I am not sure what it is and not many speak of it....I am not sure if it is the electro magnetic field of all things which is said to exist or what... not sure.... It is like that more so on some people or animals than on objects per se... The field is really strong on myself...Then coming off of it I see some colors VERY faintly like red or blue or yellow green etc and they blend but I can BARELY see them compared to the other "field" I see...

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last year
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I can only see on certain people especially when they are very emotional. As you said, it is aura. Energy field around living beings and at times on objects.

I know a lady who does healing together with her her ability to see aura in colors. Her name is Madam Paru and she's from Malaysia. Perhaps you can try to email her. Her name is listed on this website,

Nocturne's Angel
last year
867 posts

I believe you are seeing the aura (energy field) of people, things, etc.

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