Aura color change

2 years ago
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I have always been in tuned with myself. Since I was a kid I have always had a gold aura, I would have other colors too but it was always outlined in golden light. Recently I was in a car accident. I was walking across a cross walk and was hit by a truck. After flying 8ft I managed to almost walk away almost injury free, everyone told me I was lucky to be a live. That saying bugged me, because I knew I hadn't survived. I remember the way the truck hit me, I died and I knew it. But before I woke up on the pavement, I remember seeing a woman, I knew her but I can't figure out how and she was surrounded by white light. She was so beautiful, she spoke to me, told me it wasn't my time yet, and it was time to wake up. Next thing I know all the warm and comforting feelings around me were gone and I was laying in the middle of the road. Since then my aura has changed. It is no longer that gold color, it has turned white, but there is a darkness to it. I don't understand
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