Women's cycles and past lives

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3 years ago
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I don't want to be all TMI here, so I'm going to do this as delicately as I can. I had cycle issues all growing up that involved having so much pain that I would end up in the hospital sometimes and childbirth was easy for me because it wasn't as bad as what I went through every month. I ended up getting a hysterectomy, so I am healthy now, but the worst part is that now one of my daughters has inherited this from me.

I keep feeling like to heal this, besides medical interventions obviously, there are some past life issues here. My daughter is very ill today and pretty close to being taken to the hospital if it doesn't improve soon. I did a past life energy clearing session for her. I don't want to post the details of what I found in that life here because they were personal and very disturbing and involved a rape of a young girl and subsequent childbirth and death. I saw that the trauma from that incident carried through the years and generations and is still impacting the female health of a few of the women in my line including myself and one of my daughters. I cleared it all and went back through self-hypnosis and helped the girl and the baby have a smoother, more gentle, less painful, more loving experience.

Is there anything else anyone can tell me about the connection between women's issues and healing past lives? I don't trust that this took care of it all. Maybe it did, and I just can't trust it because I'm so anxious for my daughter to be okay. I want this issue out of my family line and now. My poor daughter. I don't want this carried any further down our family line to her daughters and her daughters and so on.

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3 years ago
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It certainly can be. We bring in many unresolved issues with us in order to clear them. It can be in the family line but also symptomatic of what is occurring throughout the world.

If you want to discuss this further and in private, please feel free to send me a private email.

3 years ago
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Thanks so much. I'm going to message you.

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How do you clear up something from the past life?  I have female issues that is causing other health complications for me.  And this too runs in the family.  I had several dreams of a man and myself pregnant.  But the dreams with the baby the man is not there as like he died.  I did eventually meet this man in present today, and after meeting him the female issues took a turn.  One of the other dreams with this baby, he was older and I was married to a not great man and had a second baby.  I didn't want to be married to him, nor him to me.  How do I clear this??

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