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3 years ago
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This morning by accident I came across what seems like a Past-Life issue from one respect and a future life from another.

I wonder which is more exciting finding your past life or recognizing that you are one and the same as a person younger than you.

Unfortunately, unless the person achieves some status or becomes known to you somehow you may never hear about them. That is why people often make the connection with a famous person (as their past life), but less with ordinary people.

Now with the help of the internet even the ordinary lives are becoming associated with their more famous lives.

Today, while checking my mail, I felt inclined to click on a figure skating interview, which pulled up another suggestion for me, and yet another. On the third one, I was shocked to see this young woman who looked like, sounded like and according to the heading was "Wise beyond her years" like an older friend of mine. Older, meaning, she is older than the skater but only a young adult at this time.

Similarly, through the internet, by accident I found a Future life (for whom I am a past life). We have identical preferences in clothing, and if a picture tells a thousand words, we are very much alike in other ways. We like young children, we are both goal oriented etc etc.

She is a friend of a friend on facebook, so we never met. I have the feeling it may remain that way. The younger version of me is still very busy living this life than to be reflecting on anything by looking back. She is busily trying to put her mark on this world.

Another version of me, I just Googled...once the realization hit that she could be living a life very closely related. I could not believe that every thought that I had contemplated in this life, she had actually done/lived. I told someone once that had I been younger and wiser, I would fly a fighter jet. She did it. Lately I was wondering whether I could manage driving a bus (like the size of a school bus). I have driven trucks before, but only small ones. Well, this lady has a commercial driver's license and can drive the vehicles I only thought of. Oh, yes, she added the motor cycle to that too. She also holds a job in aviation, which both of us shared to a degree with meticulous attention to detail.

So, I am very very excited about past lives, as one can learn a lot about themselves. I just think it can go in both directions.

One benefit to me finding out about these future lives is that I am not sitting here frustrated and continuing to think that I have to drive a school bus, drive a motor cycle, or sad moments about the fighter I never flew, because I am experiencing it through another right now in this moment, as I am thinking it.

So watch what you wish for. We are all connected. You wish it, and you or one of your other selves is experiencing it pretty much as you think it.

So for me the answer to the question above would be: I cried more when I became familiar with my past lives, but am very very excited watching my future lives.

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3 years ago
90 posts

Thanks for adding more clarification re: time Ravny FoxFyre. I tried to keep my post short and spoke mostly from the 3D perspective, but we don't want people to think that the concept of time is anything linear.

A couple of years ago I read about the Split incarnation of Penny Pierce and others. I did not expect to start recognizing people and their splits as time went on.

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