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Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius, and Gemini rising.
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Kate T
Kate T
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Sun and Ascendant in Capricorn, Moon and Venus in Aquarius.

But I also got Mars, Mercury, Juno, Uranus and Neptune In Capricorn, and saturn in Pisces is in mutual reception w Nep and disposits my Cappy planets. Try figuring out this chunk of earth ^^

I've been drawn to astrology for years even though irl here and in my family it is like believing in unicorns. I feel it to be natural. It's not only as if it makes sense somehow, but it does provide a sense of calmness as well, and I like reading between the lines of people's charts.
I do not like exagerration and I don't guide my life after astrology. In fact I just felt a huge urge to learn about it so I taught myself, reading everything possible for about 5 years (15-20), and now the feeling is less intense and I just concentrate on other things. One of my personal hobbies so to say, it was. I have always been looking for new ways to see or understand the world and astrology is a gate to a deeper mindset. I also looked into chinese, indian, aztec calendars and so on. Hawaiian or amerindian. I don't find them to be bullshit at all, and a chart does show a lot of clues about a person's life or developpment. What I am not so sure I like is economical/political/other kinds of bullshit (just imo) predictive astrology and synastry.
I also remain a firm believer in my right to chose a path.
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Merin Eliz
Merin Eliz
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I'm a Gemini, Sagittarius Moon and Scorpio rising. I don't know in depth astrology, but a few bits. I feel its rather a fun way to understand people. But I don't guide my life on it. I don't even look at predictions, I just use it to understand a little more of any person I meet, and although I can't say i've been right all the time, i'm somewhat right most of the times. I think that aside from the sun sign ascendants play a good role in what a person behaves like.

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I am an astrologer and I find it has helped me immensely throughout my life. I did a blog post about introverts and astrology, and you can extrapolate that to empaths, but I've found that we typically have strong aspects to Neptune. Here's the link to my post if you're interested.

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