Super moon

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Emmy Long
3 years ago
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Is the super moon having a huge impact on anyone else's emotions? I have acid reflux disease (I hear it's common among empaths) and any intense emotion always causes it to flare up. I drink pure aloe Vera juice to try to keep my stomach acid down but it's not cutting it for me today. I saw there is going to be a super moon tonight and that this phenomenon often causes heightened emotions. I'm certainly feeling it today. I feel like everyone around me has heightened emotions, both good and bad, and no amount of shielding, grounding, aloe Vera juice, and tums seems to be helping me right now. It doesn't help that I am working an eleven hour shift at a fast food place today either. Just wondering if anyone else is also feeling this.
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3 years ago
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It's always been believed that the moon effects emotions; and if you look at things from an astrological view, we've had blood moons, the Grand Cross, and probably other stuff, that I can't think of at the moment, all this year. But the world is on edge anyway; moon or not. It's not going to take much for people to go over the edge.

3 years ago
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Hey thereSo funny to read you post as I am having such intense experiences for the last couple of days. I am not always checking the moon phases however as I was feeling so intense lately I looked at the moon phase and there you go....So, the answer is yes. I feel too that this is a very intense moon right now!! For me personally it is a good one. I could finally say things out loud which was keeping me unbalanced for weeks and I feel such brave and powerful. My personal experience to this very strong moon right now :)Lots of loveConny
3 years ago
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All I can really say... is yes!

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