You Are Stronger Than You Believe

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You Are Stronger Than You Believe

Have Faith.

You are Stronger than you Believe and Realize.

You are a Magnet of Powerful Potential and Unlimited Possibilities.

Just the fact that you are sitting here and Reading this.

Trying to Focus on the Positive, no matter how you feel... right now; Or how difficult things are.

It isa sign that you have already Aligned yourself towards Bliss; Love, Light and Healing.

The Moment you Decide to Change your Life; Your Life is Already Changing.

Believe. Be Strong. Not because you Should or Need to be.

But Just because it's the Choice your Soul Always Makes;

Even when you don't Realize it yourself.

Within you is the Power and Courage to break free;

From the Fears, the toxic bonds, the anxieties and emotional Pain.

That weigh you down, that hold you back and that keep you from soaring

to your full Beautiful Potential.

The day you Decide - Enough is Enough.

I will make the Rest of My Life; The best of My Life.

Is the day, You will be ready to Fly ....

~ Kiran Shaikh

Throw some love into the wind.


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