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I wish to once again thank our founder Elise Lebeau for having the great courage to answer her inner voice and turn on her computer that wonderful day that she welcomed us into her world. Without her fortitude of spirit and her willingness to " Be The Light " none of us would be here sharing our Light and Love with each other. She is our Queen of the Light. This is just another example of what you can accomplish by bringing your spirit into this world and being the creator you were meant to be. To paraphrase the Dalai Lama, " If you think one being cannot change the world you have never slept with a mosquito".

The following topic is the result of the observations and tireless work of Trevor Lewis a great empathic Lightworker, who we are blessed to have as one of our members here at the EC.

Thriving as an Empath

The Empath Community is a great place to start getting your empathic skills under control. I especially like Elise Lebeaus Empath Survival Program ( click on the link)

In addition, I have been looking for more than I was able to get from the Empath Survival Guide. Rather than surviving as an empath I am much more interested in thriving as an empath. One of the themes that I am discovering as I work with different people is that we suffer as empaths when we are only in receptor mode, we thrive as empaths when we step into healer mode. If a barrel of dirty water feeds into a pipe to a barrel of clean water, the clean water starts to look as dirty as the water in the dirty barrel. If the water flows from the barrel of clean water into the barrel of dirty water, the dirty water gets cleaner and the clean water is still clean and can be refreshed with clean water.

The effect of only shielding ourselves as empaths is turn off the flow of water, and we know what happens to stagnant water! When we become healers we keep the flow of water moving from the clean barrel to the dirty barrel. Not only that, our first instinct is to think that if we feel bad it must be something about us. It's the result of growing up in a mechanistic world that teaches us we are all separate. As empaths we know how untrue this really is. We are all connected and we are connected regardless of distance. For me, learning that I was processing other people's emotions was, in itself, the first huge step forward. Then as I cleared myself of my own emotional baggage I was better able to recognize when I was processing other people's emotions. In fact, once I realized that emotions were often not my own I was able to ask whose emotions I was processing and what those emotions were. Once I can identify whose emotions I am processing, and especially once I can identify what emotions they are, those emotions usually drop away and I go back to feeling myself again. Even though I know this works, there are still times when I forget to even ask the question "Is this mine?" It is easy to fall into the trap of immediately assuming it is our own.

So how do we move from being passive receptors to being active healers? A friend of mine in the Empath Community, Julie Barry, shared that she was dreading going to a funeral because of all of the emotions she knew, as an empath, that she was going to pick up. The following exercise was what I was given to download by way of an answer to her. She said it worked like a charm! So this is what I now recommend in order to avoid taking on other peoples energy and to avoid being drained by being around others:

1 . You are a conduit of Divine Energy. Channel it and send it out to the people in your environment.

This is important if you send your own energy out it will be exhausting for you. It will drain you and weaken you even more to let in their energy when your defenses are down. You are only a conduit for Universal Light. Visualize it coming in through the top of your head, your crown chakra, and out from your heart (and, optionally, all your other chakras) to them. The flow of Divine Energy through you and out to your environment will help to push their energy away from you. In addition, just as a water pipe cannot channel water without getting wet, you will be energized by the flow of Divine Energy through you.

2 . You want to keep that flow going into your environment 24/7. Keeping that up consciously for more than a short period of time is, of course, difficult going on impossible. Just have the intention of keeping that flow going. Tell your subconscious that this is what you want to be doing 24/7 and then let go. Just check in when you remember occasionally so as to keep the process going. Keeping the flow of Divine Energy down through you and out to the people around you is the best form of shielding.

Here is a quote from another empath friend on her initial use of this exercise:

" Yesterday I imagined beinga conduit of energy every time I left my house and it immediately made me calm. I even went to the store yesterday alone without my husband and kids who I usually use as a buffer between me and other people. This morning I imagined being a conduit before getting out of bed and I've been in a good mood since. It seems to calm me whenever I'm about to go bananas.

Some people have been doing their own version of this exercise for some time. For example, Bing Haley from the Empath Community says: " This is something I came to realize myself a little while ago. Each day I ask to be used as a conduit of Divine Light and Love to this world. I ask that Divine Love be infused within my spirit and body and that it flow out to everyone that I meet in that day and out to everyone that they meet so that the Light will flow outwards and elevate this world into the higher frequencies. I can feel it flow down through my crown chakra, across my shoulders and down into my legs exiting through my feet and connecting to the earth I find that if I am on continuous "send" mode that negative energy has no chance to come into my life and that if I do have someone of a negative charge come into my day that they will have little to no effect on me. It feels like the positive aura around me just flows over them and has a calming effect on them ."

For myself, as an intuitive healer and coach, being an empath is extremely useful. It is an ability that Iwant to keep and control, indeed, even amplify. What I started to realize though was that I didn't have an off switch. I particularly realized this when I woke up one morning processing some emotion that didn't feel like mine. I asked whether it was mine and got a no. I asked whether it belonged to a member of my family; again no. I got a yes when I asked if it belonged to a client and proceeded to test whose emotion it was and what the emotion was. I then cleared the client and emailed her that I had just cleared her for 'confusion' and quickly got a reply back "Thank goodness. I was processing that all night." What I have now done is set an intention for office hours an emergencies only. In other words, to turn on my empathic listening only when I am doing healing work unless someone is having an emergency in which case I am willing to be interrupted

How do I test that I am processing other people's emotions? Personally, I use muscle testing or dowsing with a pendulum to confirm my intuition about what it is and whose it is. Going back again to Julie Barry (who, like many people on the Empath Community, is way more talented than she gives herself credit for), this has been her approach determining whose emotions she is processing:

I have found that the color code system has been the most helpful for me. My own information is painted purple. While my family, comes in as blue. Other people's stuff, comes in as yellow from strangers (like at restaurants) and green from friends. With this information, I can then make an informed decision as to what I need to do with this energy. I usually, just "return to sender", attached with love and light (or repainted in purple love, for the sake of a visual reminder that, as you say, I am just a conduit of Light.

I hope that you have enjoyed this topic and if you have anything to add please leave a reply below or contact Trevor or myself directly. May all that is of the Light follow and protect you this day.

Throw some love into the wind.


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