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The following was taken from another empath site titled "The Empath Way". Here is their link.

Being a male empath is a bit of a challenge at times when we have to deal with what "real men" act like. I personally feel that if the world had less of the "normal" type of male the front pages of our newspapers would look a lot different. The following is a short article that I enjoyed reading and thought that other males would find some comfort in it. I feel that the world could use moredoctors, musicians, and carpentersthan Gengis Khans. I hope this article resonates with us "sensitive" males and I welcome any comments.

If you enjoy this article you may also like to read "I Deserve / Be the Light" in the Library.

As males we are taught at a very young age to not show our emotions, discuss our emotions, talk about our feelings and so on. This could not be further from the truth, we need to be in constant focus with our emotions and feelings always. As an Empath Male this is even harder to comprehend as our emotions and feelings will run wild when out of check. It is very acceptable and important to understand and share what you are feeling inside, instead of bottling up emotions and not dealing with how you are feeling. As both of those options will not be healthy for you or anyone around you. Yes we are extremely sensitive, so what! This does not make you any less of a man, if anything it makes you more of a man to deal with what is in front of you instead of running from it. There is no need to feel brainwashed here that the Male Empath needs to be some 'Macho' guy. Non Empaths are driven by desire, physical satisfaction, comfortable with everyday life, physical contact, self indulgence etc. Male Empaths cannot function well from ego due to being so sensitive, emotional and misunderstood. When in harmony with our emotions and feelings, we can tune our precognitions & conceptions for what is good to what is bad for us. As that deep feeling within each one of us is to protect, this is a valuable emotion. Protect yourself and this will lead you to nurture that craving to protect others. It is not an easy path but one you must understand yourself before you can others. To pave the road to Peace: Mind, Body and Soul. Each of us relies on the other and we must accept, maintain, and respect who we are and our gifts.

Throw some love into the wind.


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