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This article was taken from another empath site titled "The Empath Way". Here is a link to their site.

There is also an accompanying article entitled The Male Empath posted in the Library as well. I welcome all comments on this topic.

As an Empath, we can sense the truth behind the cover and will act compassionately to help that person express themselves thus making them feel at ease and not so desperately alone.
We experience empathy a great deal more towards family, children, friends, close associates, complete strangers, pets, plants and inanimate objects. Empathy is not held by time or space. Thus being an Empath we can feel the emotions of people and things at a distance. Some of us are empathic towards animals, to nature, to the planetary system, to mechanical devices or to buildings etc. Others will have a combination of the above. Intuitive Empaths are very highly sensitive. This is the term commonly used in describing our abilities (sensitivity) to another's emotions and feelings. We have a deep sense of knowing that accompanies empathy and are often more compassionate, considerate, and understanding of others.

There are also varying levels of strength in us which may be related to our awareness of self, understanding of the powers of empathy, and/or the acceptance or non-acceptance of empathy by those associated with them, including family and peers.

Generally, those who are empathic grow up with these tendencies and do not learn about them until later in life. Being aware of your energies and your boundaries is an extremely important part of being an Empath remembering also that, as females, we have additional stresses to maintain that interfere with our emotions, e.g. hormone fluctuations, pregnancy, being a mother, being the main emotional support for our families without getting the same back to match what we need due to our intense emotions/energy requirements. Resulting in regular fatigue/exhaustion and 'blowouts'. There is also a risk of negative overload far more than that of a non Empath so it is so important to always have a space to go to and one that is respected by all who know you.
Learning how to channel your emotions is vital to how you manage in this world.

Throw some love into the wind.


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