The "Correcting Time"

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The following is a channeled message from a high Celestial about what is happening on our world at present. As you probably know or "feel" there is a great awakening taking place at this time. Indepth research was done on this subject and I have received input from others who channel angelic sources or passed relatives, as well as other celestial guides.I, therefore,feel that this is a valid message that you should be made aware of.May Divine Truth travel withmy words.

The Correcting Time

The "Correcting Time" is a designation, given to an effort by High Celestial beings to actively bring this planet the earth you live on, into its rightful spiritual heritage. This is a tremendous task and undertaking, since most of the administration and direction of this task takes place in the unseen world. All of the action for this program takes place here on the planet in the lives of you mortals who are here today. This is not the first time that spiritual action has been awarded to this planet to increase the spiritual dimension of itsinhabitants.

One of the first things was to establish what was called a "Teaching Mission". This initially started through contacts with mortals and celestial beings. When I use the word celestial beings, I am talking about a large number of personalities under one heading, basically beings which cannot be seen by mortal sight contact. Most of the teachers who have volunteered to come here, not unlike myself, were at one time mortals from an evolutionary world, who are now at some part into the ascension program. They have volunteered to come to this world and assistin helping the mortal inhabitants of this world get a grasp on basic spiritual truths. The plan is to bring this world to the dawn ages of Light and Lifeand to prepare fertile ground for some point in the future when a Teacher may again appear in the flesh on this world. It is rather foolish to bring such a high being to a world that has no spiritual foundation. So the Teaching Mission was initiated so that mortals could have contact with spiritual counterparts; those of us who are a little ahead of you. In a sense, this is metaphorical in that when you leave this world and go to the next worlds of ascension, you will notice that those right above you pass information and teachings to you, and you, in turn, have the opportunity to pass information and teaching to those right below you. This is an ongoing process of education. This is the way in which knowledge is gained and knowledge is earned. Through experience first hand, through sharing and passing on these experiences to those right below you.

In this context,your world is taking part in its rightful spiritual heritage. It is getting information about spiritual matters in a way which is non-invasive; the free-will prerogatives of each mortal are not in violation. You are not coerced to be here or to listen to us, and definitely not coerced into action. I would like to talk a little about the goals and purpose of the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time. There is a tremendous amount of work to be accomplished to bring this world to the dawn ages of light and life. The reason why the metaphor "Correcting Time" is used, is to designate the fact that basically all social systems on the planet need some form of correction, modifying, incorporating the good to benefit the whole; as opposed to the effort of the whole for the benefit of the few.

We are not here to drastically change anything overnight or in a designated
period of time. We are here to transform this world of confusion, frustration,
bigotry, or racial and religious antagonism into a world of a kingdom brotherhood
with God as the Father, and love as a way of life. We are here to transform one person at a time. It is not important for you to feel responsible for changing the world, nor is any group responsible, but you should begin to discern the importance of changing yourself. One of our primary concerns is to teach of the Spirit of God, the Light,which lives within all people. How to focus in, contact, and how to access this spirit, which is love, into your daily lives. It is by small acts by a few, which will eventually create the momentum to encourage dramatic and swift acts among men. So do not be impatient; that spiritually you must first crawl to establish a vocabulary and foundation upon which to build your spiritual life.

Let it be known, onthis worldthere is tremendous opportunity for spiritual
service and spiritual growth. I know it is not much consolation, but there are
many of us in spirit who are envious of the position that you mortals are in. Not in that you live on a confused and backward world, but that there are many, many opportunities and situations in which to bring the love of theLight to
another human being; to one who is vagrant and wanting of such love; to one who is spiritually misshapen from lack of love; spiritually vagrant souls searching
for nourishment on this world.

As a person who comes to this group, this Teaching Mission class, there is no special attachment of any kind to this activity. It is only hoped that as you begin to access God and begin to see yourself a little clearer, you begin to access God's love and begin to give it a little more to others. That you begin to find ways to access the spirit of Light in others. To see another as your brother and sister, no matter how they appear, how they act, what their attitudes may be, and even if they are your enemy. Treat everyone as a child of God, and not to confront them, but to build a scaffold, a bridge if you will, over their barriers. A bridge of love, a blanket of love to cover this whole world. We are not here to tear down. It does no good to tell someone they are wrong or not correct. There will always
be one thing which a person believes in which you may share something in
common. It is important to find this one thing and develop this aspect of belief into a relationship with another. Belief is only as important as you are able to act. You meet a person, you start talking, you have a disagreement, you argue, and wind up leaving, and saying things which you don't really mean. They you are wound up in a very unproductive situation. Rather, from a spiritual stand point, you meet some-one and you find something that you can relate to with that person, no matter what it is. In respect and love you attempt to find a way to listen and make contact with the spirit of that person. This not aboutbeing a missionary, or walking door to door, or Teaching Mission transcripts, and telling everyone that you have found the greatest and most awesome information in the world. This about being beacons of Light. About being a person whose love alone draws that person towards you, whose love alone willlighten their hearts and ease their burdened mind, will give them something tohold on to.

We are not unaware of the human condition on your world, we know how
challenging and difficult this simple task is, for we have all been through it
ourselves. We hold you in love and respect,unconditionally, no matter how many times you may stumble or forget, how angry, impatient orfrustrated you may get. When you get your head back and balance yourself out, we are here, and God is ready to fill your heart with love. What we are trying to teach is a mind and heart connection. Spirituality is not mental calisthenics. When you open and connect to heart, you realize that spirituality is a living act. It is how you act. It is how you act and treat each and every one you encounter. This is our basic message, that the Light of God dwells within you. You can access this light and presence by beginning to spend ten to fifteen minutes a day, quieting your mind, sitting in stillness, and being in God's presence.

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