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I am adding this subject to the Library because maybe you, or someone that you know, has had a near death experience. All who have one of these episodes are changed and are never the same again. They have, quite literally, seen the LIGHT. It doesn't matter what your religion is when you go into the LIGHT. What you will meet is unconditional love waiting for you.

If someone you know has had a near-death or similar experience, it is as if the other person has returned from a country you have never visited and cannot even imagine. The best thing you can do for them is listen. Simply being with the person and letting him or her talk will be more helpful to them than you may think; you are not expected to have answers or opinions. There are many interpretations of NDEs, and only the individual can decide the meaning of this particular experience.

You may want to tell the world about your NDE, or you may want to think about it, possibly for a long time, before trying to say anything. You will probably feel frustrated trying to find words to describe it, and fearful that no one else will understand.

An NDE is not an indication of mental disorder, but its effects are often powerful. Some people adjust easily afterwards, while others feel challenged to integrate the experience into their subsequent lives. Their interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes may change; they may seem moody and distant; their personality may even seem different. If the person is really struggling, or if the changes are causing disruption of relationships, professional help may be needed for the person to get back on track.

If you have a close relationship with the experiencer, your world can be thrown into turmoil too. Many spouses, for example, have said "This is not the same person I married." Quite frankly, the divorce rate with near-death survivors is quite high. It is not easy living with someone who is in the throes of trying to integrate their experience.

The center of all of these stories, the core and base ofthe message that these people bring back, is that all is love. That outside of this frequency there is no time, that there is only the eternal now. Nat "King" Cole has a song called "Nature Boy" and it has a line in it that contains a very deep and true message; "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." As empaths and members of the EC we sometimes really feel like we don't want to be here; that we don't belong here; that this is a very dark place. A lady in one of the videos described it as "like walking around hip deep in molasses". We are here to help spread Light, Life and Love with all of those whom we meet. You don't have to be really special or necessaryily a world leader. All you have to do is LOVE. If you can do just that you have fulfilled your life's mission and changed everything and everyone who meets you and they in turn will change all of those that they meet. A candle never looses anything by lighting another candle.

The first link is to a video by Lorna Byrne, the author of many books on the topic of angels, as she describes one of the near death experiences she had. She describes this experience in great detail.

The last link in the following series of links is to the main page of the International Association for Near Death Studies also known as IANDS. They are a world wide organization with many chapters all over the world. At the site you will find all types of information ranging from support groups, publications, how to choose a therapist, and many other very informative topics.

So, I urge you to sit back and play a few of these little videos. They will change you and make you feel good and give you the strength to keep on going a little further. Know deep within your spirit and soul that you are loved more than you can ever comprehend.

Lorna Byrne

Secrets of Heaven's Gate

Energy and Light

Unconditional Love

Not Now My Daughter

Meeting theBeing of Light

Energy of Heart of God


Throw some love into the wind.


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