Meditation Exercises and Attaining Superconsciousness

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The first link is to Lorna Byrne's site and is about connecting to your guardian angel in order to elevate your connection to the spiritual realm. It will help you to release any fears or stress that you may have and feel a deep peace descend upon you.

Wings Unfurled

Below you will find a link to Eckhart Tolle's site and to Breathing Meditation. Also at this site you can find some free videos that you will find very informative.

Eckhart Tolle

These next5 links will clear up a lot of misconceptions about meditation while also educating you on how increased practise of meditation will be of great benefit to the empathic person. It will help you to be more relaxed and comfortable with your empathic lifestyle and the realization that you are progressing beyond the "normal" people all around you. I have had some of the experiences described in these videos. They offer a very good insight into meditation,heightened reality, and the different levels spiritual consciousness.

How to Access Super Consciousness

Below you will find other videos about meditation and how to make it work for you.

One Hour Candle Meditation

SimpleRelaxation / AGuided Meditation

Seven Myths of Meditation

Misconceptions of Meditation

I am also including a link to my YouTubechannel 1111Angels and the sublime music of Liquid Mind.


Click on the icon in the lower right hand side of the videos to view them in full screen mode. By clicking on Esc on your keyboard you can return to normal viewing mode. This music is used in many clinical settings to heal the spirit. You can purchase this music on line if you wish to. I put it on in the morning and just let it play all day. It fills my house with peace and white energy.May Divine Truth travel with my words.

Throw some love into the wind.


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