Listening to Your Guardian Angel

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The following discussion is from a newsletter that I receive from Lorna Byrne's web site. Lorna has been able to see and communicate with angels from birth and is the author of several successful best sellers including "Angels in My Hair". At the end of this topic you will find a link to a meditation exercise that was given to Lorna by her angels that will help you to reconnect with the celestial realm and bring them deeper into your life and enable you to become more deeply connected to the Light. You can read other angel topics here at the Library that feature Lorna's insights and expertise. Please feel free to share any of these topics with your friends or family.

How Listening to Your Guardian Angel can Make Your Life Easier

By Lorna Byrne

The angels are telling me that I need to help you all understand more fully the difference that listening to your guardian angel can make to your life, and the lives of people around you.

A few weeks ago I was in Dublin and was heading to Bewleys, my favourite caf. I walked in but it was very busy. As I was looking for a seat I saw angel Hosus standing at the entrance. I was pleased to see him but disappointed when he told me he needed me elsewhere. He didn't say where but just walked ahead down Grafton Street and seemed to disappear through the crowd. I thought I had lost him, then, just as I reached one of the side streets I heard him called my name, Angel Hosus was standing outside a caf.

I spoke to him without words, asking whether this was where I was to go. He nodded. I pushed the restaurant door open and Angel Hosus walked in passed me and sat at a table. A waitress greeted me and led me to the table where Angel Hosus was already sitting. I smiled; the waitress was listening to the angels. I sat at the table and Angel Hosus told me he was going to show me an example of the importance of listening.

As I was waiting for my coffee three young women in their mid twenties came in to the restaurant and sat at a table a short distance away. Angel Hosus pointed to another young woman on her own at a table next to them and told me that this girl was a colleague of theirs, that they all worked in the same office.

The light of the guardian angel behind each of the three young women opened up very briefly, all I saw were three beautiful gold and silver angels bent over the girls whispering to them.

Angel Hosus, spoke to me without words telling me that the guardian angels were encouraging the three young women to invite their colleague to join them at their table. Hosus told me that if they did invite her over they had the chance of becoming good friends. He also told me that the girl sitting on her own was feeling quite lonely and unhappy in the job and was considering looking for another job.

I said a little prayer that the three young women would listen.

I looked over at the young woman sitting on her own. Her head was down as she waited to order. The light of her guardian angel opened up, it gave me a male appearance and was dressed in robesof purple and gold. Then another angel appeared. Both angels were whispering to her. I knew the guardian angel had called in the other angel to help.

The girl looked up directly at the three young women sitting nearby and gave a beautiful big smile. I knew that she had listened and done what the angels had told her too. She got no response though.

Three more angels appeared beside the three young women, they all gave a female appearance and were dressed in a beautiful blue, they were urgently whispering to the three girls.

The girls didn't do anything though. I was disappointed that they were not listening. Angel Hosus reached out and touched my handand said just keep praying Lorna. No angel ever gives up. I thought to myself just how hard all the angels were working to get these girls to listen, forgetting for a moment thatAngel Hosus and the other angels could hear my thoughts. The three angels with the girl looked up at me and smiled "No we're not going to give up" one of them said silently.

My coffee arrived and I sipped it while keeping an eye on the three girls, praying that they would listen. The three were chatting away. Angel Hosus told me the girls were considering whether they should invite her to join them or not. It's not good, he told me, they are saying they don't want to bother, they just wanted to enjoy their lunch. They have made up a lot of excuses not to include her, they think there is nothing in it for them.

At that moment the waitress arrived and took the three girls orders. As the waitress was leaving the girl on her own looked over at the three girls and caught one of the girl's eye and again gave her beautiful big smile. The girl smiled back automatically. The three blue angels stood upright.

I held my breath as I watched the three young women at the table, hesitate for a moment and then simultaneously call to the young woman to join them at the table for lunch.

I was so pleased and smiled at Angel Hosus who said they are likely to be good friends for life.

This story that may seem trivial or every day, but Angel Hosus was reminding me to tell you how listening to the angels on things that may seem to be small or unimportant can have a big impact on our own and others lives. Hosus told me that many people miss out on things because they want listen to their guardian angel and he asked me to pray that people would become better at listening to their guardian angels.

Many people ask me how to listen to their guardian angel more. I find it easy because I see my guardian angel and can hear him clearly. Here are some things Angel Hosus has told me to share with you to help you to listen to your guardian angel better.

Suspend any doubts that you might have about having a guardian angel. Remember I have never seen a person without a guardian angel. Even just for to-day accept that you have one, that it is able to communicate with you, and that it wants to help you you are its number one priority. Ask your guardian angel to help you to hear it. By asking your guardian angel for help you empower it to empower you.

Remember to listen. How often have you had an experience like this? You are heading off somewhere and you go right instead of left. Deep inside you knew that you should have gone left and you kick yourself. That was your guardian angel telling you telepathically, or whispering in your ear, that you should go left. Each time something like this happens remind yourself to listen properly the next time. So many times we ignore our guardian angel or do the complete opposite and then we complain that things do not work out for us.

Stop asking what's in it for me? When we get an idea from our guardian angel we often ask What's in it for me? Why should I give that woman a flower? There may be nothing in it for you. Perhaps that woman has asked for a sign of hope from the angels, and you are being asked by the angels as a messenger. There may be nothing in it for you, or there may be stop asking and just respond.

Your guardian angel will never ever ask you to do anything mean or hurtful. People ask how they tell the difference between their own thoughts and their guardian angel's voice. The most important thing I tell them is that if you are being told to hurt someone else it's not your guardian angel you are listening to.

One of the ways you can learn to listen better to your guardian angel is to think back and recognise times in the past where you did hear your guardian angel, whether you recognised it or not. I'm pleased to be able to share with you this free twenty minute long meditation in which the angels and I will take you back to the time you were a child and listened with ease to your guardian angel. When you were born could see angels, you saw and interacted with your guardian angel as you were learning to crawl and walk. As you got older, memories of heaven faded and you lost some of your innocence, you started to see and hear your guardian angel less clearly. The angels gave me this meditation to help you to remember back to this time when you listened to your guardian angel as naturally as you listened to your mother. You can listen here

and if you find it helpful do share it with others.

Throw some love into the wind.


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4 years ago
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Hi Natasha

Thank you so very much for this added knowledge and insight. It is much appreciated and I am sure will help others who are seeking a deeper relationship withthe oneness of the LIGHT. There is also a topic on meditation in the library should you, or anyone else, wish to read it.

Throw some love into the wind.


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What a great post! I shared it on facebook too :)

I also hear spirit guides in my head (i.e guardian angels) but it's not something I specifically worked on: it just happened to me as I was working on other issues with energy healing. It was interesting to look back and retrace my steps towards what led me to the right mental/emotional space where I was able to do this easily.

I agree with all the tips provided by Lorna!!!

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