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The following videos are all about physical conditioning that requires no equipment and will put you in great shape while increasing your empathic energy, clearing your Chakras and teaching you how to put your energy ( Chi ) to work for you be it as a healer, clairvoyant, or whatever aspects of the empathic lifestyle that pertain to you. These exercises are very similar to Tai Chi, but are easier to learn and also have the ability to increase and center your empathic LIGHT energy.

Thisfirst section is all about an oriental style of exercises called Qi Gong ( Chee Gong ). Qi Gong will improve your health and mental clarity; lengthen your life while increasing your connection to the spiritual realm. The first two videos will introduce you to two Qi Gong masters that will show you the benefits of Qi Gong. In the first one you will meet a 90 plus year old man, Master Duan. What I noticed about this man ishow he walked at the beginning of the video. It is as if he is in his 30's physically. There is no hesitation to his gait or steps and he is not infirmed in any manner and is very fluid in his motion. The second video is about Master John Chang. He demonstrates the amazing power of Chi as he heals with touch and at one point demonstrates how he can set paper on fire with only the power of Chi.



The following videos are a demonstration of Qi Gong exercises. They are performed by Keiko Murakomo. She has a book available for purchase that also includes a diet along with the exercises. I chose this series of videos because they also explain how these exercises affect and strengthen your body, as well as opening your Chakras. This combination will thus help you to gain control of your health, improve your empathic abilities thereby allowing you to be of greater service to the Light in this world. The great thing about the videos are that they require no equipment; you can stop them and play them back as you perfect the movements and you can do them in the privacy of your home when it suits you and to your own schedule.





Thesecond set of exercises arecalled Kundalini Yoga. I am including a couple of YouTube videos that you can follow along with. It is not necessary to get these exercises right the first time out. Just try your best and take it easy. You can always stop or pause the exercises and practise them at your pace. This is a lifestyle change and will help open your energy circles or chakras. The first link willteach you about this style of yoga and how it will benefit your health and thesecond and third links aretoyogicexercises.




I have also included some short meditation and breathing exercises that will help you to reduce anxiety or stress in your life.They can be done anywhere, are very easy to do and concentrate on your pressure points releasing endorphinsinto your body while giving you a relaxing massage.






I hope that you enjoy these videos and share them with your friends. If you have any questions or need more information please feel free to contact me at anytime. Know that you are loved.

Throw some love into the wind.


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