Empathic Communities in the Physical World

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For those of you wishing to visit empathic communities in the physical world here are some links to places that you can go to and speak to our own kind. Some of these communities offer courses and links to mediums who will charge you for their services. If you wish to see interviews with two famous mediums from the "Psychic Kids" program that is also available here at the "Library of Inspiration" by visiting the topic "Psychic/Medium Interviews" on page 2 or by using the second link.

The community of Lilydale in Lilydale, N.Y., U.S.A.


Psychic/Medium Interviews


The Fox Center for Spirtual Awareness, Easthampton, MA.,U.S.A.


The Spiritualist National Union, "Redwoods",Stanstead Hall, Stanstead UK.


Throw some love into the wind


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