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Before I start I would like to give credit to Geoff Cutler and Donna D'Ingillo for their insights

into the material for this article. Both of these remarkable people are highly enlightened beings who will freely talk with you.

You can visit Geoff's site at: You can visit Donna D'Ingillo site at:


This article is all about how to receive, and use, the power of the universe, the power of the source of all, the Light,our creator, in your daily life. This is the same power that has created all that there has been, is and ever will be. If you follow the instructions in this article you will be changed forever. You will be transformed from the very core of who you are into a much more vibrant and alive person. Life's challenges will be put in their proper perspective as you begin to evolve into a much more focused individual. Things that you have allowed yourself to be upset about will fade into non-relevance as they loose their hold over your mind and soul. You will quickly begin to firmly believe that you really are a spirit on a material adventure, and that this is just one stop on a journey that travels through eternity.

The Divine Love infusion is about tapping into, receiving, and working with the will of God. The infusion of this love will fundamentally change your path through eternity. You will change from the "Natural Love Path", which leads to and ends at the Kingdom of Heaven in the 6th Sphere, to the "Divine Love Path" which leads to the Celestial Heaven in the 7th Sphere and onwards into eternal progression. When you leave this dimension you will already have a very clear idea of who you are and where you are going. You will have a goal that you will be very keen on following and fulfilling.

There is only one barrier to receiving Divine Love and that is the feelings of mortal unworthiness. If deep down you dont feel worthy, pray to God for this to be resolved. We are all here to experience trials and tribulations.It is the journeywe all freely choose to make. No one gets out of this life without being tested. You are a child of God and worthy of Divne Love.

Some people dont feelDivineLove in quite the same way as others. Most feel a warm glow in the chest, while others feel warm all over. It can also come in what some people call "the chills" or "the shivers". It moves across your shoulders from the base of your neck to the base of your spine. This will happen when you are in direct contact with the higher frequencies. It is your personal message from the Light that you are on the right track. It surrounds you with a inner calm and instills a profound peace that is all encompassing. The daily turmoil, angst, anxiety and fears that seems to surround and invade the very air that we breath will melt away from your life. What happens on the evening news will no longer interest you. You will be uplifted in spirit and soul. The Divine Loves presence can be felt as it pours into the soul; clearing away error and sin, leaving you with an unmistakable joy. You will have your eye on the big picture. Sometimes the influx of Divine Love will be so intense that you will have trouble standing. The waves of deep love are so overwhelming, so intoxicating, that they overide any previous sensation of bliss you have ever known.You will become so full of love and peace that you will feel, quite literally, like crying with joy at its beauty. It will feel as if you are filled with love to overflowing and that it is, quite literally, coming out of your pores and covering your body with a fine oil.It is LOVE!!!You will have an unquenchable thirst for it.Each time that you ask for this Divine Love you will be sent a small amount. Each time the infusion will raise up your soul and affect a change until the "old" you is a distant memory. People will literally remark at your good nature and cheerfulness.It will be as if there is an aura of the Light around you. You will glow with ahappiness that will infect those you come into contact with.It is the Divine Love that is flowing out of you to them. You are now a conduit of the Light in this world. Good things will begin to happen to you and you will only attract those of your own vibration.

Once you feel this you will never wish to go back to being ordinary. A comfort surrounds you, as the comforter fills the soul and displaces error.You will be living a life filled with Divine Love. You will be filled with the "Light". We are each different in how we perceive, but we all need this Divine Love. How can you receive this love? Just ask and you will receive it. Ask quietly from deep inside your heart with all the sincerity you can muster.

Once you have been embraced by Divine Love you will feel its absence just as clearly. You will then want to go to a quiet place to be enfolded by the arms of LOVE again. Day by day as the Divine Love flows into your soul you will be changed from a mere mortal that falls and fails, into a Divine Angel who never fails. Divine Love teaches us to love not only God, not only our dear ones, but all of creation. You will come to realize the meaning of the Law of One. That we are all spirits having a material experience; that we all come from the same place and will return there once our journey in this world is over. There is no difference; there is only the oneness of all and Divine Love will fill you with this knowledge and the power of the Light.

Divine Love is different from the love that we were born with. This love is eternal and changes even the very soul that you were given. As the Divine Love becomes part of your daily way of living you will find that you are not who you once were. You will find that you act more fully in love.

The Divine Love is the power that will transform our world of hatred into a world of love for all and a real Heaven on earth. As the Divine Love opens up your soul to communion with the soul of God truth will flow in from the one source and error will be washed away. Divine Love brings true faith, the certain knowledge of God and all that he represents.Divine Love brings knowledge and you will know many things you did not think possible in this temporary realm of ours.

The Divine Love has been around for ages and saints and mystics alike have found it. Strangely few knew how or why they had it or were able to tell us how to get it. Divine Love is free for all and it doesnt matter what belief you have. The only requirement is a fervent desire to feel the perfect gift our creator has for all of us.

If you are feeling down Gods Divine Love will lift you out of your sadness so you can see the clear blue sky and the brightness of the day; the clear call of the song birds all in love. Divine Love is never forced. We free will creatures must ask for it and each time that we do a drop of Divine Love will flow our way.

Divine Love slowly builds a lake of love until one day where once was a lonely person wandering lost on the shores of love, an earth angel, a Lightworker,is born.

If you would have peace in this life on earth, both in and around you, then ask forDivine Love to fill the yearnings of your soul. If you seek eternal life in the arms of love it is the Divine Love that will guide you along many paths, but home, HOME to the one who loves you always.

Each morning, before I get out of bed, I thank my creator for my life and all of the good people and things I have in it and I then ask to befilled with Divine Love to overflowing. As you are doing this picture it being infused into every fibre of your spirit, mind, body and soul. I ask to be a conduit to this world for Divine Love and to let it flow through me to each and every person that I meet that day, and to everyone that they meet. Periodically through the day I will ask for more Divine Love to be sent to me. Doing this will help you to keep focused on its power and your new "friends in high places". It will follow you everwhere and fill your day with happiness. You will walk in the LIght.

One day a few years ago I had a very high level infusion of Divine Love. I was talking to my creator and all at once a feeling of LOVE came pouring into my spirit. It was love on a level I have never known. It was alive in every cell of my body and spirit and the space in between them. It felt sooo strong I thought that I would literally not be able to hold it within my body. I felt it coming out of every pore in my body and forming a thin liquid sheen all over my skin. I was quite literally filled with love in every part of my body, spirit, mind and soul. I had to grab onto a counter top and hold on or I would have not had the strength to stand. I was crying with the sheer immensity of the depth of this Divine Love being infused into me. I was crying tears of love. This went on for what seemed a long time but was in reality about 30 seconds. I was literally glowing with the love of our creator in me. It happened again about 2 months later. It is afeeling you never forget and always wish to be inside of. It is a power beyond belief and makes you feel soo small and humbled after you receive it. It awakes your awareness of the oneness of all life, seen and unseen. If you get the "Chills" upon occasion it is a precursor to what is in store for you when you will receive Divine Love. I truly wish you to have this experience as you normally have to be beyond this frequency to experience it.It is not necessary to have a set prayer or method to receive "Divine Love". To ask for it in your life with a firm intention of the will and mind is all that is needed.Jesus said that the best prayers are thoseof your own thoughts and words. They come from deep within you and representYOUR true request and intentions. However, if you feel that youdon't know where to start with this process belowyou will find one thatwill serve the purpose of putting you in the right frame of mind andon a good frequency to communicate / chat with our creator and the LIGHT. Always remember thatin order for you to receive the help of angels and heaven you mustASK for it. Nothing will happen unless you first ask for the Light to be placed in your spirit.UniversalLaw will not allow anything or anyone to interfer with your time here unless you wish it to be so and ask for the intervention ofthe spiritual realm. I wish you LOVE in every aspect of your life.


Find a quiet time and make yourself comfortable.
Quiet the mind. Focus on God and ask with all your heart to receiveDivine Love.
Feel it pour into you and surround you. Enjoy the bliss and the joy it brings.
Savour the moment and then give thanks for the gift.
Do it often; it gets better all the time.
This is not a one time event, but the start of your path HOME.

The following is a prayer that was received by the psychic James Padgett on December 2nd, 1916 from Jesus Christ. Although you can receive Divine Love without its use, as long as your wish is sincere, this prayer will help you focus your mind and soul on receiving Divine Love into your life. It is recommended that you recite this prayer three times daily with fervent desire.

Our Father, in the Celestial Heaven, we recognize You as all Holy, loving and merciful, and we as Your children, are not the subservient, sinful or depraved creatures false teachers would have us believe. We are the greatest and most wonderful of all Your creations, and the objects of Your great Soul's Love and tenderest care.

Your Will is that we become at-one with You, and partake of the great Love bestowed upon us through Your Mercy and desire that we become, in truth, Your children through love, not through the sacrifice and death of any of Your creatures.

We pray that You will open up our souls to the inflowing of Your Love, and then will come the Holy Spirit to bring into our souls Your Divine Love in great abundance, until we are transformed into the very Essence of Yourself. Then will come to us such faith as will cause us to realize that we are truly Your children, and one with You in very Substance, and not in image only.

Give us such faith as will cause us to know that You are our Father, the bestower of every good and perfect gift, and that only we, ourselves, can prevent Your Love changing us from a mortal into an immortal.

Let us never cease to realize that Your Love is waiting for each and all of us, and that when we come to You in faith and earnest aspiration, Your Love will never be withheld from us.
Keep us in the shadow of Your Love every hour and moment of our lives and help us to overcome all the temptations of the flesh, and the influence of the powers of the evil ones, which so constantly surround us and endeavor to turn our thoughts away from You to the pleasures and allurements of this world.

We thank You for Your Love and the privilege of receiving It. We know You are the Loving Father who smiles upon us in our weakness, and is always ready to help us, and take us to Your Arms of Love.

We pray this with all the earnestness and sincere longings of our souls, and trusting in Your Love, give You all the glory, honor and love that our finite souls can give.

I hope that this has proved helpful in your quest for enlightment and spiritual advancement. Know in the deepest recesses of your soul that you are are uniquely special and that you are loved beyond your ability to comprehend.

Throw some love into the wind

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