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I am starting this topic due to a great interest in the properties of crystal energy and their use in raising our vibrational frequency, bringing more Light and energy into this world and as a healing tool. I will also include instructions on how to clean and remove negative energy from them along with links to other sites. At the bottom of this topic you will find pictures and information on many types of crystals.

Here are twogreat sites that arefull of information on many types of crystals with their pictures and their abilities to help you.

That Crystal Guide

Heaven and Earth

Here is a link to the most excellent book on crystals "The Book of Stones" by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian. These links will allow you to purchase it on line and the first link will allow you to see inside the book for a few short pages.

When purchasing crystals be sure to purchase them from a reputable dealer as there are many fraudsters online especially from China. I am including a link to a site that I feel offers good value and the genuine product.

If you have any questions or wish to add to this discussion with more information please contact me. All information and questions are very welcome as they promote discussion and raise the level of awareness.


By performing the process of purification we free crystals from the energy they have gathered in the past. Cleaning crystals is much more than simply cleaning the dust on their outer surface. It is primarily an act of removing the "inner dust" or removing the discordant energies from within the crystals. In technical sense, crystals can be used, and are indeed used to record and store useful information, but if we were to translate this to more spiritual language it means that crystals are also capable of accidentally absorbing vibrations from the environment. The catch is that crystals cannot distinguish good from bad vibrations - they can only pick up various kinds of energies they are put in contact with. From the point of view of the Universal love, crystals represent shining love. All vibrations will one day ascend and will be transformed into Divine ones, and thus all vibrations can be considered good.

Purification of precious and semi-precious stones is carried out with help of the four elements: water, fire, earth and air.

The first step in the process of tuning crystals' energy with the energies of our own microcosm is cleaning them from all kinds of energies that they once accumulated. If you have been working with your crystals for some time, using them for healing or removing emotional pain, or if you wish to program them with new programs, it is necessary to run the process of purification again. There are several techniques for that purpose, choose the one that you find best for your crystals.

  • 1. One of the methods to clean your newly bought crystals is to classify them according to their type, and soak them in salty water for three days. Afterwards, rinse them thoroughly and put them to dry out in the Sun. Still better variation of this method is to use seawater.

  • 2. Crystals can be quickly cleaned by keeping them under the flow of lukewarm water for three to five minutes. Beware: some crystals should not be put into water, especially soft stones like azurite, angelite, phenakite, boji stone, selenite and similar.

  • 3. The least invasive method of cleaning crystals would be exposing them to incense burning smoke. The incense of herbal origin, like cedar, salvia, juniper, or pine tree works the best. Put the incense stick bellow your crystal, allowing for a better exposure of your crystal to the smoke. This is an excellent way of purifying yourself and your environment.

  • 4. Purification of crystals can be successfully performed if we use candle flame and pass the crystal through the flame several times.

  • 5. Here is another possibility: crystals can be cleaned by using essential oils. Soak them in a container filled with distilled water in which a few drops of essential oil have been added. The juniper essential oil is especially suitable due to its capability of releasing the crystals from the accumulated negative energies. For cleaning stones used in emotional healing, lavender oil is the best choice, since it has soothing and balancing features.

  • 6. Lemon is equally good for cleaning crystals, and apart from its purifying capabilities it can help remove fat from the crystals' surface.

  • 7. One of the means of cleaning crystals is to bury them in the earth. This method should not be used when there is iron present in the composition of the crystal as a dominant element, e.g., hematite and tiger iron. Especially unrefined energies can be taken out of the crystal in this way. It can be a sort of a rebirth for the particular crystal to be put back in the embrace of the earth - the environment which it has been taken from originally.

There are crystals that need no cleaning: kianite, azulite, diamond, herkimer, phenakite and apophilite - they take care of themselves alone. Rock crystal and carnelian can purify other crystals, but then they need cleaning themselves. Keep them under the flow of lukewarm water, or put them in salty water for some time. While performing purification your mental attitude that all the negative energies are leaving the stone that is being purified is very important.

You can clean crystals with visualization. For a successful visualization you will need a quiet place where nobody is going to disturb you. See to it that you are relaxed, with positive thoughts and feelings. Try to experience love, close your eyes and take your crystal in both hands. Visualize your crystal as it glows in white light, or in the colors of the rainbow. Feel the crystal as it releases the negative energies and starts to emit smooth, tender, worm, and balanced energy. Feel your crystal as it becomes clean and ready to be charged. If you use crystals for emotional healing, clean them after each session. If your crystals appear dull or cloudy, or if you feel a blunt feeling when you take them in your hand, most likely they would need cleaning, regardless of whether or not they have been used in any practical work. You should clean your crystals on a regular basis, but the time interval depends on the intensity of their use in practical applications. If your crystals only decorate your shelves, cleaning once a couple of months should be enough. Crystals that you use every day should be purified once a week. Crystals should be cleaned before programming, but once they are programmed, don't clean them unless they have accomplished the goal of their programming.

How to choose the right crystal for you

Precious and semi-precious stones - crystals - belong to the mineral kingdom. Crystals have always been fascinating to people, primarily due to their visual attraction, exquisite purity, interplay of colors and transparency. Crystals and stones in general have always been around us. Long before our appearance on planet Earth, crystals have had a presence here, helping Earth's development. Not only have crystals been absorbing the omnipresent cosmic love, but also they have been amplifying that love, and spreading their vibrations all around them - thus, outpouring their love and spirituality into the world. Amid the great number of crystals that are available, it might be difficult for you to choose the right crystal. Here are some important points that should be considered before making up your mind.

  • 1. Carefully investigate the properties of various crystals in order to familiarize yourself with them. Choose some of the crystals that you think may help you and eventually make a list of favorite crystals.

  • 2. You can choose your crystal considering the crystal's beauty, color or functionality. Later on, you may select your crystal according to the particular features that offer a solution to some problem you would like to address or in view of the characteristic traits you would like to acquire in the future.

  • 3. You can select your crystal randomly and intuitively provided that you have trust in your own intuition. Some crystals may stick to your fingers; you can feel them energetically in some particular way. Other crystlas may simply bring joy to your heart and you can feel the thrill as you take them in your hands. All those cases indicate that you have indeed found the right crystal for yourself.

  • 4. You can address some particular crystals on a mental level and establish conscious communication with them. Try to determine what kind of energy flows between you and your crystal. Is it warm and tender or cold and unrefined? Is this energy attractive or repulsive?

  • 5. The size need not be a decisive factor in determining the right crystal for you since even small pieces can be extremely efficient. Have in mind that rough crystals in their natural shape and condition may not be as visually attractive, but nevertheless they can be as powerful and energetically strong as their faceted counterparts, and, needles to say, less expensive.

  • 6. If you combine aesthetic and useful qualities, you can choose a necklace or any other type of jewelry that can at the same time improve your health or attract the quality that you wish to acquire. Crystals can protect you, help you get rich, attract love, increase creativity, expand your visualization and imagination, strengthen concentration, add to your mental abilities, deepen your intuition, revive your suppressed memories, help you heal yourself, and lead you into enlightenment.

  • 7. Finally, remember that crystals are living beings. Crystals can be your friends, counselors and teachers.

Cleaning Gemstones - How to cleanse your stones

There are many methods in use today for cleaning gemstones and crystals in order to increase the effects of their metaphysical energies.

Stones are believed to have an extensive memory, remembering where they've been, who they've touched, and all forces and energies that have surrounded them. A stone can pass onto others any energy that it has stored within it. Periodically, stones need to be cleansed of any unwanted energies that they may have collected from you, from others, or from the environment.

For instance, healers take care to clean their healing stones after each use because the stones might take pain (both physical and emotional) into themselves and pass it onto others if they have not been cleansed of those energies between uses. If a stone has absorbed negative energies, it may not work well for whatever purpose it has been programmed. (Read about programming gemstones here.)

When should a stone be cleansed?

  • As soon as it's purchased.
  • Before it's programmed.
  • After each use.
  • When you feel it has become drained or dull.

How often should a stone be cleansed?

How long does it take to cleanse a stone?

The time needed varies depending upon how drained the stone is and which method is used. The durations mentioned below are minimums based on moderately drained stones. Heavily drained stones will take more time and mildly drained stones will take less. Newly acquired stones and stones to be programmed will take the greatest length of time. Exactly how long a cleansing takes is up to you. Listen to your intuition and it will tell you.

How is a stone cleansed?

There are many ways to cleanse a stone. Which method you choose should be based upon the type of stone, how much time you have, and what tools are readily available to you. Once again, let your intuition be your guide.

Natural forces, such as the elements of nature (fire, water, earth, and air), the sun, the moon, and plants, are very effective in cleansing stones of negative energies. Stones respond to the intentions of their users, so it is important that while you are actively cleansing your stone, no matter which method you use, you hold in your mind the intention of carrying away unwanted energies to a place where they can do no harm, and your desire to re-energize the stone with positive energies.

Methods for cleansing stones:

  • Fire - carefully pass the stone through the flame of a candle several times until you intuitively feel it has been cleared. The fire will burn away any negative energy. (Always use care when dealing with fire to ensure safety for yourself and environment).
  • Smudging - carefully pass the stone through the smoke of a white sage smudge stick several times until you intuitively feel it has been cleared. Read more about smudging gemstones here....
  • Water - rinse the stone in moving water. This can be done in one of three ways:
    • by holding the stone in a river or brook (placing it into a mesh bag will make it easier to hold onto) for several minutes,
    • by leaving it out in the rain for several hours,
    • by holding it under the faucet for several minutes.
    The water will wash away negative energy and return it to the Earth where it can be neutralized.

    DO NOT USE WATER on soft stones such as angelite, some calcites, howlite, aragonite, azurite, dolomite, malachite, selenite, sulphur, etc. as it may dissolve the stone to a greater or lesser degree.

  • Earth - bury the stone in the ground for one full day, placing a marker over it so as to be able to find it later, or bury the stone in a pot of ground soil. (Do not use potting soil as it has been treated.) The soil will absorb negative energy, disperse it, and transmute it into positive energy. Stones feel very comfortable in the earth as it is where they formed and grew.
  • Air - smudge the stone on all sides with a sage smudge stick, or with dried sage or cedar, or pass it through the smoke of sandalwood or sage incense. Sage is a very effective cleanser, neutralizing negative energy and transmuting it into positive energy.
  • Sea salt - the most common method of cleansing stones is with water and sea salt. You can do this by placing the stone in a mesh bag and rinsing it in the ocean for several minutes, or by soaking the stone for several hours in a glass of water with a pinch of sea salt. CAUTIONS: *Salt may damage the finish on some stones. * Water may damage soft or friable stones. *Placing a stone in dry sea salt (without the water) may damage its electromagnetic field.
  • Light - place a stone in bright sunlight, either outside or on a windowsill, for at least an hour. NOTE: solar energy may be too violent for some stones, having been formed within the Earth devoid of any light. CAUTION: over time, sunlight may fade the color of some stones. An alternate, and gentler, method is to place the stone in moonlight for at least one night under a full moon, longer if the moon is not full.
  • Sound - produce a tone using a bell, chime, or tuning fork. Repeat the sound until the stone's energies feel cleansed. A pure tone will reset a stone's vibration to one that cannot hold negative energy.
  • Breath - hold the stone to your heart while inhaling. Then bring the stone to your mouth and exhale your breath onto it. Repeat several times, always keeping in mind your intention of cleansing the stone of all negative energies. Your breath (the Breath of Life), combined with your intention, is a powerful enough force to cleanse a stone of negative energy. Your intuition will tell you when the cleansing is complete.
  • Visualization - visualize a column of pure white or golden light coming down and surrounding the stone. Imagine it cleansing and transmuting the stone's negative energies into positive ones. Visualization combined with intention is another force powerful enough to cleanse stones. Again, listen to your intuition.
  • Plants - place the stone in a flower pot with one of your plants for several hours. Just as live plants purify the air; they can also purify stones as well, transmuting negative energy into positive energy. If you do not have a plant available, an alternate method is to bury the stone in a glass of dried sage or cedar for a full day. The herbs will absorb the negative energies. After use, burn the herbs, or bury them in the Earth, or discard them in a river or creek. Do not reuse them.
  • Quartz cluster - place the stone on large clear quartz cluster or bag of crystal chips for at least one full day. Clear quartz is excellent for magnifying, focusing, and, in this case, transmuting energy.
  • Pyramid - leave the stone under a glass pyramid for several days. The energy produced by a pyramid has the ability to neutralize any negative energy that is placed within it.

Cleansing can be done using just one of these methods or a combination of them, such as the four elements, or light and quartz, or plants and breath, or smudging and visualization and sound, just to name a few of many possibilities. Combinations typically include using anywhere from two to five different methods.

All cleansing methods are compatible with each other; so use whatever combination feels right for you and your stone. Using a combination of methods is especially good for cleansing new stones, clearing stones for programming, and cleansing and recharging heavily drained stones. Combinations cleanse the stones more effectively and sometimes more quickly.

More articles of interest:

I am also including two links to sites that will also help you to be more informed on this subject.



Angelite is formed from crushed celestite after thousands of years. Angelite is an balancing agent, polarizing and aligning the physical body with the ethereal body allowing for greater communication at that level including connecting to spirit guides, and forms of the higher self like the Buddha within or ascended masters. A sender and receiver, it assists spiritual journeys and astral travel. Dispelling anger, which is required for travel and communication at the higher levels. It is also used in the treatment of infectious diseases.

Angelite is a tremendous healing stone. It has the most wonderful way of imparting deep peace and inner tranquility. A stone par excellence for raising physchic awareness.Angelite - as the name suggests- is a very spiritual stone, it is believed to facilitate contact with the angel realm, assist with astral travel and enhance telepathic communication. It is a stone full of compassion, gentleness and deep peace. On a physical level, angelite is good for aiding the treatment of stomach ulcers, sunburn, repairing tissues and blood vessels, balancing body fluids and as an aid for weight loss. It is particularly good for the throat and balances the thyroid.

Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst crystals are some the most popular crystals available, and this attraction may relate to the fact that they embody the energy of the violet flame.Having a piece in the bedroom will promote restful sleep and peaceful dreaming.Any person may benefit by having this stone close by, as it is also a highly protective crystal. Amethyst crystals are potent stones to aid healing and they bring intense spiritual growth Amethyst can give one the feeling that you are surrounded bya bubble of Light energy. If one is ill placing an amethyst in your room can help keep your healing space clear. Wearing amethyst maintains the space of your body and energy space in a state of well being. For spiritual protection Amethyst works especially well when combined with Moldavite. The spiritual connection provided by Amethyst can be enhanced by Azeztulite, Phenacite, Scolecite, and Natrolite.

For meditation it is the premier stone to use. More than any other crystal it will quieten the mind allowing you to more easily make contact with spirit.

You may use its power for healing on all levels, as it is one of the healing stones with a vibration that is highly useful to assist meditation, as it will calm the emotions.

This stone is also highly protective so is an excellent stone to keep on the body for psychic protection.

It is also the Stone of Transformation. I can't think of a better stone to symbolize the First Step, Sobriety and the 12 Step Program. Transformed means that we are not as we once were.

Wear it as a reminder that you are in a 12 Step program which is a Program of Spiritual Recovery, and that you are Spiritual beings having a human experience.

Amethyst is a stone of the mind. It helps to bring calmness and clarity where there is anxiety and confusion. Wear Amethyst if you want to get in touch with your intuition, your feelings, or your values. Amethyst helps one learn of all things spiritual, mystic and psychic. Especially aids sobriety; alcohol, food, sex, and other addictions. Eases compulsive/obsessive behavior (desire for food, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, etc.) Famous ancient detoxifier (especially helps with poisons, alcohol.)

Stress: It is very good for overworked, overstressed, or overwhelmed metal states because of it extreme calming mental effects. It is considered an extremely spiritual stone. In the Old Testament, it is written that Aaron, the Jewish High Priest, wore the amethyst in the center of his breastplate, and it was said to induce visions and revelations. Many people sleep with an Amethyst crystal under their pillow for this reason. The Catholic bishop still wears an Amethyst ring on the second finger of his right hand.

Addictions: Amethyst comes from a Greek word, amethusos, meaning not drunk. There is a ancient myth about Bacchus turning a young maiden to stone, and in remorse, he poured wine on the statue, staining it purple and creating amethyst. Goblets of Amethyst were said to prevent the drinker from being overwhelmed by the drinks spirit. Today those trying to overcome addictions, especially alcohol addiction, use the healing powers of Amethyst as an aid.

Protection: Amethyst is a crystal of protection, because it repels more than it attracts.

Spirituality: Amethyst fosters healing and selflessness, and is associated with increased nobility, spiritual awareness, meditation, balance, psychic abilities, inner peace, and positive transformation. Some say it should be called the Stone of Transformation. Known also as "Metamorphosis".

Although the Purple and lavender crystals are the most talked about, as they embody the energy of the violet flame, all colors of this quartz crystal are powerful healing stones.

Other violet flame stones including Purpurite, Tanzanite and Sugilite are also powerful for healing, and combine well with purple amethyst stones.

Amethyst crystals do not need to be purple to heal, and you will find slightly different healing outcomes for different colored stones.

Both the pinkish stones in this family, and the green stones have all the aspects of the violet stones, and the lovely green crystals known as Prasiolite, also resonate within the heart chakra.

Amegreen also carries this same heart based energy as does a recently discovered stone from Canada known as Auralite 23.

Amphobile (Angel) Quartz

Yellow Orange Angel Phantom Quartz aka Amphibole Quartz

Also known as Angel Quartz Amphobile has been noted by others that this stone is for 3rd eye and crown chakras, yet for me I found them most powerful when placed on the heart chakra as it created a connect that went both up and down connecting you with the Higher energies of the celestial bodies as well as those found within the earth. A stream of powerful, clean energy eminates from it and it effortlessly flows into your field, clearing and recalibrating it. It is quite heady and a meditative state is easily achieved as it opens your being to the Light of Source. This magical type of Quartz has the unique ability to move you to where your energy is held at its peak, to keep it there, clean and focused... but from the heart. It moves through layers of old stuff instantly and replaces them with your hearts desires as if they were here and now, in the physical. The love that pours through you transforms your view of the world you live in, opens you to share freely now that the energy moving through you is felt as it should be and you runderstand the truth that there is no limitations on the Love of Source. What the books say: They are a wonderful compliment to those who are beginning to work with the entities and energies of the Angelic Realms, and in fact seem to attract them, along with others of the same mind who are working with the ethereal realms. Amphibole Angel Quartz is said to ease communication with Spirit Guides and has been noted to give off vibrations of peace and security. It has been suggested that it is effective in balancing the energies of the three higher chakras. Angel Quartz received this name both for the angelic messages it seems to transmit, and for its angelic looking white appearance. Use to help communicate with your guardian Angel. Some suggest that you use it with other Angelic crystals like Angelite, Celestite, Seraphinite, Azeztulite, Phenacite, Angel Opal. Their special energy can transform anyone near them. Angel Quartz is said to also shield someone from the abrasiveness of others. This is especially helpful to those that have been emotionally or verbally abused.

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye Astrological sign: None



Aquamarine is a stone of courage. It provides a shielding property for the aura and the subtle bodies. It helps to attune to more spiritual levels of awareness; for those who are involved in spiritual development, it provides emotional and intellectual stability and enhances the connection with the higher self. It enables one to travel deep within the self. Carry Aquamarine to provide a protective layer around your energy field and create stability within your field. Use your crystal to open up to spiritual energies and increase your awareness.

Chakras: Frontal, Soul Star, Third Eye, Throat Astrological sign: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Pisces, Ophiuchus



Aventurine is the Star Sign for Libra and the Planetary stone of Taurus.

Itranges in color from green, peach, brown, blue and a creamy green. Besides its uses in jewelry, aventurine is also used for ornamental purposes like vases, bowls, and figurines.

It is interesting that the name for the stone is derived from an accident. Sometime during the 18th century, Venetian glass workers were preparing molten glass when copper filings accidentally fell into the batch producing a glass with sparkles. The name aventurine comes from the Italian "a ventura," which means"by chance". Aventurine has been used as a lucky talisman and is a popular stone for gamblers.

Aventurine is often referred to as the all-purpose healer. This means not only that it is considered by many to be good for physical disorders, but that it heals on all levels. It's a particularly effective crystal for emotional healing (and is especially helpful when worn for this purpose or placed on the heart during chakra balancing). It helps to balance the emotions, and is one of the best stones to wear or carry during stressful periods. Use in crystal layouts on the solar plexus to relieve internalised stress. Aventurine purifies the mental, emotional and Etheric bodies. Bring emotional tranquility, serenity, stillness and peace. Aventurine is good for pain within the heart, a broken heart and all emotional issues to do with the heart. It is centring and provides well being. Aids in releasing anxiety and fear. A wonderful physical healer that releases built up energies that are not harmonious as well as toxins. It purifies the body bringing vitality and flow.

Chakras: Base, Heart, Sacral, Universal Gateway Astrological sign: Aries


Carnelian (also sometimes referred to as cornelian) is found primarily in India, as well as various sites in South America. It is a variety of chalcedony. The most favorable pieces are a deep red to red-orange hue. Carnelian has a long and storied past, and was once considered strictly the property of the noble class. People holding a high social status were often buried with this gem stone.Carnelian is an energy booster. It helps the insecure person to find strength within them so they can come into their own. It is said to increase the appetite.

Carnelian opens the heart and connection to the inner self. Carnelian directs the will power and grounds and balances the Base Chakra. Warm, joyous and open. Gives courage and fluency of speech and is a powerful healer. Carry to increase your perceptiveness, create inspiration and to take action. Use to dispel apathy, sorrow, and protects from bad vibrations. Protects from envy, fear and rage and calms the temper. Carnelians energies are Invigorating and Uplifting. Use to Stimulate the Mind and Concentration. Helps you remember and make decisions. Wear to be Warm, Joyous and Open and to develop a sense of humour. Carnelians are great empowerment and self-confidence boosters. Great for calming nerves before public speaking, meetings, competitions and live performances while providing energy. Frees us from insecurity. Carnelian keeps one focused during high stress pressures that demand 100% calm concentration, clear voice and confidence. It removes stage fright and athletic performance freezing. Carnelians are also used for nightmare and astral travel enhancement and protection. Carnelians have long held their reputation for rekindling intimacy within the marriage, as Carnelian enhances sexual function and therefore can improve sexual intimacy.

Want more pep in your life? Keep a carnelian with you and feel the energy flow to you. Carnelian is used for these benefits:

Chakras: Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus Astrological sign: Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn


Celesite assists you in opening up to heavenly light and heightened states of consciousness - some connect to the Angelic realm with it. It accelerates your growth and aids in creative expression, peace of mind, truth and clear speech. It is great for balancing your energies and promoting peace and the joy that flows from a centred being. It helps to get rid of toxins so that you feel more vibrant. Its a good stone for out of body or Astral travel, and then dream recall. It's good for pain relief too. Its ability to clear the mind is cleansing and revitalising, especially if you are in a stressful situation.

Chakras: Crown, Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, Thymus Astrological sign: Gemini, Pisces


Hematite assists in the release of pre-conditioned patterns of what we see and helps us to open up to seeing other worlds. Brings peace from stress. Gives energy and revitalises, enhances personal magnetism and optimism and assists us to ground. Use to ground yourself when feeling scattered and increase energy levels. Place on your heart to strengthen it and to create joy in you life.

Chakras: Base, Heart, Link, Sacral, Solar Plexus Astrological sign: Taurus, Cancer, Aquarius


Moldavite is a high crystal energy stone that can be a powerful catalyst for making changes in personal relationships, and major breakthroughs in your life.

Change and spiritual healing are the common elements this stone enhances amongst most people, and this may take different forms.

You may begin to develop your intuition or your psychic abilities may either come to life for the first time, or you may find the abilities you have may expand or change.

Use Moldavite to achieve rapid transformation, and make amazing changes in your life, as the transforming power of its vibration sweeps through your life.

Moldavite is a tektite, and a stone of intense frequency and high vibration. In ancient times it was thought to be a mystical stone that could bring good luck and fulfillment of wishes.

These natural green crystals are powerful stones for transformation... as it is thought to be the stone known as "The Holy Grail Stone."

It is one of the best stones to use for psychic protection, as negative entities find it difficult to connect to your aura when you are wearing it.

Wearing this stone is an advantage when you are working with spirit... so you can be sure that what you are making contact with is of 'the light'. One of its best assets is that it is a protective stone... and especially if you are working on developing psychic abilities. Using this stone in meditation is very powerful.

Change and spiritual healing are the common elements that this powerful natural crystal stimulates amongst most people, and this may take different forms. This beautiful green stone can affect any or all of the chakras but it major effect is on the heart chakra, which resonates the vibration of love.



Carry moonstone when you need to feel balanced or are changing aspects in your life. Brings calmness through awareness. Provides the energy to sustain you through stages of growth. A highly intuitive stone allowing self expression and creativity to flow. Carry to provide protection while travelling and as a bringer of good fortune. Use to promote ease of pregnancy and childbirth, to enhance fertility, relieve PMS, to eliminate insomnia and circulatory disorders.

It is believed to bring good fortune, to enhance passion, and balance the yin and yang and is said to protect women and children. In early times, it was believed that one could see the future if the stone was held in the mouth during a full moon. According to legend, moonstone will ensure abundant crops

Moonstone's healing properties are said to promote digestion, to protect against epilepsy, to calm emotions, cure headaches and nose bleeds, and protect against sun stroke.

Moonstone eliminates that which is not needed, gives only truth. Moonstone is the key to the door of the subtle realms. Giving purity and Divinity, it softens and enhances our capability for giving and receiving, and ennobles our emotional life. It opens up the Heart and allows the energy to heal the lower Chakras. Moonstone is nurturing and harmonious, and when the moon is waning it helps one to look into the future. When held in the mouth, things that should be done are clearly impressed on the conscious mind, while those that should not be done fade from the memory. Blue moonstone creates a balanced, whole and unified energy field, absorbed in divine light. Assists men to open to their feminine and brings harmony into the hormonal imbalances in woman. Pink moonstone assists in unblocking the Heart Chakra allowing Love to stream forth.

Chakras: Base, Earth Star, Heart, Link, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Universal Gateway Astrological sign: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio

Quartz Crytal

Should be in every home to bring harmony to the life force in the home. Quartz crystals are used for:

  • Meditation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Protection
  • Changing bad vibrations
  • Healing

Quartz crystals are used in expanding the mind to touch the spirit world. Crystals are used to enhance the beneficial life force. Crystal water (water that a quartz crystal has been placed) has been drunk for its healthy benefits for centuries.

Some people think crystals are new age. How can something that has been used since cave man be new age?

It has been said Atlantis was destroyed by the incorrect use of quartz crystals. Edgar Cayce spoke about an energy stone in Atlantis. Mr. Cayce's description of the energy stone fits quartz crystal. The Bible mentions many gemstones, including quartz. There is much disagreement on the stones used in the Breastplate of Aaron (Ex. 28). In some translations of the Bible the sixth stone, which is the third stone of the second row is the diamond. Some scholars believe the sixth stone is rock crystal or quartz crystal. The diamond was not used until about 800 B.C.should be in every home to bring harmony to the life force in the home. Quartz crystals are used for Healing should be in every home to bring harmony to the life force in the home. Quartz crystals are used for Healing

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Crystal is a quartz crystal that derives its name from its lovely rose pink color. These crystals come in a range of beautiful shades of pink. It is known as the 'love stone' as the message it emits is the strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and healing.

This beautiful pink crystal has a powerful energy that resonates within both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra, or thymus chakra. It is also associated with the Archangel Uriel who, along with Machieventa Melchizadek, is the guardian of our planet and nature. ( See this link to learn more about Archangel Uriel )

This stone will also resonate out the love energy into its surrounds... and aid all those nearby, such as your nearest and dearest. Rose Quartz is a pink quartz crystal whose meaning is about love.... as it is a stone that epitomizes the vibration of love. This may be why this stone is symbolic of the energy of love, peace and calming energy. One of the facts about Rose Quartz Crystal that is very important is its effectiveness at healing personal relationships. Not only will it assist you with healing yourself but its energy may bring faith and hope to all in the vicinity... and this energy is well known for its action to stimulate romance in your life. As quartz crystals are profound amplifiers of energy, it may help to kindle happiness, love, romantic feelings and sensuality.

This pink quartz crystal has a powerful effect to aid your emotional healing, and helps heal relationship problems. It is beneficial worn on your body as the soft sweet energy of this crystal will resonate out into your whole aura, allowing you to see the beauty in the world... as your heart resonates to a new tune.

The presence of this lovely pink love stone will send a soothing vibration not only to the person wearing it, but also resonates throughout the room where it is located. It will bestow a peaceful and calming sensation that can assist in healing of the heart... by dissolving anger and resentment. Rose Quartz is also a stone whose powerful love will resonate to the whole body and heal all chakras. The energy of the love it resonates is all encompassing ... love for yourself, your partner, your children, your community and the whole world! Love of your country and your fellow human beings is encompassed within this stones influence. Rose Quartz Crystal resonates Goddess Energy and is one of the foremost stones representing the Feminine Principle.

Rose quartz will heal you on both a physical and emotional level. This lovely stone will resonate out the love energy into its surrounds... as all quartz crystals are profound amplifiers of energy. Not only will it assist you with healing yourself but its energy may bring faith and hope to all in the vicinity.

The presence of Rose Quartz will send a soothing vibration throughout the room where it is located.

Using this crystal will enable you to heal old negative emotions such as anger, resentment, fear and jealousy that may result from past experiences.

As you are freed from these feelings, you may find that you feel less restrained... and that you can unlock your imagination and discover how to be happy.



Topaz is joy, giving and serene. It is known as a stone of true love and success in all endeavors. It can promote individuality and creativity, while providing for confidence in trusting our decisions. It acts to replace negativity with joy and joyfulness. The name topaz comes from the Sanskrit and means fire.

Topaz occurs in a wide range of colors including red, orange, peach, pink, gold, yellow, brown and clear and is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Russia. Naturally pale to medium blue topaz is enhanced by irradiation to produce a more intense blue color. Topaz is the birthstone of November (yellow topaz) and December (blue topaz), it is a talisman for the sign of Sagittarius.

Blue Topaz opens us to cosmic understanding, helping to transcend limitations. It is an emotional balancer, soothing and peaceful. Brings tranquility, creativity, self-expression and enhance psychic perception. Clear topaz assists with astral traveling and releasing the fear to it. It helps with detoxification and increasing your metabolism. Golden topaz gives abundance, inspiration and awakening. A catalyst in loving thy self. It stores information, as well as energy thoughts and love. If you need recharging with energy, the golden topaz can be used like a battery. It can be used to attract people for friendship or business. Pink topaz is rare. It opens the heart to unconditional love and surrounds its wearer with Love.

Chakras: Cosmic Gateway, Frontal, Heart, Link, Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Throat, Thymus Astrological sign: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius

How To Use It

Holding a piece in your hand while speaking aloud, will enhance the power of positive affirmations.

These pink stones are a variety of quartz... so that they have an amplifying effect... and any use that you put them too will be heightened by the quartz vibration.

That is why using a Rose Quartz pendulum is so powerful... as it expands the energy available to you while using it.

These crystals are excellent to use during your daily crystal meditation. They will enable you to heal old negative emotions that you have not let go of... such as anger, resentment, fear and jealousy from past experiences.

Learn easy meditation techniques so you can be freed from these feelings. You may find that you feel less restrained... and that you can unlock your imagination and discover how to be happy.

You may find that wearing one of these lovely pink crystals, will help you to feel more balanced emotionally... and that any relationship issues may be healed.

The main thing is to keep this stones loving vibration close to you... and they are a beautiful stone to wear as jewelry. They are a Taurus birthstone... so they are on the zodiac birthstones list... so you may easily find beautiful jewelry made from these lovely pink crystals.

Combining It With Other Stones

This is a stone with a beautiful energy that will combine well with many other crystals. The high vibration stones with strong crystal energy are powerful to combine with Rose Quartz.

Use Natrolite, Scolecite and Phenacite... to assist you to use this pink stone as a window to Divine Love. Combined with Moldavite, it assists you to bring about transformation... using the energy of love.

Any of the heart chakra and thymus chakra or higher heart chakra stones will combine beautifully with this stone... and in particular the pink crystals.

Specific crystals from this group include the lovely pink stones Pink Tourmaline, Kunzite Crystal, Morganite, Rhodonite, Pink Rhodochrosite and Pink Nirvana Quartz.

Other crystals that combine well with it and that have an excellent energy at the heart include Emerald Stones, Green Tourmaline, Variscite, orchid pink Phosphosiderite, Green Garnet, Stellerite, Green Diopside, Blue Apatite and Lepidocrocite. They also combine well with Clear Quartz Crystals.


Since ancient times, because of the saltwater formation of Selenite and our own saltwater beginnings, we resonate with the essence of this crystal. This crystal has been present with us since we began to evolve. Can it be that our illumination into the light has been assisted with Selenite throughout our evolution and without its presence do we find ourselves out of balance?

The answer is found in the healing energy within this powerful crystal. Selenite is an element of creation. Intensifying the light frequency, the resurgence of Selenite enhances our consciousness. That we have returned to this energetic element at this time prepares us to intensify new seeds of consciousness being planted for the coming times. So there is little wonder that Selenite is considered sacred to light workers. This sacred element is extremely sensitive. Selenite is like liquid light. Its striations (fine parallel grooves and narrow bands) are the pathways for the illuminated substance of Spirit. Selenite resides on that thread of a threshold between pure white light and physical matter. It vibrates more on the spiritual level than on the physical.

Capable of displaying total transparency, Selenite's essence is that of which dreams and visions are made. Selenite builds the bridge through which the highest frequencies of light can be integrated with the most subtle levels of form. So sensitive is this element that Selenite will fracture or break around negative thoughts.

A healing property of Selenite, as Selenite is bonded with water in its primary makeup, is that it has a direct effect on the emotional body. But unlike stones that will soothe and calm the emotions like Smithsonite and Green Aventurine, Selenite has a unique purpose in activating that aspect of our nature that is our true spiritual feeling. These crystals are particularly effective in stabilizing the emotional body and bringing erratic emotions under calm control. Being water soluble Selenite will eventually dissolve if left in liquid. This important characteristic also endows Selenite with the power to melt away exaggerated emotions with the stabilizing light force of true feeling.

Selenite is a crystal and it has qualities associated that have been documented by many seers of energy in many books. A summary of that material is:

  • Probably the most profound effect of the selenite is the ability to bring fifth dimensional light into the third dimensional matter.
  • Selenite quickly opens, balances and activates any chakra and is especial good with the third eye, crown chakra, and the soul star chakra above the head. The intensity of energy delivered by selenite is greater for the upper chakras than almost any other crystal.
  • Cleanse the aura.
  • Clear and energize all the glands of the body.
  • Selenite clears blockages in the energy field.
  • Cut cords of dysfunctional energy from the etheric body.
  • It is recommended to healers because it is ideal for purification and energetic cleansing.
  • Selenite can be used to direct high frequency energy into the body, stimulating spiritual, physical and emotional healing.
  • One might say that when selenite opens the inner eye, the spiritual world enters.
  • Selenite magnifies what ever is placed on it by many times.
  • Add positive intentions into the energy body.
  • Selenite elevates the frequency of physical matter and lowers the frequency of light, Selenite knows how to delicately design a new substance through which spirit can be actualized in matter
  • Selenite is the harbinger to the age of enlightenment as it heralds the approach of the marriage between spirit and matter.


Black Tourmaline

Tourmilated Quartz

Black Tourmaline has many powerful metaphysical and healing attributes... it the combination with the clear quartz in this stone that makes Tourmilated Quartz so powerful.

All Quartz crystals have powerful amplifying properties... and they may also be programmed to use for specific purposes. Clear quartz alone has excellent ability to infuse the auric field with light. It will amplify the energy of other stones it is with and amplify your thoughts and may aid clear thinking. Unfortunately this may be a problem when you are going through a negative period and the thoughts that are being amplified are not positive. This is why the presence of the Black Tourmaline in this stone is so welcome... as it brings through the capacity of this mineral to aid you to clear negativity from your environment. It is known to aid you to clear emotional problems as it helps to dissolve crystallized patterns within the auric field. It aids astral travel and creates harmony within all of the chakras. It is also an excellent environmental cleanser as it amplifies the vibration of the Black Tourmaline out into the environment where it is located to transmute any negativity and create positive feelings.

Learn easy meditation techniques, as this stone brings you clarity of thought while allowing you to release any negative thoughts you have been concentrating your attention on. By using Tourmilated Quartz you create a balancing action... which may be classified as a yin-yang energy... encompassing the dualities of light and dark, negative and positive.

It shifts opposites into balance because the black neutralizes any negativity and the white or clear quartz enhances positive energy. Use a piece of this stone in combination with the power of positive affirmations and you will be enabled to improve your life. Program a piece of this stone to use in your daily crystal meditation. Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone that transmutes negative energy into positive energy. This is why it is so powerful to use for psychic protection.

This quartz crystal is beneficial combined with all other colors of Tourmaline... including Black Tourmaline, Blue Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline, and the unusual Watermelon Tourmaline... which embodies the energy of both Pink and Green Tourmaline.

It is beneficial to use a number of different stones with Tourmilated it will amplify their energies and transmute any negative energy released during the process. You may use it with Moldavite, Charoite, Sugilite, Black Obsidian, Jet or Boji Stone... to help to amplify their energy.

Citrine Crystals are excellent in combination with it as they work through the third eye chakra to enhance your mental clarity. Both Amethyst Crystals and Smokey Quartz are other quartz crystals that may benefit by being used with this stone.

These quartz crystals have strong metaphysical properties and healing attributes that encourage a large amount of light to encircle your body. This will heal you in a number of different ways because this stone embodies the vibration of Black Tourmaline and the strong resonance of Clear quartz crystals, which will amplify the Tourmaline energy.

Your Tourmilated Quartz may be clear or white quartz with inclusions of Black Tourmaline pieces within it... from fine pieces through to chunkier pieces. The addition of the light from this crystal into your being, makes these effective healing crystals... and just like Black Tourmaline... these stones have a strong spiritual grounding energy as well as being potent psychic protection stones

Golden Touramaline


Honey Gold Tourmaline was difficult to find in the past and now, even though more on the rare side, it is a bit more readily available as humanity can really use the benefits of this gem. It is a wonderful tool to stimulate spiritual development and amplify the energies which are coming to the planet to do this. It brings in the Christ consciousness and self realization energies which is the direction we are all going - to fully recognize the true self within the physical vehicle. This gem prompts the god/goddess to emerge and be fully seen in day to day life. Communing with the higher is much easier when using this gem. It helps to access the akashic records and with consistent use can help to hone and fine tune ones own channeling abilities. Honey Gold Tourmaline helps to positively manifest the ego and promote compassion. It eliminates ego conflicts and all the emotions tied to these conflicts while removing any other hindrances which are holding one back from reaching full potential. Selfishness and self- centeredness are diminished as a more universal view is established in the being. On the physical, this gem is particularly good for the glands specifically the pituitary and pineal (which are often referred to as the glands of personal transformation). Also, because of its rich honey color it can be a great tool for those who have difficulty with the Yellow Ray.



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