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Hi Chris

Thanks for posting this here in the Library. As Archangel Chamuel told me in one of our chats,

Be The Light

Be the Light in all that you think.

Be the Light in all that you say.

Be the Light in all that you do.

Be the Light and shine the way.

In another topic here at the Library is this prayer that was given to Lorna Byrne by Archangel Michael. You can view the entire topic at the this link.

Prayer of Thy Healing Angels

Pour out, Thy Healing Angels , Thy Heavenly Host, upon me ,

and upon those that I love.

Let me feel the beam of Thy Healing Angels upon me,

The Light of your Healing Hands

I will let Thy Healing begin whatever way God grants it.


When we raise our levels of Light, Life and Love we energize this frequency with positive energy and also those with whom we interact. As Michelle has said we are moving away from the fear based thinking of previous generations and deeper into the realization of the oneness of all. We are one; there is no separation. A very wise Lightworker once said, " As you do so unto the least of others, you do so unto me." This is a time of the great Awakening, the Correcting Time. One of our members mentioned a visit that she had from her passed grandfather who stated that this is a time of great spiritual meaning. There is a line being drawn in this world between those of the Light and those of the Shadows. A lady that I know who channels the angel Ariel was told that those who choose of their own free will to follow the calling of the Light will have this energy greatly increased within them and that they cast no shadows. This means that as Lightworkers our light shines brightly and this is very noticeable from the spirit realm. Those who choose the shadows will loose whatever Light they possess and walk in darkness.In one of her videos Lorna Byrne, the angel lady, mentioned that those of us who have chosen to live a life dedicated to spirituality and the Light will find it harder and harder to live in this frequency as we will become more aware of our spiritual roots. It will seem that the darkness is all around us. That is when it is necessary to keep our energy up and our Light shinning.

Here is a little video that I wish to share with you to help remind you why we came here to this lost little world and that our awakening is not happenstance.

Lighthouse Wisdom

I wish to sincerely thank all of you for your comments here at the Library. The smallest pebble casts ripples in all directions. May Divine Truth travel with my words.

Throw some love into the wind.


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