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The following poem is from the beautiful Lightworker Tirza Rainbow Angel. It is called Believe.


Believe in yourself !
You were given talents
Special and unique
Unlike any other
There is no one
Who can fill your space
No one
You can be exchanged for
Your mere existence
Is proof of your purpose

Believe in yourself
Develop your talents
Express yourself
You are needed
You are meant to share your soul
With the world

You are loved
You are valued
Never underestimate
The impact you have
On the lives of others

A simple smile
Can change somebodys universe
A loving word
A tender touch
Can heal a broken spirit
A little song
Can unite lovers

Who are you to question
Your divine light?
Who are you to doubt
The purpose of your existence?

Trust in the process
Feel an all-pervading gratitude
Accept all life experiences
As necessary steps
In your own growth
And that of others

You are made of stardust
You are a child of the universe
Special, unique and infinitely loved
Your essence
Divine Love

Appreciate yourself
Do not be afraid
Of the shining light
That is your soul
Do not deprive others
Of experiencing your light

Follow your passion
Your highest excitement
For it is then
That you fulfil
Your soul purpose

All you have to do is


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