Archangels and You / A list of Archangels and Additional Links

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The first thing that I want you to know is that angels are real and they will help you if you ASK them to. The following discussion is a list of all of the Archangel links in the Library all in one place along with links that I have added to the list to bring all of this information together for all those who love angels.

Numerous studies using frequency, hypnotherapy, psychic gifts and the gift of discernment are demonstrating thatangels, aliens, or entities are constantly around certain people and frequently step in to help the rest of us as well, in order to preserve a timeline, energy, or larger picture. Many of us in the metaphysical field believe that each human is capable, important, and an integral piece of our energetic universe. Apparently, the entities agree and are here to help.

With that said, evidence suggests that certain people, regardless of their social status, education, interests, ethnicity, or even spiritual development, do have entities around themnonstop. Ironically, its often the individuals who suffer terribly in this human lifeand the ones who frequently wonder why their lives are so difficult and why they feel so different or lonely in this world. So, if you have been noticing strange things and wondering whether you have someone or something around you all of the time, here is a list of attributes that are common to people who have been shown to have entities around them at all times:

  1. You have survived one or more accidents, incidents, and/or illnesses that technically should have killed you and may have even killed others involved.
  2. Although you likely go through some extremely difficult, hurtful, and/or trying times, you come out better than anyone would ever expectsmelling like a rose.
  3. You consistently feel as though you are being watched or are not alone, even though you often feel lonely.
  4. Cats, dogs, and small children are drawn to you, but seem to fixate their gazes just behind you or over your shoulder, though nothing appears to be there to the naked eye.
  5. You often see apparitions, distinct shadows, balls or blips of light, or even figures in your peripheral vision.
  6. You sometimes wake up from a sound sleep to find something that appears or tries to communicate with you.
  7. You have vivid visions, dreams, or astral travelwhich often involve star systems and night skies that dont resemble ours on earth.
  8. You have a deep knowing about various aspects of our energetic universe, even if you havent studied them or havent read extensively.
  9. You are extremely empathic, possibly with heightened intuition or healing gifts, as a result of your genetics and bloodline that have been passed down through many generations of healers, shamans, etc.
  10. You love your family of origin, but never felt completely connected, truly related, or that your relatives get you.
  11. Your days are filled with uncanny signs, synchronicities, and connectionsespecially when you telepathically ask for them from yourself or from the universe.
  12. Despite the fact that you enjoy your solitude and can be quite mysterious, people flock to you for advice and innate wisdom that just seems to flow naturally from you.
  13. You or your child exhibits attributes of an Indigo or Crystal.
  14. You hear buzzing in your ear, also known as the downloading of necessary information and DNA upgrading meant to prepare you for the times ahead.
  15. Mysterious cuts or marks appear on your body.
  16. Your body heals fast and/or differently than other people do.
  17. You feel that earth is not your home and that you are an older soul.
  18. You have found your true twin flame connection and/or numerous soul mates whom you seem to know from other times and incarnations.
  19. You consciously or unconsciously remember times in this life when an entity visited you in the comforting form of a deceased loved one, a religious figure, or other pleasant being.
  20. You have extreme highs and lows in your moods and experiences, with almost no middle ground. You have experienced more in your years than most humans do.
  21. Your trials, tribulations, and/or loneliness seem to have occurred so that you can genuinely relate to others and effectively help other people when they experience devastation, confusion, or need especially in our uncertain world.
  22. As we head into the shift of consciousness, you feel even more connected to the energy around you, and an intense desire to help humans and our planet move forwardso that you may eventually return home.

If many or all of the characteristics listed above apply to you, then you are likely surrounded by one or more entities at all times. While they may not help you win the big lottery, they are here to protect you and ensure that you are here to serve your purpose. Your presence on this planet right now may not be the most comfortable for you, but your frequency, insights, and role in your family and community are crucial to helping humans evolve in the coming years. So, if you dont already, we encourage you to talk to your guides, thank them, and keep asking for signs that you seek. You are not alone in what you are experiencing, and you are likely not alone ever!

These links will allow you to learn the history of angels, which ones are pertinent to help you with your needs, as well as how to contact them and bring them into your life. I hope that you enjoyand share these links with others.

Angels and You

Signs of Angels in Your Life

Angel Prayers

Listening to Your Guardian Angel

The following link is to a session of a channeled message by Kryon. Kryon (Channeled by Lee Carroll) is a "Support" Entity, expressing positivity in a beautiful ways.

Make Friends with Angels

For more info visit:

The following is an alphabetical listing of angels who will help you if you ASK them to.

Archangel Afriel

Angel of Children and Youth

Archangel Ariel( Lioness of God)

Angel of Animals

Archangel Azrael ( Whom God Helps)

Angel of Crossing Over, Wisdom, Life Changes

Archangel Chamuel( He Who Seeks God )

Angel of Self Change, Mercy, Compassion

Archangel Gabriel( God is My Strength )

Angel of Justice, Purification, Mercy, Revelation

Messenger of God

Archangel Haniel( Glory of God )

Protector of Women

Archangel Ishmael( God Listens )

Angel of Ascension and Spirit Healing

Archangel Jeremiel(Mercy of God)

Angel of Life Planning and Needed Change

Archangel Jophiel (Beauty of God)

Angel of Illumination, Artists, Wisdom

Archangel Metatron

Angel of the Akashic Records

Archangel Michael( He Who is Like God )

Archangel Muriel( Perfume of God )

Angel of Divine Light and Love and Empaths

Archangel Raguel( Friend of God)

Archangel Raphael( God Heals )

Angel of Spiritual, Mental and Physical Healing

Archangel Raziel (Secrets of God )

Angel of Divine Wisdom

Archangel Sandalphon

Angel of Music, Earth and Prayer

Archangel Uriel(Light of God )

Angel of Salvation, Prophecy, and Divine Light

Archangel Zadkiel( Righteousness of God )

Angel of Mercy and Forgiveness

Lorna Byrne Video on Archangel Michael

Hierarchy of Angels

The following links are a great way to connect with angels and receive their energies in your life. The first link is a method of instruction that you read and use as a method of direction. The second link is to a series of videos by Ros an angelic psychic who channels angels. The first video is to a deep peaceful connection with Archangel Raphael. If you look on the right hand side of this screen from this video you will see a complete list of introduction and meditations with other angels.

Incarnated Angels and Starpeople

Angel Meditation Instructions

Angelic Meditations and Messages

Angel Stories

When you click on this link you can access the stories on the left hand side of the page

Angel Stories 2

When America was attacked on September 11, 2001 one of the planes crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. One of the first F.B.I. agents on the scene was Lillie Leonardi. She had always felt a close attachment to angels, but when she arrived on the scene of the crash she had an apparition of a great host of angels led by the Archangel Michael. I am including a link to her recollection of the series of events, as well as a PDF link to the first three chapters of the subsequent book that she wrote about this event. The book is entitled "In The Shadow of a Badge."

Lillie Leonardi

In The Shadow of A Badge

This is a direct link to my YouTube channel 1111 Angelswhere you will find videos on angels, Lorna Byrne, Meditation, 11:11, Abraham / Esther Hicks channeled messages, Alan Watts Zen wisdom, the music of Liquid Mind and lots of other inspiring videos. I am also on Facebook at this link Bing Haley where you will find only positive, inspirationalmessages and posters, as well as links to other Lightworker groups.

If you have had a visitation, know someone that has, or have an angel story I would appreciate your reply and input. As the Awakening and Light energy increase in our world on the way to the Ascension it is reassuring to know that we are very much in tune with the angelic realm and definitely have "Friends in High Places".

If you have any further questions, need some research done, or just wish to chat on this or any other subject I am always here and will always answer.

Throw some love into the wind.


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Who would you think is an angel who is completely in fire?

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Bing on 9-11 and Michael's work is 100% correct and true. He did go into high gear with his guys and as a result, the damage would have been greater. Now, most think it was all those crazed arab muslims that did it and as they were the vehicle for all that hatred and evil, it goes way deeper than that. What is little known is that some in the US Gov KNEW! about this since the 70s but decided to let it happen. False flags, conspiracies and part of a greater plan it was. Be assured that those that transitioned that day, were met and aided by one of Michael's guys and he does command great numbers. Another thing that is not well known is that Michael is under direct orders from Source and he does follow those very closely. He could have stopped it but I do not know why and do not care to know. Al I care for is to be in sync with Source and to aid him when I can and have.

Thank You for letting others know about the Angel People.

2 years ago
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Thank you .

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