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Uriel's name means "Light of God" and his duties are to help light our way. He isa member of the Angelic choirs of the Seraphim,Cherubim and Archangels. He is also known by the names Auriel, Nuriel, Phanuel. Some of his other titles include "The Angel of Presence", "Patron of Prophecy" and "Archangel of Salvation". He is normally shown carrying a scroll and is sometimes depicted with a flame burning in the palm of one hand or carrying a lantern with a staff.This flame signifies God's love for all of humanity and the world so that we can see the beauty of God's creations.He is the angel who gave me the prayer, Be The Light

Be The Light

Be the Light in all that you think

Be the Light in all that you say

Be the Light in all that you do

Be the Light and shine the way.

He is the angel that gave the Torah to Moses, revealing to him the evils of sin. He is also known as one of the avenging angels ( alongwith Puriel, Michael and Abdiel)in that he has little patience for those who, of their own free will, do evil to others.He was the destroyer of thearmy ofAssyrianking Sennacherib.

He stands at the Gates of Heaven with a fiery sword and allegedly holds the keys to the Gates of Hell and will open them on judgement day. He is the angel in charge of watching over the Earth and humanity. He is the Archangel of Nature and the environment. It was Uriel who warned Noah of the coming flood.( Enoch 1:1-3)He is mentioned in the second book of Esdras. He is also believed to be the angel who wrestled with Jacob for a full night (Genesis 32:24 ) . He taught Seth, Adam's son, astronomy, time, and Hebrew characters. He taught John Dee, court astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I the language of the angels.Here is a link to this subject in the Library.

He will always help us when we wish to get closer to our creator or expand our consciousness to the higher frequencies. All you have to do is to ask, and this mighty angel will come to you.

Archangel Uriel enlightens us with divine inspiration and connects us to God's infinite wisdom. Call upon him whenever you need answers,patience and insight and he will often answer you with repeated thoughts and ideas, that are positive, helpful and loving. Hewill help you with intellectual guidanceand help you take one step at a time. He fills our minds with information, ideas and epiphanies, those AHA moments of enlightment. He will help you to develop your empathic and psychic abilities.

This mighty Archangel's purpose is to assist you in anchoring yourself in love that is strong enough to withstand any negativity. He is also the angel who will help you "ground" negative energy that may be bothering you as a result of being exposed to sick people, those who have psychological challenges or those who live a negative lifestyle. You can become a "tree hugger" and this is directly associated with Uriel. He is the angel of the Earth. Just go up to a tree, preferably a tree with leaves. Before you hug it visualize, or say to Uriel that you wish to ground all of the negative energy within you. Then give the tree a big hug and picture the energy travelling into the tree and then into the earth. Next ask Uriel tofill you with positive white Light and hisRuby energy. It may sound a bit odd, but it really works. This powerful light being helps you turn your worst disappointments into your greatest blessings and assists you in releasing blocks to forgiveness. He readily works with those who are seeking the path of enlightenment. He helps to brings us strength and compassion as we reach for peace within and our own spiritual understanding.

His colours are Red, Purple and Gold; as well I usually feel a bright light like a sun emanating from his energy. Whenever you feel you have lost your way, call on him and the Ruby Ray; invite his essence into your life to assist you in becoming a master of your energies and fulfilling your destiny and quests. He carries the supreme knowledge of all that is. He is a wonderful teacher and guide with much wisdom, love and spiritual development and growth to share. He has much to offer the aspirant on the path to a better way and assists us in experiencing the totality of a journey. He brings a higher dimensional aspect to the journey of being human. Ask him to be your mentor and your guide, and overlight your life lessons. He can offer you great wisdom and additional information so that you can make informed and confident decisions. He will always come to you with the greatest love and affection and protect you from all who seek to harm you or hold you back. Once he enters your life he will keep nudging and urging you along until you accomplish your goals. He will always walk beside you encouraging you and filling you with the confidence to take the next step and keep going. He has personally helped me to fulfill a quest that I had in this life which has filled me with confidence and self esteem.

I am also including a link to where you can purchase an excellent book all about Uriel by Richard Webster.

Invite archangel Uriel to overlight your thoughts and your actions to be in integrity with your beliefs and the good of everyone. All you have to do is simply just ask.

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