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At the bottom of this topic you will read a first hand experience by one of our members who had a remarkable experience when she asked this beautiful and powerful angel to come to her aid. It is truly amazing.

Michael ( Who is like God) is the head of the Archangels and the angelic choir of the Virtues. The Choirs are the angels of miracles. He is an extremely powerful entity and is also known as one of the angels of Mercy. He is the guardian of humanity and guardian angel of Israel. He was the chief defender against Lucifer. ( I can send you a link later about the history of that story if you so wish.) No matter the situation, no matter the challenge, Michael stands ready with his sword of Light and host of Angels to protect and serve all who call upon him for assistance. He clears the path of obstacles, he gives us strength and courage to carry on during the dark times in our lives. I suggest that you picture him with eagle wings and holding a sword of light and ask him to sever all ties that are draining your energy. ( Picture him severing these cords all around youand having them wither into smoke and disappear.) Next ask him to infuse and surround you and your home with white energy of the Light and to protect and guard you. See him standing beside you as he does this and see and "feel" this energy being infused into you and your home. You will actually "feel" the darkness fade and disappear and a great lightness take its place. The Light has depth, presence and it will feel like a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders and soul. This is very real.

He fills us with hope, inspiration, and faith that the Universe is always on our side. Michael protects against negative or psychic attack and astral debris that can cling to our energy fields. You can ask for this cleansing all the time day after day and it will never be a bother to Archangel Michael. He, like all angels, can be in many places simultaneously and will instantly act upon your requests for help. Angels cannot interfer or interact with us to influence or change our free will choices even when they know that we are in need. Always remember this cardinal rule when dealing with angels that they cannot help you unless you ASK. As soon as you ask for their help it will be given freely and with great love. JUST ASK.

Michael is also associated with fire, it is a purifying fire that burns away the dross and insures that all chemical reactions within the psyche produce the "gold" that one is seeking, in this case evolution and spiritual enlightenment. And yet Michael is more than just an Archangel for enlightenment, he is an Angel for awareness of all levels of life, including the mundane and the physical. There is no concern or problem that Michael cannot and will not address when he is called upon to do so. This makes Michael what I call "all purpose" archangel as he appears when needed to be of support, assistance and protection in any situation unlike the other Archangels such as Uriel who is primarily associated with wisdom and increasedawarenessand awakeningor Raphael who is associated with healing although their energies can be combined and called upon along with Michael's as needed. Michael assists us in transforming our self- limitations, he brings faith and courage as well as the understanding that one is never alone and that all Guardian Angels are emissaries of Michael's sent to watch over and guide us. Some say that Michael was the first Archangel that Spirit created and his name symbolizes his position as the right hand of God or Spirit. It is Michael that moves through us when we seek to right a wrong, protect those who come to us for assistance and support and to help bring greater awareness and light into the world. If you look at a sword and shield, the light bounces from it, illuminating everything in it's path. So it is the same with Michael's energy, it is not only the power to cut through limitation and falsehood but also the light that allows us to discern the truth from the fabrication.

For those who believe they are unworthy or the Divine would find their problems and fears too trivial or not spiritual enough to be worthy of consideration, This Angel has appeared to remind you that ALL are worthy of support and love from the Universe! Nothing is too small or trivial for the Divine to direct the full attention and flow of the Universe towards it's resolution and that all are more than worthy of living a joyful, happy and abundant life. For those who believe it is their karmic duty to pay off some sort of debt for an something they may have done several lifetimes ago, Archangel Michael comes through to show the individual that ALL things serve a higher purpose.

To judge one event or lifetime as sinful or wrong is the product of a belief system that seeks to control others so that a few may prosper and have power while others are enslaved to support these few. Archangel Michael then acts as a purifying fire to assist the individual in seeking the truth for themselves, what resonates within their own heart as truth for them and not simply buying into the dogma of another. If it serves a person's evolution to continue to believe in the dogma and "sins" of this and prior lifetimes, then they shall of course continue to do so for this Michael will never take away one's free will. However if an individual is ready to move beyond the old concepts and beliefs, this Archangel will surely support in the cutting of the old ties that bind. If this angel has appeared for you today, it may be an indication that some sort of cleansing and protection is needed at this time. Or perhaps you need to gather your inner courage and strength to pursue a new goal or dream that has been beckoning you. Michael brings empowerment to help you be all that you can be in this life if you are willing to take the next step that you know inside you need to take.

At times, Michael appears when we need a bit of a nudge, a prod from his sword if you will, to get us unstuck and the energy flowing in our lives again. Or perhaps you have been buying into someone else's belief systems that are not helpful or healing for you. Archangel Michael says it is now time to develop your own beliefs that are centered around joy, worthiness and expectations of the best that life has to offer! Archangel Michael's primary message to you today is to believe in yourself and believe that the Universe is seeking right now to lead you out of the darkness and into the Light. All you need do is call upon Michael's energy with your heart and you will find he has been standing next to you, supporting and shielding you all this time. All that you have to do is Just Ask. Other ways to work with the energy of Archangel Michael is to sort through all those things in your life, be they job related, personal, people, things in your home that you no longer resonate with, belief systems, even old projects or goals that no longer fit who you are and give them all permission to go! You can do this on a physical level by clearing clutter and old papers from your home/office and by consciously admitting that a goal you once had needs to be released and you are now letting it go. Thank all these things for once having served you, Bless them, and then ask Michael to carry them away.

These Prayers were Channeled to Adele Marie, the visionary messenger,in 2001 from Archangel Michael to give unto the world to know that all who invoke these prayers shall have his personal protection and assistance. To know the Universe supports you!

Please know as you start to use these prayers in the directions given below that things will change within your life and home. The First prayer may be used wherever you are or may travel to: home, vehicles, mall, hospitals, schools, buildings, etc This will immediately clear your home and / or these areas of all things, which you say to Archangel Michael that you want cleared out of these areas. Archangel Michael will be there immediately!

Of the following prayers below the first one may only be used in your personal home or vehicle. This is very important, as you do not cross the Universal Laws and that of anyone else. For each of us has free will of choice and by you taking it upon yourself to use these prayers from Archangel Michael to do to another without their permission you have then created that which can come back to you. And they will never work; Archangel Michael only works in Integrity and ask that of each of you! You must always have permission before using these prayers in any other individuals home, vehicle, building or personal space and area.

With the second Prayer: When asking Mother Father God to please send their loving Angels to fill that which Archangel Michael cleared, please note: we are asking Mother/ Father God for assistance and it is then that the Angels shall be there. For the Angels are Gods messenger is all that is needed.

And to seal in the energies the third final prayer is one with Archangel Michael and his Band of Mercy to seal and protect on all ways in all levels within the Universe.
As I said before, you will notice a difference of energies in your home and areas that you ask Archangel Michael assistance for. The negative energies will start to dissipate and the loving energies of Mother Father God will begin to fill your home and vehicle. There will be those who cannot come into your home any longer, these will be ones who like to stop by to give and dump on you all of their negativity, depression, anger, sadness, fear, harm, etc After you start to use these prayers and do not negate them, those same individuals will either come in and not be able to stay or they will just hang out outside for a little while to talk to you. It is so amazing in what happens, I love Archangel Michael for bringing these prayers to all of us. I have used all of these prayers for all of these years and Archangel Michael, Mother Father Gad and all those in the Universe Realms have never failed me!

To begin, You will need to build the energies and your relationship with Archangel Michael, Mother Father God and the Angels. Please say these prayers at least twice a day for the first two weeks. Then you will be saying these prayers for once a day from then on out and also when you need a pick me up or boost. When I was working in the school systems, I would say these prayers every morning as I entered the school, because the energies changes so much with individuals coming and going in and out of the school as the day progressed along, I would also say them again half way through the day. The energy was amazing all day and there was never any problems. Remember I never said them for another person just myself and the area in which I was working.

Please remember do not negate these prayers for as you do you are telling Archangel Michael, Mother Father God and the holy Angels that you do not believe that they can, do, or are all that to you. Enjoy them and let me know your amazing stories as you too build your relationships with Archangel Michael, Mother Father God and the Angels.
As I give these prayers freely to you, you may use these Channeled prayers from Archangel Michael as long as you give credit where credit is proper and to whom you have received from this website of Adele Marie, The Visionary Messenger.

Archangel Michael Please
Archangel Michael I ask you to please go through my home from top to bottom, inside and out, every nook & cranny, every space and every room.
And Clear all Earth bound negative entities, All negative entities, All Earth bound entities. All negativity, All fear, evil and harm, All depression, anger, sadness, harm, anxieties, jealousys etc (you can say anything here that comes into your mind) And sweep it all up into the Light of the Holy Spirit.
Thank You dear Archangel Michael, Amen

Dear Mother Father God
Dear Mother Father God, please send your loving Angels 100 million strong into my home from top to bottom, inside and out, every nook & cranny, every space and every room that Michael has just cleared.
To fill it with their loving presence as they illuminate your light and radiate your love as they sing your praise and glory. May your Angels work with me in all things for mybetterment and those whom I help.May they protect me, love me, guide me and hear me as they work with me.
Thank you Mother Father God, Amen

Dear Archangel Michael
Dear Archangel Michael, I ask you for your assistance again now please. I ask you Michael to please with your League of Angels, your Band of Mercy to surround my home from top to bottom inside and out as you place your Angelic Warrior Guards at every window, doorway and entryway so that nothing and no-one may enter except those through the Light of the Holy Spirit.
Thank you Dear Michael, Amen

If you wish to visit Adele Marie's site you can do so at the following link.

Archangel Michael Removes Her Fear

I am going to try my best to recall in as much detail as possible the events prior to, during, and after I listened and followed this video of Michael... First my sister was here and we had bonded to a point of where we actually weren't faking any feelings or words... (not always this way though..YET) I was clicking around on Liquid Mind. Actually it was the Dream Messenger video first and then I found this video I've included.

I almost turned it until I saw the FEAR chord title. Curiosity peaked, I made a decision to actively participate and listen to this video. I then shut my eyes and envisioned myself sitting exactly where I was sitting, only this time Michael was beside me on the couch to my left.I had 3 major fear cords; although I have not labeled them with each area,( I don't know if I should.) The 1st one was the most major and the biggest and thickest. In my minds eye it covered the entire surface of my back, was thick and fibrous, dark brown, black and maybe some deep green. I could see the individual cords wrapping around each other to form one. Just popped in my head that it looked like an umbilical cord!!! EWWWW. I then leaned forward on the couch and Michael gave one swift, forceful slash of his sword under the cord and up through it severing it from my body. I felt chills and goosebumps all over my entire body. I began to cry..... Next I hear his calming voice telling me "Relax, I have it all under control." Whenever I feel anxious, nervous , or any negative emotions I get a crushing feeling in the middle of my chest and it hurts pretty badly. This was no longer there once I accepted this was out of my hands.

The 2nd one came from the crown of my head. As Michael sat behind me on the couch, I leaned back and he was running his fingers through my hair, but only on his right hand because his left hand was ready at his sword. It felt to me like he was pulling all bad thoughts of myself and false words that had been spoken over me OUT from my heart and OUT the top of head! Once again I cried. He then stood in front of me and asked me to take his hands and stand up. As i stood for the first time since the cutting, I felt buoyant and floaty. He drew me to him and I leaned against his chest. He then took his sword, put his arms around my waste and held the sword behind my back with the base of the sword at the base of my back and the blade of the sword running parallel to my spine. Radiant, white, healing light and energy flowed from the blade horizontally from my back/spleen, around my sides to my front and entered through the tense area in the middle of my chest. At this point there was one ribbon per side of my body. After they went through my chest, they rejoined each other and continued up my chest, throat, face, head and then BURST from the crown of my head. Upon exit the single beam (the size of my whole head in diameter) spun itself into hundreds of smaller ribbons that swirled and wrapped around me in every direction and reentered me from every point possible.(It kind of resembled a cheese string effect.. you know)!! Next thing I know we (Michael and I ) are spin dancing with each other!!! :-D

As I did my final spin( and in case you were wondering I always spin counter clockwise) my right arm extended to the ceiling and Michael's hand on the left side of my waist giving me extra push for this FINALE, he kept my fingertips on my right hand squeezed tightly in his own fingertips. As i soaked up everyhting that was being offered in this spin I had a moment of crystal clarity that seemed to state as fact" THIS IS FINALLY IT CORRINE, YOU FOUND THE BREAD CRUMBS!!!!" A sense of completeness, belonging, rightness, (this is where I am supposed to be) feeling came over me. I had been set free by my Guardian/Warrior prince. Indescribable love I feel for Michael. Even before I met him, I used to ask Jesus when I was in Christian rehab to send his warrior angels to encamp around my bed for protection.... Holy Moly... ;-D I've always had an affinity towards Michael and I now feel confirmed. Love from above... may you be blessed in all things in your life. <3 corrine="" adele="" richardson="" p="">

Archangel Michael

The Holy Archangel Michael is one of the most celebrated of the Angels and bodiless powers; he is called the Archistrategos, or chief commander, of all the bodiless powers. According to Holy Scripture and Tradition, he has interceded for humanity multiple times and continues to serve as the Defender of the Faith The name Michael means "like unto God" or "Who is like unto God?"

Michael first appears in the Old Testament in the book of Joshua's account of the fall of Jericho. Though Michael is not mentioned by name in the text, it is said that Joshua "looked up and saw a man standing in front of him with a drawn sword in his hand." When the still unaware Joshua asks which side of the fight the Archangel is on, Michael responds, "neither...but as commander of the army of the Lord I have now come" (Joshua 5:13-14).

In the book of Daniel, Michael appears first to help the Archangel Gabriel defeat the Persians (10:13). In a later vision it is revealed to Daniel that "at that time [the end times] Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then..." (Ch. 12)1. Michael thus plays an important role as the protector of Israel and later of his chosen people, the Church.

The Church Fathers also ascribe to Michael the following events: During the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt he went before them in the form of a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night; the power of the great Chief Commander of God was manifest in the annihilation of the 185 thousand soldiers of the Assyrian emperor Sennacherib (4/2 Kings 19:35); also in the smiting of the impious leader Heliodorus (2 Macc. 3: 24-26); and in the protection of the Three Holy Youths: Ananias, Azarias and Misail, thrown into the fiery furnace for their refusal to worship an idol (Dan 3:22-25). Through the will of God, the Chief Commander Michael transported the Prophet Habbakuk (December 2) from Judea to Babylon, to give food to Daniel in the lions' den (Dan. 14:33-37). The Archangel Michael disputed with the devil over the body of the holy Prophet Moses (Jude 1:9).

In New Testament times, the holy Archangel Michael showed his power when he miraculously saved a young man, cast into the sea by robbers with a stone about his neck on the shores of Mt Athos. This story is found in the Athonite Paterikon, and in the Life of St Neophytus of Docheiariou (November 9).
Perhaps his most famous miracle, though, is the salvation of the church at Colossae. Here a number of pagans tried to destroy this church by diverting the flow of two rivers directly into its path. However, the Archangel appeared amongst the waters, and, carrying a cross, channeled the rivers underground so that the ground the church stood on would not be destroyed. The spring which came forth after this event is said to have special healing powers.

Michael also has been associated with healing in other cases, as well as his primary role as leader of the Church Militant. He has been said to appear to Emperor Constantine the Great (d. 337) at Constantinople, to have intervened in assorted battles, and appeared, sword in hand, over the mausoleum of Hadrian, in apparent answer to the prayers of Pope St. Gregory I the Great (r. 590-604) that a plague in Rome should cease.
Russians in particular have a special veneration to Michael, along with the Theotokos. According to OCA, "Intercession for Russian cities by the Most Holy Queen of Heaven always involved Her appearances with the Heavenly Hosts, under the leadership of the Archangel Michael. Grateful Rus acclaimed the Most Pure Mother of God and the Archangel Michael in church hymns. Many monasteries, cathedrals, court and merchant churches are dedicated to the Chief Commander Michael. In Rus there was not a city where there was not a church or chapel dedicated to the Archangel Michael."

The Holy Archangel Michael

MichaelThe angelic hosts have to defend the creation against the spiritual powers which seek to cast it into ruin. The Apocalypse shows us the celestial war was, which Michael and his angels fight against the dragon and his angels (Rev 12:7-9), a war which continues on earth in the spiritual combats in which men are assisted by angels. Hence the warrior like character that angelic apparitions often take. Thus, the "captain of the Lord" appeared to Joshua with a sword in his hand (Joshua 5:13-15). the Archangel Michael "chief captain of the host" (Archistrategos) presides over the struggle against the forces of the demons: "there where thy grace appears, the power of the demons is pursued; for the fallen Lucifer cannot bear to see thy light. We pray thee then to extinguish his burning features, directed against us... and to free us from his temptations.
The icon shown here (Balkan, ca. 1600) is of the Archangel Michael. In his quality of Captain of the Hosts, the warrior angel wears a cloak which, on our icon , is red in color. The sword that he holds in his right hand is at the same time his weapon and the insignia of commander. In his left hand he carries before his breast an image of Jesus Christ. The head of the archangel is adorned with ribbons. Habitually, the ends of he ribbons flow from either side of the head: they should symbolize the spiritual hearing of the angel, attentive to the divine commands. On our icon these ribbons are partly effaced. The inscription at the top reads: "Archangel Michael."
From Meaning of Icons by Lossky, Palmer, and Kadloubousky

There are several icons of the Archangel Michael that he has personally intervened miraculously to the "authoring" of his image;

Michale-Mantamados.jpgMantamados Icon
Archangel Michael of Mantamados (Gr. O ) refers to a miraculous icon of the Archangel Michael on the island of Lesvos. The monastery is known locally as Taxiarches (the "Archangel"). There are two accounts surrounding the date of this icon, one having to do with the Ottoman Turkish occupation and destruction of 1462, and the other with Saracen pirates during the 9th and 10th centuries during which the entire island was invaded. In either case, the story of the creation of the icon shares the theme that the target of the raids was the monastery of the Taxiarchis. The pirates threatened the monks with death if they would not reveal the whereabouts of the hidden villagers. The monks refused and the invaders slaughtered all of the monks except for one novice-monk
As the pirates where leaving, the novice climbed to the roof of the monastery to be sure that the pirates had left. However, the pirates noticed him from afar and returned to kill him as well. It is at this point in the story that the Archangel Michael makes his appearance in front of the Saracens with his own sword drawn forcing them to retreat in terror. Thanks to this miracle from the Archangel the monk survived and descending to the courtyard buried the bodies of his fellow brotherhood. The monk still in deep respect and reverence for having witnessed the Archangel Michael in all his fury, gathered up the earth that was red by the blood of the martyred monks and shaped it into the icon-sculpture of the Archangel as it is today; while it was still vivid in his memory. According to legend, the monk did not have enough of this dirt-blood mix and so the head of the Archangel has turned out disproportionately larger to the rest of his body.
This icon, is now kept within the interior of the church. Many islanders claim to have had personal experiences of miracles being granted for them by Mantamados.
This defies the traditional structure of iconography. His upper-torso is represented as a three-dimensional image mixed with dirt and blood of martyrs and he is a warrior. His face is alive and he will mirror the condition of your soul by the expression on his face.

MichaelPanormitis Icon
Symi island of the Dodecanese, Greece, is situated in southeast Aegean sea and northwest of Rhodes. While touring around the island you will see many churches and monasteries devoted to the Archangel Michael. The Greek Orthodox Monastery of Taxiarchis Mihail Panormitis is the most important on the island and second largest in the DodecaneseIn the church is the famous icon of the Archangel Michael Panormitis, who is not only considered the island's patron saint but also the guardian of sailors in the entire Dodecanese area. One story is that this icon appeared miraculously and, on several occasions, was removed only to reappear mysteriously in this same location. The church was then built over the location, which, other sources suggest, was also a template to Apollo.

MichaelIn Russian iconography he is most likely to be wearing red. In many instances, Michael tramples the devil under his feet, which may be depicted as a dragon. This comes from the tradition that Michael was the main opponent of Satan in the battle for Heaven. Satan, previously called Samael, was always looking to discredit Israel, while Michael was its main protector. In the end, Satan attempted to drag Michael down in his fall from the heights, but Michael was rescued by God.

Miracle at Colossae or Chonae


Troparion (Tone 4) [1]
Commanders of the heavenly hosts,
we who are unworthy beseech you,
by your prayers encompass us beneath the wings of your immaterial glory,
and faithfully preserve us who fall down and cry to you:
"Deliver us from all harm, for you are the commanders of the powers on high!"

Kontakion (Tone 2) [2]
Commanders of God's armies and ministers of the divine glory,
princes of the bodiless angels and guides of mankind,
ask for what is good for us, and for great mercy,
supreme commanders of the Bodiless Hosts.

Below I have added a couple ofvideos on clearing and shielding with Archangel Michael. I am also including a link to the where you can purchase Richard Webster's excellent book on Michael at May Divine Truth travel with my words.

Lorna Byrne Video on Archangel Michael

Clearing and Shielding

Richard Webster's book book purchase.

Clearing and Shielding with Archangel Michael

Begin the Day With Archangel Michael

Throw some love into the wind.


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Thanks Bing. If I may add that Michael is a fierce defender of the light within us all. He is also huge in height. If we were to stand next to him, we would reach to mid thigh. We all can call on him when ever protection is needed and either him or one of his angels will respond. Know that there is a triage process here as he is very busy now a days.

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Gotta love Corrine :)

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