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archangel haniel

Haniel (Glory of God) Haniel is the patron and protector of women and has a pink, blue/white colored aura. She will surround you with a protective shield of energy that will only allow goodness and positive energy to attach itself to you she helps us to recover the lost secrets of natural healing modalities and remedies; especially with harnessing the moon's energy in potions, powders and crystals.She also helps us to enjoy more grace in our lives.

If you would like to add beauty, harmony and the company of amazing friends into your life, please call on Archangel Haniel. Call on her if you need to stay calm, focussed and centred prior to and during any important appointment or event. Archangel Haniel is an Angelic Ambassador of the Vibration of Grace, Remembrance of Natural Healing, and Ambassador of Opening and Developing of Natural Intuitive Abilities.

Archangel Haniel can also help you to polish your skills and groom your hidden talents; when you engage with your true passions, be prepared for miracles! She will help you to embace all aspects of yourself - your strengths and weaknesses. Ask for her guidance whenever you feel unsure or bad about yourself; and she will help you to see how wonderful you are and appreciate yourself more. She has a 'moon goddess' energy: mystical, quiet, patient and etheric. Her energy is a pale bluish-white, much like the glow of the full moon. The crystal associated with Archangel Haniel is the moonstone, a gentle and nurturing crystal. Carry a piece of moonstone with you if you want to feel close to Haniel. Call upon her to stand between you and all negative energy. She will not allow darkness to bother you.

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