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Gabriel (God is my strength) is a the head of the choir of the Cherubim and a member of the choir of the virtues as well. Gabriel is known as theAngel of justice, purification, revelation, and mercy. Gabriel was the angel who revealed the Koran to Mohammed. Along with Michael he is the only other angel to be mentioned in the Bible.Hisduties are toremind us of our life's path and to help us attain our goals. He will always bring us messages by intuition, signs, insights and dreams. Gabriel is alsoa warrior angel and deals harshly with injustices caused by others to those who work in the Light. Ask for him protection when you feel yourself under attack by those who are not of the LIGHT, be they physical or in spirit. When you ask him for her help he will surround you with the white light and repel all who would seek to harm you. They just won't want to come around you as you will have a raised frequency.

Archangel Gabriel brings us good news in abundance! The energy of Archangel Gabriel is used to draw many messages of good news that uplift out spirits and help us to feel more fully connected with the Universal mind and flow. Gabriel alerts us to be awake and aware, to pay attention to what messages we in turn our giving out to the world and Universe each day so that only the best may be sent out to return to us as even more beneficial energies.

Think carefully about what you are saying to others and what they are saying to you. Do these words serve you or hinder you in your life? Are they positive and uplifting or do they focus on negativity and lack? Like all the Angels, Gabriel will never judge you for anything you think or say! Yet he will urge you to focus on those things that bring you a sense of joy, peace and gratitude for the great mystery that is all of life.

You may start to have some thoughts popping into your mind that will surprise or even shock you, yet it is important to note that the stronger emotional reaction you have to them the more you need to heed them! Ask for further validation and simply watch to see what comes. Notice what others say to you that fits with what you have been thinking about. When you ask Gabriel for confirmation that what you have been pondering is true he always acts swiftly so heads up! You may feel more inclined to spend time in meditation or reading inspirational books. Gabriel is encouraging you to do so for he knows how important it really is to fill our minds with positive words for they shall spill out into every aspect of your life.

One way to work with Gabriel is to write down a single question that is most pressing for you at this time. At the end of each day, reflect back at all that happened. Was there anything that sticks out as a possible answer? Chances are you will begin to note a thread that runs through your day, this is Gabriel's way of giving you your answer!

Once you ask this beautiful and powerful Archangel into your life things will begin to fall into place and your life will become much more organized and you will feel invigorated, focused, and full of purpose. You are on your way!!!

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