Archangel Chamuel / Angel of Love, Mercy, and Forgiveness

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Chamuel ( He Who Seeks God ) is the head of the choirs of the Dominions and is one of the seven great Archangels. He is also a member of the Sarim, the angel princes, who constantly sing the praises of God. In addition is also one of the ten Kabbalistic angels in the Jewish religion. All angels have their specialties and Chamuel is the angel of love, compassion, mercy, creativity and forgiveness. If you ask Chamuel he will help you with dissolving feelings of selfishness, self-dislike, self-condemnation and low self-esteem. He will help you with issues of intolerance, understanding, forgiveness and love. If you are having trouble communicating with someone ask for Chamuels help. He will help you smooth over any differences and find a solution to the impasse. He will help you find lost objects or people. He is great with aligning you with individuals who can help your career and can help you to find your soul mate. He will even help you prepare to receive the Holy Spirit. Chamuel rights wrongs, soothes troubled minds, and provides justice. He, along with Gabriel, comforted Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. He is also the angel who wrestled with Job and is the angel to ask to aid in world peace.

This is one of my favourite angels. I have worked with Chamuel from the beginning of my awakening and contact with angels. He is like an old friend or favourite uncle. He is the angel of Divine Love. He is a gentle and loving being of the Light, yet extremely deep and strong. Although others mention that he has a pink or pale green auraI feel him as a light blue presence. He always has a warm, kind, and generous smile. He is extremely patient and will always walk beside you at your pace. There is nothing too big for him to help you with and nothing you can tell him will cause him to leave you. You may have misgivings about your worthiness to speak with him or to even reach out for his help. This would be a mistake as he is waiting for you right now to ask for him to come into your life. If you ask him he will feel like a soft energy that infuses itself into your spirit. He will bring with him a deep, intense feeling of love beyond anything that you have ever felt. He inspired and helped me to write two of my topics; I Deserve and Be the Light and the quote,To serve is to love; to love is to serve. It was Chamuel who enabled me to open my spirit to the power of being blissed by Divine Love. Once you feel the bliss of the LIGHT you will be changed forever. There is nothing, nothing, nothing that you will ever experience that is as beautiful as Divine Love. It is spiritual, physical and totally encompassing and Chamuel can help you discover it. No one is forbidden to receive it. All that you have to do is be sincere in your request and then just ask him to help you.

Crystals for Chamuel.

Rose Quartz, Amber and Amethyst

Oils for Chamuel

Sage, Rose, Chamomile, Angelica, Violets, Lavender

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Thank You Bing Haley. Few know of this Archangel. True he is Love but do not be deceived, his angels are fierce in defense of that Divine quality. I know of one place to get prints of Archangels that your readers might be interested in.Mariusfineart.

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