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Azrael (Whom God Helps) is primarily known as the "angel of death", but is also the angel that helps us move on from one stage of life to another. When one door closes, another opens. This very strong and powerful angelis very loving, kind, and gentle and will help those who are lost find their way back to the Light and move on from this realm. He helps dying people make the transition from Earth to the afterlife, and he comforts people who are grieving the death of a loved one. Azrael is also the angel that aids those who help lost spirits realize that they are passed and need to move on into the spirit realm. In her book, Angels in My Hair, Lorna Byrne talks about the Angel of Death being of great beauty and very tender and loving.

Some of the other angels who also help shepherd people to the higher realms are Ramiel, Samiel, Uriel, and Araqiel.

He is also a great angel of protection to call on, along with Michael, Puriel and Abdiel. ( see this link for more information on them )

Azrael is a very strong patron of the Light of our creator and will lovingly come to your aid If you are in need of protection from negative people or shadow entities.Like all angels he is only allowed to help you if you ASK him. Angels are not allowed to interfer with our free will choices and must be asked to comeinto our lives and help us in our journey within this frequency. I am including some information from other sites.

He and his Servitors would gently separate ghosts and dream-shades from their anchors, retrieve souls from ethereal domains.

Azraelis extremely effective at his job. Angels of Death have exorcised hundreds of ghosts that had been clinging to the corporeal plane. Azrael instructs his Servitors to also teach humans to accept Death; that it is merely a transition to their next state, and that if they lived their lives well, they had no need to fear it.

Azrael also seeks to direct the thoughts of those who wish to grow in spirit and move to the higher realms. To this day, Azrael is carrying on his work, with the help of a small number of angels.Azrael and his Servitors seek to separate ghosts and dream-shades from their ties to the corporeal or ethereal plane, so these souls will move on to their final destinations.

In additionangels of Death try to reduce humanity's fear of death, reflecting Azrael's Grigori nature. When possible, they try to steer humans near death toward their destiny, and away from their fate, or at least give them a second chance on the wheel of life.

Basic Rites

  • Comfort a dying human
  • Teach a human not to fear death
  • Free/Banish a ghost or dream-shade

The following is an excerpt from the home site of Jill and Glenn Harrison.

4th June 2005

Archangel Azrael; Angel of Death; appears

What you are about to read is the encounter of Glenn Harrison with the Archangel Azrael. I am also including a link where you can listen to Glenn and Jill talk about angels and what happened to them.

I was laid in bed reading. It was around 10.30 in the evening. Jill, my wife, was laid at the side of me. She'd not long stopped reading herself. She'd fallen asleep reading. I took the book gently from her hands. She resisted slightly and then realised it was me tucking her in. She smiled as I kissed her on the cheek and she snuggled down into the covers as she quietly said, Night babes.

That day I'd arrived home after two weeks working in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. I'd been teaching Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Skills to Muslim Senior Managers from companies such as Saudi Aramco. I only went out for a week; but I was asked to stay for another week. Prior to that, the longest Jill and I had ever been apart was for a week, on two other occasions. Jill and I are very close. We detest being away from each other.

The two weeks apart had been a strain on Jill. Apart from missing me, she had the huge house and our two young boys of 7 and 5 (Max and Cooper) to look after on her own; along with running our training business, and Jill's own business:

Jill was worn out. We were so pleased to see each other. She'd admitted to not sleeping too well and now she'd admitted to feeling secure and settled now that I was home. She had a big beam on her face as she started to drift to sleep. How do I know when she's drifting into a deep sleep? Because she snores terribly when she's drifting off. It usually stops after a few minutes, so I leave her be. It's that loud, you'd swear the walls were shaking.

This time though it was different. She started to take deep breaths and blow through her mouth, a little like a horse blows through its lips making a faint trumpeting noise. Her breaths got deeper and the blowing became stronger. She was laid on her back, with her head on a pillow, face facing up to the ceiling. I was concerned; to the extent of being frightened; turned to her and asked her if she was OK. She opened her eyes and just gazed at the ceiling. Her eyes were bloodshot red; so bad she looked like she'd got a serious eye infection.

She started to breathe deeper and faster as I watched her face start to contort. At first I thought she was just pulling a disgruntled face, as though she was repulsed by something. Then I could see she was straining the muscles in her face and neck. She pulled her chin into her neck so that it appeared that she'd no chin. She flared her nostrils, breathing heavily out of them. Her nose seemed to elongate, get thinner, more pointed and hook over on the end, like a hawk's beak.

Her cheek bones seemed to raise and become more prolifically edged. It was disturbing.

When I asked her again if she was OK she spoke to me, but not with her normal voice. I'd heard this voice before, and I knew it wasn't Jill. What I mean by that, is that Jill, when she's tired and relaxed, is susceptible to being taken over by spirit, and she goes into trance.

Being a logical male and previous non-believer in the spirit world; it took me a long time to accept Jill's gifts. When you've experienced what I've experienced over the last 7 years; you can't deny the spirit world. When she's in trance, she speaks with clarity. Gone is the Northern English accent. Gone are the verbal fillers like, you know, yeah but, errr, to be honest. She speaks with a clear, precise, accurate steady, fairly monotone English accent.

Here's my recollection of how the conversation went. I can't remember it all; we talked for over half an hour, so I'll give you what I remember:

Jill (Archangel Azrael): Although we've asked of you many times now, to write; still you don't write.

Glenn: Jill, what are you talking about?

Jill (Archangel Azrael): We keep asking you to write, yet still you concern yourself with lesser things.

Glenn: Jill, wake up; you're babbling and I want to get back to my book.

Jill (Archangel Azrael): You said you would write. It is important that you ease their pain.

Glenn: Who's pain? What are you on about?

Jill (Archangel Azrael): You must write to ease their pain.

Glenn: We've had this conversation before. No-one is going to want to read about a nobody, and I just don't know what to write about.

Jill (Archangel Azrael): Just write.

Glenn: About what?

Jill (Archangel Azrael): Your deepest fears.

Glenn: Who are you?

Jill (Archangel Azrael): I am 'Athrielle'. (I spelt it the only way I could remember it.)

Glenn: Who?

Jill (Archangel Azrael): Athrielle! I am the Angel of Death. I take away pain as well as pass people over to the other side. I'm not the angel of Satan. Do not fear me. It is not your time yet and it is not the time for your wife. You have much to do in your time here yet. You are very special people and you also have a very special son in Max; he's an Indigo Child.

Glenn: What's an Indigo Child?

Jill (Archangel Azrael): He will be a great healer, just like you, and he will play a major role in healing the world.

Glenn: What's my part in this?

Jill (Archangel Azrael)l: You are a great healer and you will also play an even greater role in healing the world, which is why you must write.

Glenn: But write about what?

Jill (Archangel Azrael): Your deepest fears.

Glenn: Yes, but what do you mean by that?

Jill (Archangel Azrael): Write about your pain.

Glenn; When you say pain, what exactly do you want me to write about. I don't know where to begin?

Jill (Archangel Azrael): It's not just about your parents; it's all your other pain.

Glenn: Why would anyone want to read about my pain? I'm no-one special.

Jill (Archangel Azrael): Yes you are. You're a great healer. There are millions of others like you, without hope, in pain, that don't know which way to turn.

Glenn: But how will me writing about my pain help them?

Jill (Archangel Azrael): You have an immense depth of emotion. You can heal with your words. You must reach out to these people and ease their pain. I know you don't believe in God, even though God exists. It's not important, because you have your own faith and you must give others that faith too to ease their pain. You must believe and not try. Then you will see the angels. They are constantly with you. And yes Glenn, I know you are laughing inside, thinking of Yoda, "Do or do not, there is no try!" Your humour is a good thing.

Glenn: You want me to write about my beliefs?

Jill (Archangel Azrael)l: Yes; and your pain.

Glenn: When you say pain, what do you mean by that?

Jill (Archangel Azrael): All the adversity in your life and how you've overcome it without a God to pray to. What you've discovered. How you've coped. So that other people can have the same hope and new religion. There are millions of people in the world without religion; looking for the truth; looking and hoping for someone or something to heal their pain.

Jill is a very special soul, but she's very lonely. She buys the material things for acceptance from others because she's so lonely. She'd live in a tent with you if you all could be happy. She's not much time in this life. She's destined for much greater things in our world. Raphael and Archangel Gabriel are always by her side; and with you too. Jill is very special.

(It was at this point that I realised that Jill's voice was changing. She was speaking with a Germanic accent. It was getting stronger as time went by. Not a Germanic accent I'd witnessed before. It seemed 'old world'.)

Glenn. What do you mean?

Jill (Archangel Azrael): Her destiny was to find you and support you. She's your soul mate. Once she's supported you, she's destined for greater things and will pass on.

Glenn. What did you mean when you said she's not long of this world? How long will she be with me?

Jill (Archangel Azrael)l: 10 years.

Glenn: 10 years? (And I start to cry because I know the reality of this.) Please don't take her away from me so soon. I love her. She's so very special to me too. It's not fair to cut her life so short and take her away from her family.

Jill (Archangel Azrael): She's very special and destined for greater things in our world. It was never meant to be for her to be in your world for a great deal of time. She knows this and she is unafraid. She will be waiting for you on the other side, with open arms. It's not Jill's destiny to heal like you and Max. Her destiny is on the other side. She chose you, to introduce you to spirituality, so you can heal.

You have immense power to heal the world. You will live a very long time. You're destiny is to heal millions of people. We're extremely frustrated; you haven't written a word yet. Jill's destiny in this world was to get you to start writing.

Glenn: OK; what if I do write? What will you do for me? Will you allow Jill to stay with us longer?

(Long Silence)

Jill (Archangel Azrael)l: The longer you write, the longer she can stay with you. Write about your pain. Write about meeting Jill. You're a great healer. Max is a great healer and will become special: famous. He needs your attention and guidance to become a great healer. Speak about your pain and suffering for the people who are searching for an answer. Write about self-esteem, your spirituality and love. I am always with you by your side.

Glenn. What do I do when I've written? Who will read it?

Jill (Archangel Azrael)l: Don't worry about that. People will read it.

Glenn: But how will they read it. We don't have the resources to spend the time on this to publish a book.

Jill (Archangel Azrael): I understand your values for material gain. I won't let you fail.

Glenn: But I don't understand. If we don't market the book, who's going to read it?

Jill (Archangel Azrael): When you write, I will send the people.

Jill is fading fast now and I must leave her. Remember, I will always be by your side.

At that moment, Jill's face quickly changed shape back to normal. Her eyes closed. She put a big grin on her face and snuggled up to the side of me. She sighed heavily. She was fast asleep.

I leaned over to the left to the vanity unit on my side of the bed to grab a notebook and pen. I quickly wrote down as many things as I could remember and then drifted off to sleep.

In the morning I asked Jill what she could remember.

Jill : Nothing! What are you talking about? Do you know, my face really hurts this morning? It feels like I've got a bad case of sinusitis. My cheek bones really hurt under my eyes.

Glenn: I'm not surprised the way your face changed last night. I'd have had face ache too.

Jill : What do you mean?

Glenn: Who's Athrielle?

Jill: Who?

Glenn: Athrielle! Have you heard of the name before?

Jill: Doesn't sound familiar.

Glenn: Is it one of the characters in the spiritual world that you've read about in the past?

Jill: Not that I can remember.

Glenn: What's an Indigo Child?

Jill: A what?

Glenn: An Indigo Child.

Jill: Never heard of it.

That was my way of testing Jill, to evaluate whether or not it was just Jill talking from her sub-conscious mind. Scientifically, someone could still argue that it was, but knowing what I know about Jill, I had enough to believe.

This link will bring you to a site where Jill and Glenn talk about this incident and other angelic interactions. You can also learn more about them at the second and third links.

Jill and Glenn Harrison Interview

Jill Harrison Avatara 12 Level Facebook

The Truth About Angels

If you are interested in learning more about angels and how they can influence, protect and help you in this life I highly recommend the books of Richard Webster, Sophy Burnham and Lorna Byrne.These books are very well researched,very informative, and have a many first hand instances of angelic interactions; especially Lorna Byrne. May Divine Truth travel with my words.

Lorna Byrne

Richard Webster

Sophy Burnham

If you have any further questions or just wish to chat please feel free to contact me at anytime. I am always here and will always answer.

Throw some love into the wind.


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Hi Meg

Well, you really gave me a puzzler for sure. My favourite dog is the Basset Hound and like my little Chloe I LOVE looking for that elusive "rabbit". I had to go through quite a few of mysources on angels before I found a reference to Caphael in Liber Juratus Honorii or The Sworne Booke of Honoriusat"The Esoteric Archives".

Caphael, along with Raphael, Dardihel and Hurathaphel, is recognized as oneof the Angels of the Sun and their nature is to give love and favor and riches to a man, and power, also to keep him hail and to give dews, herbs, flowers, and fruits in a moment. Their bodies are great and large, full of all gentleness. Their colors are bright <like glass> [or citrus], or like the Sun or gold, and their region is the East.

When you go to the link below you will have to scroll down the page about 2/3 's of the way to find this information which also includes their seal which I could not copy to this page.

I am also including a painting called Angel of the Sun by Dianna Haronis. She has a lot of very beautiful and stunning digital angel art work at the following link.


I am curious as to your interest in this angel.Is he a guide of yours? If I can be of further service to you please do not hesitate to contact me.MayDivine Truthtravel with my words.

Throw some love into thewind.


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