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Below you will see Greek letter PHI which is the international symbol of empaths. International Empath Day is celebrated on November 11th. ( 11/ 11)

Phi Clip Art

Here aresome very good links totests and quizzes that will help you find out your if you are a Lightworker,as well as helping you with career goals in this life.There are no wrong answers, only your answers. Most of these quizzes are used by corporations and in clinical settings to help people with their lives. If you have any further questions, or would like to expand your questions on this theme please feel free to contact me and I will, as always, do my very best to help you. I will always read your questions and always answer your inquiries. Know that you are loved.

Am I a Lightworker

Emotional Intelligence Test

Classic I Q Test

Personality Test

Career Assesment Test

Career Test

Corporate Personality Test

Multiple Intelligence and Learning Style Test

Spatial Intelligence Test

Throw some love into the wind


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