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Below you will find a list of angels that are very much involved in the welfare and care of children. They watch over all children from all races and creeds. Angels see no difference between any of us as we are all one. Our creator loves all of us. Each angel handles a particular aspect of child care and will gladly, and very lovingly, watch over your little one with deep devotion. At the end of the list you will also find stories about angels who have interacted with children. If you have any questions, or wish to know more about the subject of angels, you can visit other topics concerning angels in the Library or just contact me directly.

Adriel This angel's purposeis watching over children who are very ill especially when it comes to lessening their suffering. This is the angel to pray to if you have a child who is sick.

Afriel -

This is the angel of youth those who are young at heart.She works well with teenagers. Her wings are bright teal with a pink duochrome when the light hits them. Afriel is a very close friend of mine and I love her deeply.

As the angel of youth she is very modern. This is reflected in a number of things, including her idea of sin. Sheis still a very moral person and especially hates the idea of infidelity of any kind. Shes a big believer in people not hurting others. This is her biggest problem with humanity, the pain they inflict on each other without even thinking about it.

As would be expected she loves children and gets in very well with them. Her presence can also bring out the youthful side of anyone she comes into contact with, this can be exhibited in a number of ways including physically (eg an old person may feel younger/more energetic) and mentally (eg someone usually quite stuffy may feel the urge to be more spontaneous). This often happens without her really thinking about it.

She considers herself to be a bit of an unofficial muse in the way she encourages new ideas and thoughts in people. She was involved in the womens suffrage movement in the early part of the 20th century and is a very keen support of equal rights for everyone. .

Ariel Ariel is an angel of wrath and creation. Ariel along with Michael, Puriel, and Uriel can be a vindictive angel and punishes those who harm little ones. This angel isknown to heal children of their ailments and protect them from criminal types such as child molesters and helps them forget bad experiences they may have had. Ariel is also the patron angel of veterinarians and helps heal animals.

Cassiel This divine angel helps protect children and is their servant in times of danger or need. He is also one of the angels of Peace and Harmony. This angel can also help your child perform well on tests in school.

Chamuel This is an angel of pure love. This archangel makes sure that your children are protected from accidents and harm at all time. He has the "feeling" of being like an old kind gentleman or uncle. He is very well worth knowing. This angel is lucky for children and protects pets as well. He will also help you find anything or anyone who is lost or that you need to locate.

Gabriel This gentle archangel watches over children at all times and guides them back when they stray from the path either figuratively or literally. She also protects the mothers of children and unborn foetuses. Gabriel is said to be present when children are born and allegedly just before the child is born tells them all about there life's purpose and then touches them just underneath their nose and above their top lip with her finger and says "forget".

Gagiel This is the angel of water that can protect your children while they are swimming, boating or playing in the lake or ocean.

Hadraniel This Jewish angel is a daunting, fierce figure who keeps your child disciplined and on track morally. Pray to this angel if you have a disobedient or unruly teenager who can't seem to focus on his or her future.

Haniel This is an angel of joy and love who brings your children ease of mind so they can enjoy their innocence as long as they can.

Harut This angelprotects children from dark spirits.

Ireul This angel protects the unborn fetus from harm.

Israfel This is an angel of wisdom whose energies can help your child do better in school.

Ithuriel This angel oftenhelps lost children find their way home. Ithuriel also helps prevent children from having nightmares.

Jehoel This angel protects children from the Angel of Death.

Metatron This angel is a heavenly scribe who can help your children do well in school.

Michael This charming supernatural being is the ultimate Angel of Protection and protects them from all danger and accidents.

Muriel This angel helps protect children while they are playing. She is also an angel for empaths. When she is near you may smell flowers.

Nuriel This extremely protective angels specialty is protecting your children from fire and explosions.

Sophine- This beautiful angel will watch over your child as a loving companion and teacher. She is also and angel of nature and, like Muriel, loves flowers. You may smell flowers whenever or perfumed air whenever either of these two loving angels are around. If you have an empathic child please call on Sophine to watch over and instruct them.

Zadkiel This is the angel of joy that can help your child always be focused, clear and experience a sense of well being.

The Angel Sophine

When my daughter Whitney was four years old, she began telling me about Sophine, an angel who visited her. At that time, I had no idea just where this angel would take us.

'Mama, Sophine came to my room last night.'

'Who is Sophine?' I asked, surprised. Whitney was not prone to fantasy or make-believe; Whitney was my practical, pragmatic first-born, always reporting, in full detail, the truth of most any situation.

'Sophine is the angel who comes to my room each night.'

Chills ran through my body. I stopped stirring the morning oatmeal and grabbed a piece of paper. Something told me that this was important, that I must write everything down exactly as she told me. 'Tell me about her, Whitney.'

'Well, I was also an angel before I was born. I watched over you and I picked you to be my mommy. I knew Sophine then and she comes to me now. I also call her One Who Brings Me Flowers. She makes my flowers grow, Mama. She makes them the colors they are supposed to be.'

I wrote each word down exactly the way she said it. I told her how she was blessed to have such a special friend and how I was grateful she had picked me to be her mom. She then drew a beautiful picture of Sophine, with yellow light around her, holding a bunch of flowers. The day went on, but I could not keep away from that written piece of paper. I believed Whitney because she was a sensitive and special child. Even though her story seemed incredible, I felt it was possible that she would experience an angel.

A few days later, I was cleaning house and was about to throw away a shriveled, sad-looking African violet. 'Oh no, Mama, dont throw it away,' Whitney cried. 'Let me put it in my room.' Anyone who is a parent knows that sometimes its easier to comply with our children than go into a long explanation. I gave the poor plant to Whitney and forgot about it. The next morning, she came running down the stairs with the African violet in her hands. 'Look, look, Mama! Sophine made my flower grow. She made it all better.' There were four beautiful little pink violets where only dead stalks existed the day before.

Because of my personal experience, I had to know if other children interacted with angels in the same intimate way my young daughter did. I began by asking my childrens friends, then pre-school, kindergarten, and first-grade classes in my home town. I would ask the children to tell me about angels. Then, I would have them draw pictures of what an angel looked like. The results were breathtaking. In taking the time to explore these childrens personal visions, I discovered that angels appear to young people in some vivid and nontraditional ways. Angels weren't always white winged ladies; they were as rich and as varied as the children.

If so many children saw angels and communicated with them, I wanted to talk to more children with different lives outside my community. I continued working with children outside my town. In an effort to include a wide variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, and religions, I spoke with children across America who described their personal angel experiences with candor and conviction. My desire to share all the childrens rich images with the world resulted in the book "Drawing Angels Near."

Sophine, drawn by my daughter that one morning four years ago, was picked by my book's editor to grace the cover of the book. When she selected the picture, she had no idea that it was drawn by Whitney, the inspiration for everything!

Validating childrens spiritual connections has become my passion. Children are still connected with a world so many of us have forgotten. Ive written four more books since "Drawing Angels Near" and I give workshops to encourage parents to honor and nurture their childrens divine spirituality. Listening to childrens descriptions of angels is certainly a beginning.

Sophine no longer appears to my daughter, who is now a college freshman. It seems she stayed long enough to help make my research project manifest but then 'slipped away' when Whitney was about seven or eight. At about 11 years old, however, Whitney quietly shared another revelation with me: 'I have a new angel now, Mama. He was in the kitchen last night and again this morning on the deck with his strong, loving wings around our house.' I trust that there are yet more angels surrounding Whitney as she now lives on her own in a college dorm, keeping her safe and lighting her way.

Mimi Doe /Author

The Healing Light of Jesus

I had been very ill for quite sometime and had many surgeries at a young age. Life was not going well and I was sick all the time.

One night I went to bed early hoping the next day would be better. I had a dream about being in these beautiful woods, next to a river of water that was crystal clear. I cannot put into words what a peaceful, serene place this was. I was alone and enjoying the awesome beauty. The next thing I saw was this wonderful bright light coming from the heavens. At first, I was terribly afraid. I crouched down and covered my head. Then as the light came closer, I saw Jesus surrounded by this awesome bright light. As I realized that Jesus was coming closer and closer, I no longer felt afraid as this peace and loving feeling went through my entire being. The light touched my body and then started to ascend back to the heavens.

I shot up in bed and gasped for air as if I had not been breathing. The next day I felt better than I had felt in a long time. I began to get well again.

At first I thought that it was just a dream but in hindsight I realized that it had been much more than a dream as my health improved so rapidly. I have always had a very strong faith in God and this dream only solidified my belief.

There is no question in my mind as to what took place in my dream. There is no question that God exists and is active in our lives.

Mary DeWitt

Cameron's Angels

Wayne and Doreens three-year-old son Cameron had cancer and was admitted to the hospital for treatments. The hospital was an hour drive from their home and every evening Doreen would drive to the hospital to be with Cameron until the treatment was over. Watching him suffer broke her heart. Most evenings, after she said good-bye, she would cry because of what was happening to her little boy.

One pitch-dark night, while driving home in the pouring rain, she was crying so hard she could hardly see the road. Susddenly, she felt a presence beside her and she began to feel peaceful. It seemed like she was resting in the arms of the Lord. It was an angel in the passenger seat. He took hold of the steering wheel and drove the car all the way to her home. She said the angel had the kindest face.

Again, years later, when her son was 23 years old, he had to have reconstructive surgery to repair the damage the cancer had done to his face. Some of the bones had ceased to grow after the cancer he had as a child. The surgery they were trying had never been done before on bone weakened by radiation. The surgeon didnt know if the bone would bond again after the procedure or what the outcome would be.

After the surgery, the doctor, who was not a Christian, came to the lobby and sat in a chair and just looked at Wayne and Doreen. Wayne asked,

Is Cameron alright?

The surgeon began to cry and then he said,

Someone was moving my hands.

Doreen realized it was an angel and told him so. The surgeon answered,

Whatever it was, it was absolutely wonderful.

They all cried because they knew they had just experienced something supernatural. They had experienced God.

Father God, You are an awesome God! Who is like you majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders? We love You. Thank You for Your compassion and Your loving kindness. Amen.

Angels are sent from God--they are His servants to care for us. God is so very good and kind to us.

Angel saves toddler from being hit by truck

I would like to share my "angel story" with you because most of the people I relate it to don't really believe it!

A few yeas ago I had my small toddler grandson with me at the shopping centre. As I was loading my parcels into the boot of my car, Ian, my grandson started to run off thru the cars parked in an open parking lot, bordering a busy road. I had recently had knee surgery and could only hobble after him. As he was about to step off the curb into the path of an oncoming truck speeding up the road, an elderly gentleman appeared from nowhere, scooped him up and placed him in my arms. I was so busy scolding Ian I did not immediately thank the man, and when I suddenly remembered my manners and looked for him he was nowhere to be seen. My late Mother was with me and also saw the "man" but she too couldn't understand how he could have just appeared and vanished in an open area such as we were in. I tell my grandson who is now 8 years old, that the Lord must have a wonderful future ahead of him to have sent his angel to save him that day.

Cynthia Smith, South Africa

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