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The following words are from Lorna Byrne's web site. Lorna has been seeing and interacting with angels since her birth. Her insights and experiences will help you understand more about the angelic realm and how they can interact with you and aid you in your life.

Lorna Byrne

This topictell you all about what she has learned from her angels. These words will help you to realize that angelic help is readily available to you if you would just ask. It will help you immensely and change your life.

Guardian Angels

Every single person has a guardian angel regardless of their religion, nationality or the colour of their skin, even if they have no faith and dont believe in anything. Your guardian angel is trying to help you. It is a gift from God and it never leaves you for one moment, from before your birth to after your death.

I see guardian angels as a light about three steps behind each person. Sometimes, a guardian angel will open this light up for me and will show me a very beautiful, perfect human appearance. Although angels are neither male nor female, they will sometimes take on the appearance of a man or a woman. Sometimes, the guardian angels I am shown have wings, sometimes they dont.

Your guardian angel loves you and you are precious to them you are the most important person in the world to them and, they have to do everything they can for you.

All You Have to do is Ask

I am frequently asked how to communicate with a guardian angel and the answer is simple: all you have to do is ask.

Your guardian angel is there all the time, waiting and hoping for you to start to listen to it. It has in fact, been touching you all along, willing you to realise that it isthere.

As you read this, acknowledge the fact that there is an angel by your side. If you find this hard to do, just suspend your disbelief for a short time and imagine it. Have a little faith and be open to the possibility that there is someone there beside you who never leaves you even for one second, who wants to help you. Even if you are very afraid to do it, acknowledge your guardian angel and welcome them in. This is the first step.

Angels go to great lengths to try to communicate with humans. I have seen angels pulling peoples clothes or make them drop things to try and get their attention. We have so much help available, so many angels wanting to guide us but many of us dont want, or are too busy, to listen. We believe that we can do everything ourselves.

Consider for a moment how often you have had an experience like this. You are heading off somewhere and you go right instead of left. Deep inside you knew that you should have gone left and you kick yourself. That would have been your guardian angel telling you telepathically, or whispering in your ear, that you should go left. Each time something like this happens remind yourself to listen the next time. So many times we ignore our guardian angel or do the complete opposite and then we complain that things do not work out for us. God wants us to be happy and to enjoy our lives but we need to listen to our guardian angel.

Angels love to teach and are brilliant teachers. If you are willing and open to learn, they will teach you how to communicate with them. One of the great things about angels is that they never give up. Even if we give up on ourselves, the angels never will. I dont know where they get the patience from.

In the early stage of teaching you how to communicate, the angels will teach you using trivial things. Perhaps you have left your house when suddenly you get a feeling that you have forgotten something, but you know you have everything with you. Well go back in and check this is how the angels teach people. More than likely you will find that there is something that you hadnt thought of that you had forgotten or there is something that needs to be done. The angels use ordinary, everyday things as teaching tools. They are trying to get through to you, they want you to respond. We humans go around looking for meaning in everything. Stop looking for meaning all the time. Dont over complicate matters. The angels will tell you when to look for meaning.

Angels are very good at giving signs. If you are only starting to develop your communication then ask for a small sign.Keep asking too. Perhaps you might ask for a particular friend who you havent been in contact with for a while to ring you, or you might ask for the lights in your room to flicker when you are thinking of, or talking to your guardian angel.

Be alert for signs, often we miss them. A person asking for help may feel a gentle breeze flowing across the room, sometimes an angel might touch your hand or you might feel a sensation of pins and needles out of the blue. These little signs are your guardian angels way of telling you that they are there and that they can hear you.

A sign from the angels, no matter how trivial it may seem at the time, is a symbol of hope that reminds us that we are not alone, no matter what may be happening in our lives.

We need signs because we are only human and we need reassurance. We need to know that God and his angels are there. God gives us many signs and if we keep our eyes, ears and hearts open we will see them and they will help to fill our lives with hope, joy and laughter.

There is So Much Help

There are lots of angels other than guardian angels angels that come and go and that our guardian angel lets in to help us. One type of angels is what I call the unemployed angels. These angels are white and I see thousands of them. They have no work, becauseordinary people who are working hard to get through their lives, are not aware of that these angels arethere to help them. About 10 years ago, the angels made me aware of just how many of them were unemployed (that was the term they used so I would understand), and all of a sudden I was shown that there were angels everywhere, it was as if they were pouring out of the heavens down through the sky. It was as if they were being poured out by the bucketful, constantly over flowing. I know God had released all of these angels because he knew we neededtheir help.

To see the angels trying to attract the attention of us human beings can sometimes be hilarious.At times I have seen them pull out of someones coat, or make them drop something. How many times have we heard people say I keep dropping things, or I keep losing things, little do they know its the angels doing that to try to get their attention, yet they dont notice.The unemployed angels are always showing me they are doing their utmost to get our attention, and it just seems so sad we have so much spiritual help out there waiting to help us and we dont ask.

Angels are in a sense walking around saying Listen Im here, but many of us are not listening, we dont want to listen, we want to believe that we can do everything ourselves, humanly. We have forgotten we have a soul. We may believe that we are only flesh and blood, that we are nothing more, that there is nothing more no afterlife, no God, no angels. With this thinking, its no wonder that we have become very materialistic and self obsessed.

The angels are here to help us to remember that we have a soul that we are more than flesh and blood.

Live Life to the Fullest

The angels have taught me alot of wisdom on different topics. One of the most important messages they ask me to give is very simple: its to enjoy your life to the fullest.

No matter what is going on in your life, no matter how tough you may find things, you are here to live life to the full. The more fully we live life, the more the angels can help us and guide us through all our ups and downs.

Too often we are afraid to live life to the full. Start to recognise all the wonderful things that are around you: go out for a walk, and see the beautiful nature, smile at your neighbours as you pass by. Most of us take so much for granted. It is only when we lose something that we realise how precious it really was.

There is so much more to life than material objects often we think these are the only important things, but in doing so, we miss so much else.

Many of us think too much about ourselves and about what is best for me. We must think of others and take nothing for granted. Our quality of life improves as we help others because in helping others, we are helping ourselves to feel fulfilled. The self-worth that helping people creates makes us feel more alive.

One thing God and the angels have always said to me is that they only ask us to do the best we can. They arent asking for more than that, but we must try.

Life Can Be Hard

Life can be very tough at times for all of us. But dont ever think that God or the angels have deserted you. They are beside you all of the time.

God has given us all free will and the angels cannot overstep this boundary. Have no doubt that even when someone is carrying out a terrible atrocity, the angels are doing everything possible to stop them doing it. After something terrible has happened to someone a car crash, a boating accident, getting lost in the mountains, they will say that it was a miracle that they survived. In reality, they will often have survived because the angels gave them that extra bit of strength to run faster or to lift something heavy. The angels might have given them the extra body heat they needed or made sure that a person came by at just the right time, or whatever else was needed.

Sometimes, a child is only intended to live a short time and the purpose of that childs life may be to help everyone who comes into contact with them become more spiritual and more aware of God and the angels. This is a miracle in itself but its very hard for us to understand.

Much as I dont like to say it Satan and evil do exist, and sometimes people listen to Satan rather than Gods angels. I always say that no angel will ever ask you to do anything wrong.

Angels sometimes ask us to help them.

Suddenly you feel you should ring someone or walking through the park you suddenly feel you should smile at a stranger or engage them in conversation. It may seem a small or a rather silly thing to us but it may be that, for this person, it is a sign of hope, a message from their angel. As trivial as it may seem to you, it may be very important to them.

Children, of course, are naturals at this. Angels communicate much more easily with children and a child will have no hesitation in going up to a complete stranger and saying something, or picking a flower and giving it to them.

As adults, we have to be aware that when a thought comes into our head to do something for someone, even a stranger, we need to just go and do it. We are the angels messengers and at times it can be hard for the angels to deliver messages or give signs, as so often we are reluctant to pass them on. Sometimes, the sign you are asked to give could save someones life. They may be very down and desperate, and you are asked to do a little thing, but what may seem a little thing to you could mean so much to someone else.

Remember strangers giveyoumessages fromyourangels too. Sometimes, someone it could be a shop assistant, a bus driver, a neighbours child says something to you, and you react deeply. It might feel like a sign of encouragement or hope, or like something that someone you love, who is not around, would have said. Listen. Dont doubt your feelings. Dont dismiss these precious moments and fail to acknowledge them.

Nobody Dies Alone

There is no need to have a fear of dying. When that last moment comes, it is free of pain and you go willingly. You are not on your own.

Your guardian angel is there with you, as are a lot of other angels. People you love who have died before you are there too, to welcome you and reassure you that there is no need to have any fear.

Some people may have pain right up until that last moment, but at that last moment there is none.

Death is like birth. I know you might think thats weird, but you are being born into a new life. You actually dont die, its only this body or shell that you leave, like an egg shell. You are much more than just a body. You are body and soul and your soul never dies.

Coping with Loss

Whenever I pass a graveyard and look in, I see a lot of angels. If there is a funeral, there could be thousands of angels comforting the mourners, but even when there is only one person in the graveyard there will be lots of angels there too.

If you feel the presence of the one you love who has died, dont doubt it. Frequently when someone dies, their soul will come back accompanied by angels to help those left behind.

Sometimes, people are so numbed by grief that they feel they have lost all touch with the person who has died. When this happens, the angels and the spirit of the person who has died may make contact via someone else. It might be another family member, or it could be a complete stranger. Somebody may give you their favourite flowers, hum their favourite music or say something that sounds exactly like what they would have said.

When this happens, dont doubt that it is your loved one trying to comfort you from the other side. Dont dismiss as many do these precious moments as imagination.

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is such a powerful force. We underestimate it so much. Prayer can move mountains if only we would let it. If only you would realise just how powerful prayer can be, you would never feel hopeless.

I talk and ask the angels to help; I ask angels to intercede but I dont pray to them. I pray only to God. Prayer is direct communication with God.

No one ever prays alone. When you pray to God there is a multitude of angels of prayer there, praying with you, regardless of your religious faith or how you are behaving. They are there enhancing your prayer, interceding on your behalf and imploring God to grant your prayer. Every time you pray, even if it is only one word, the angels of prayer are like a never-ending stream, flowing at tremendous speed to Heaven with your prayers.

Nothing is too trivial or too big to pray for either. Sometimes, we get overwhelmed by a situation such as a war or a famine and feel we can do nothing to help. We can. We can pray. When we are moved by something we see on the TV news or read about in a newspaper we should say a prayer..

When you hear an ambulance or walk past a hospital, say a quick prayer for whoever is sick and for those who are caring for them. When you see someone in difficulties on the street, say a prayer for them. We all need to expand our circle of prayers out from ourselves, our family and friends. You are being called upon to pray for other people including people in the world whom you have never met.

I believe that each and every one of you has been demonstrated the power of prayer in your own life. Think about it!

What I have been shown

Just before my daughter, Ruth, had her baby, I was with her in the hospital. We were in the canteen when a heavily pregnant woman walked in wearing a dressing gown and slippers. Her guardian angel opened up. It was as if her guardian angel was all around her, rather than behind her, which is how I would normally see them. I could see her guardian angels wings so clearly they seemed to be snow white, with a touch of silver that glittered in the light. The wings were open and wrapped around her and seemed to intertwine in front of her heavily pregnant belly as if protecting both mother and baby. I watched her as she walked around the canteen I think she was just having a walk to stretch her legs. I found it hard to take my eyes off her because I was so moved by the gentleness, care and love that the guardian angel was showing for her. I could still see her guardian angel moving as one with her as she walked out of the canteen.

If only you could see what I see. If for only one moment you could see the unconditional love that your guardian angel has for you (regardless of whether you are being good or not) you would be full of joy and much happier in life. Try and suspend any doubts you might have about having a guardian angel. Try and believe in the unconditional love your guardian angel has for you.

I was in the local chemist the other day and there was a small, very old man at the counter. As I walked in he was just finishing his purchase. He was looking at the medicine he had been given and he lookedfussed and worried. The girl behind the counter was helping, but around him were three beautiful angels. They were soothing him, helping him to calm down. The light of his guardian angel opened up behind him and looked down on him with such love and compassion. One of the angels with him turned and looked at me and said well remind him to take his medication.

It may seem a trivial story in some ways, but to that elderly man his medication was a source of worry and stress. I know that at some stage he had asked his angels for help and they were so happy to help him.

On a winters day recently, I went to collect my daughter Megan from school. After collecting her, we went to the supermarket. There was a lot of traffic, so we werent going anywhere fast. Megan sat in the back seat, listening to music, while I watched the people struggling with the howling wind and lashing rain.

I saw two young teenage girls coming from school, on the far side of the road, walking towards us. They had no coats on and were sauntering along, chatting, as if the sun was shining. I said to my angels, communicating as I often do without words I dont know how those girls can feel warm on a day like this. They dont even look wet despite the pouring rain.

I had no sooner spoken than two angels looking like young teenagers themselves, appeared behind the girls almost on top of them. The angels wings went up and around the girls trying to keep the rain and the wind and cold away from them. I could see the raindrops dripping from the feathers on the angels wings. The angels looked so wet, as if buckets of water had been throw over them. The angels were trying to brush the rain away, I even saw them blowing the girls hair - I guess to dry it. It was just so funny watching the angels moving along at the same pace as the girls and shielding them. The girls, of course, were completely oblivious to the angels.

Angels are there helping us all the time and so often we are like those teenagers, completely oblivious to the help. Remember, all you have to do is ask and the angels will help. You may not notice their help but I assure you they are helping even if its a way you dont expect.

I was browsing through racks of clothes in a big store when from behind the rack I heard a voice saying Its you, isnt it? I know it is. An elderly woman appeared from behind the rack and continued breathlessly I saw you on the television. I cant believe Im meeting you in person! She was very excited. I smiled and said hello.

You gave me back my life., she said, Thanks to you I enjoy my life much more now. Watching you helped me to realise I wasnt really living my life to the full. Now I try to enjoy my life much more. I dont sit at home letting life pass me by. I am learning to enjoy all the small things of life that I never even noticed before. I go for a walk every day now, and I enjoy it even if it is raining or its cold. I now spend time sitting on the bench in the park watching everything around me, the birds, the flowers, the butterflies, the mothers with children in buggies. I even do a little gardening, which I havent done in years.

As the elderly lady continued to speak to me her guardian angel opened up behind her. He was very beautiful and tall with an appearance of great strength and was looking down at her with such love and care. I could see a flicker of gold and red in the guardian angels clothing. Her guardian angel was giving her strength to live life to the full. There were lots of unemployed angels around her too. Some were having fun dancing in and out among the rails. The angels were mimicking what she might have been like as a teenager. I know the angels were helping her to enjoy every aspect of her life now.

She continued telling me all the things that she was doing to enjoy life more. I had to do nothing other than stand there, listen and smile. I have asked some of my neighbours in for a cup of coffee and now when Im on a bus, I choose a seat beside someone and talk to them. She was really going out of her way to enjoy her life Lorna, you dont need money to enjoy life and even with all my aches and pains I can do so much. I have only one regret in life; that is letting all those years go by without living life to the full. As we said our goodbyes she told me that she wished she had heard the angels message about enjoying life twenty years earlier. I gave her a big hug. I watched with a smile as she left the shop surrounded by angels.

I remember on one particular radio interview with South Africa, a woman called in and spoke about her two sons who went out one morning and never came home.

Where was God then for my children?

Her two young adult sons were killed in violence in South Africa.

It brought back memories forme ofmy own country, Ireland, and the problems we had in Northern Ireland. There were many times there that a father, son, mother or daughter would not come home a bomb went off, or maybe they got caught in crossfire and were killed.

My heart went out to that lady. I know God and the angels were there and I know they took the souls of her sons straight to heaven. I know the Angel of Death was there, trying to get people in South Africa and elsewhere to listen, to realise that there is no need for violence. We really need to listen more!

We have to try and not look for revenge when someone hurts us or our families. We need instead to find a peaceful solution. Otherwise we will all go around in circles.

Everyone in the world has to play their part. We all have to listen; we all need each other regardless of the colour of our skin, nationality, religion or other beliefs. We all have a soul, we all need each other. We are precious.This is one thing God and the angels keep telling me.

Recently, we were in the very, busy parking area of a shopping centre my daughter Ruth was driving. As we drove in, the angels whispered in my ear and told me to look into the car park. I saw an elderly lady who looked very stressed. Her car was jammed in a corner, with a big truck parked beside her and another car parked very closely behind her. I watched as she got in and out of the car. She walked around her car looking extremely distressed; she clearly had no idea how she was going to get it out without damaging something. She was looking around to see if there was anyone who would help her.

The light of her guardian angel opened up, and spoke to me without words saying Lorna help her. No one is listening. I noticed lots of angels in the car park whispering in peoples ears, I know they noticed her but none of them were prepared to listen to their angel and go and help her.

I turned to Ruth and told her that I was going to help the woman. I got out and walked over to the elderly lady.

I asked could I help. She was a little hesitant at first. Her guardian angel wrapped himself around her and she started to thaw and relax. She handed me the keys. Her car was very old and she told me it was difficult to get it into reverse. I told her not to worry I would manage.

I sounded confident but I was worried. The car was stuck in a very tight space and Im not the greatest parker at the best of times.

As I got into the car there was an angel sitting in the passenger seat beside me. I spoke to the angel without words saying, Im definitely going to need help doing this, there is hardly any room to move the car.

The angel told me to look in the mirror. I did. There were lots of angels surrounding the car. Just move inch by inch the angel told me. I did as the angel said, and with the elderly lady standing behind the car guiding me, I reversed out of the tight space. The angel sitting in the passenger seat, told me to tell the elderly lady to move to one side as she was in the way. I did and I continued until I had the car out in the open space where the woman could drive away without any problem.

As I opened the car door to get out I saw that there were various people including my daughter and an abundance of angels watching my manoeuvre. The elderly lady gave me a big hug as she thanked me. She told me she would pray for me and I told her I would pray for her as well. Her guardian angel gave me a big smile of gratitude.

Im still shocked, and rather taken aback that none of the people who saw her distress had offered to help. The angels had told me that they did notice she needed help and that they had seen her distress.

We shouldnt hesitate to offer help to someone regardless of their age, or sex. Remember, you dont know how they are physically they may look healthy and strong but they may not be. They may look capable but perhaps something is going on in her life emotionally that is making it difficult for them to cope that day.

We all need to be more pro-active in offering to help others, showing that we care and having compassion for each other.

One day I was a passenger in a car on a busy motorway. There had been a crash. It had happened only a short time beforehand, and the police and the ambulance had only just arrived. The road was wide so the police were able to allow some traffic to pass.

I looked over at one of the cars. Suddenly, it was as if I was seeing everything in slow motion.

I could see a woman in it and I knew she was dying because of what I was allowed to see.

From all sides, angels reached into her through the wreckage of the car, lifting her soul out of her body. Other souls seemed to come rushing from all sides and I knew these were family and friends that had died previously.

I saw the smile on her face at the moment she died. I know she had seen the angels.

I see spirits all the time people who have died and gone to heaven and have come back momentarily for a particular reason. It might be to help someone. Many of you will have felt the presence of a loved one who has died near you a parent, a grandparent, a child. Your guardian angel will have let this spirit in to give you support or advise you, particularly at times when you need help. That spirit is there briefly to help you, and then it returns to heaven. Occasionally, you might even be allowed to see that spirit briefly.

When I see a spirit, which I do several times most days, I am shown a faint human form, with light radiating from it. A spirit can appear as being any age. Sometimes they will give the appearance of the age they were when they died, and sometimes they may show themselves in their prime. I see them around loved ones, talking into their ear or touching their arm in support. Occasionally, in a restaurant I will see a spirit sitting beside someone to give then support and comfort.

Strange as it may seem it is easier for us to feel the presence of a spirit than it is the presence of our guardian angel, or another angel;this is one of the reasons why our guardian angel lets the spirit of a loved one in to help us.

I spoke in the Friends Hall at Euston, in London, last month, and in front of me, between the stage and the audience, the spirit of a young, fair headed boy of about six, danced happily across between me and the front row. He was full of joy and was enjoying showing off to me. Im not sure why he was there, I presume his mother was in the in the audience hopefully she felt his presence. I know this young boy is in Heaven but for that moment he came to say hello.

Here is a link to Lorna's site if you care to learn more about angels. If you wish she will add your name to her daily prayer scroll. Just click on the "Prayer" section at the top of the page.

Throw some love into the wind.


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