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This discussion is a collection of stories about how angels have affected and changed the life of people.I have done some very minor editing to stress the themeof the messages.The first three stories are from members of the EC and some of the stories are from "Angels online dot com" andI will also include stories from passed friends and relatives as well. Angels are very real and you can contact them just by sincerely asking for their help and intercession. Sometimes they will show up and you will not realize that the "person" that you were talking to was an angel. I hope that these stories help to inspire you to be an angel in someone's life. If you have had a visit from someone or an angel please feel free to share it with us. If you change one life you have changed the world.

Throw some love into the wind.



I want to share something with you. My great-grandfather appeared to me yesterday and shared something important. But first: Since 12.31.11 I've been feeling an intensely powerful, loving energy. It's been so beautiful that I feel like I'm taking it in and radiating it back out. It shifted, after about three weeks from something that was involuntary, to something that I could tap into at will. I keep getting intense feelings of gratification from the taste of foods, smells, music or sights. It can be random, but it's a feeling of ecstasy over the simplest of things. Other people around me have remarked that they have had the same experiences. I've noticed that people are behaving in an exaggerated manner. Nice people are extra nice, and not-so-nice people are extra bad. It's as if our basic traits are exaggerated to an extreme degree. I wondered if maybe I'm getting ready to leave this world and cross over, and I'm appreciating things before I go. A day after I thought that, my great-grampa Plumbeck appeared. I know this sounds a little koo-koo, but he is here, he is very loving and he gave me a message.

He said that there is something profound going on right now and a line is being drawn. Sides are being chosen. This wave of love was an offering that at first was poured over everyone, then remained as an energy that people could choose to participate in. By choosing the Light we're bringing into ourselves a mighty force, by turning our backs on the Light, those people are losing whatever light they may have had. They are literally choosing not to be in the light, and by doing so, throwing out whatever goodness they had. I mentioned when I joined this group that my hubby and I have had a lot of spirit experiences lately, and now I understand why. Something is going on and it's serious. Please, try not to get too upset with these people if you find them treating you or others around you badly. They are only hurting themselves. Maybe by being a good example and holding that Love, we can be the catalyst that causes them to turn to the light. Blessings.

Celeste (Member of the Empath Community)

Angel Picture

I just want everyone to knowthat Iactually saw an angel. It was magical, but a little overwhelming. I'd been watching a series of ghost stories on the tv, and whenthey're looking for spirits they use a camera. So whenI went to bed that nightI got my camera and before I'd taken a pictureIsaw this bright light heading towards the camera soI took a picture and whenI looked at itI saw an angel. It was beautiful.I always talk to themI feel so blessed that they're with me. ( Annmarie a member of the EC )

Archangel MichaelRemoves HerFear

I am going to try my best to recall in as much detail as possible the events prior to, during, and after I listened and followed this video of Michael... First my sister was here and we had bonded to a point of where we actually weren't faking any feelings or words... (not always this way though..YET) I was clicking around on Liquid Mind. Actually it was the Dream Messenger videofirst and then I found this video I've included.

I almost turned it until I saw the FEAR chord title. Curiosity peaked, I made a decision to actively participate and listen to this video. I then shut my eyes and envisioned myself sitting exactly where I was sitting, only this time Michael was beside me on the couch to my left.I had 3 major fear cords; although I have not labeled them with each area,( I don't know if I should.) The 1st one was the most major and the biggest and thickest. In my minds eye it covered the entire surface of my back, was thick and fibrous, dark brown, black and maybe some deep green. I could see the individual cords wrapping around each other to form one. Just popped in my head that it looked like an umbilical cord!!! EWWWW. I then leaned forward on the couch and Michael gave one swift, forceful slash of his sword under the cord and up through it severing it from my body. I felt chills and goosebumps all over my entire body. I began to cry..... Next I hear his calming voice telling me "Relax, I have it all under control." Whenever I feel anxious, nervous , or any negative emotions I get a crushing feeling in the middle of my chest and it hurts pretty badly. This was no longer there once I accepted this was out of my hands.

The 2nd one came from the crown of my head. As Michael sat behind me on the couch, I leaned back and he was running his fingers through my hair, but only on his right hand because his left hand was ready at his sword. It felt to me like he was pulling all bad thoughts of myself and false words that had been spoken over me OUT from my heart and OUT the top of head! Once again I cried. He then stood in front of me and asked me to take his hands and stand up. As i stood for the first time since the cutting, I felt buoyant and floaty. He drew me to him and I leaned against his chest. He then took his sword, put his arms around my waste and held the sword behind my back with the base of the sword at the base of my back and the blade of the sword running parallel to my spine. Radiant, white, healing light and energy flowed from the blade horizontally from my back/spleen, around my sides to my front and entered through the tense area in the middle of my chest. At this point there was one ribbon per side of my body. After they went through my chest, they rejoined each other and continued up my chest, throat, face, head and then BURST from the crown of my head. Upon exit the single beam (the size of my whole head in diameter) spun itself into hundreds of smaller ribbons that swirled and wrapped around me in every direction and reentered me from every point possible.(It kind of resembled a cheese string effect.. you know)!! Next thing I know we (Michael and I ) are spin dancing with each other!!! :-D

As I did my final spin( and in case you were wondering I always spin counter clockwise) my right arm extended to the ceiling and Michael's hand on the left side of my waist giving me extra push for this FINALE, he kept my fingertips on my right hand squeezed tightly in his own fingertips. As i soaked up everyhting that was being offered in this spin I had a moment of crystal clarity that seemed to state as fact" THIS IS FINALLY IT CORRINE, YOU FOUND THE BREAD CRUMBS!!!!" A sense of completeness, belonging, rightness, (this is where I am supposed to be) feeling came over me. I had been set free by my Guardian/Warrior prince. Indescribable love I feel for Michael. Even before I met him, I used to ask Jesus when I was in Christian rehab to send his warrior angels to encamp around my bed for protection.... Holy Moly... ;-D I've always had an affinity towards Michael and I now feel confirmed. Love from above... may you be blessed in all things in your life. <3 Corrine Adele Richardson

My Little Boy

Okay, so I have to start out by stating that I had an abortion almost 3 1/2 years ago. The father didn't want to be a "part time" dad and I didn't want to raise a child on welfare. Though I terminated at 13 weeks, I didn't have an ultra sound to find out boy or girl (it was too soon). I knew, however that it was a boy by the time I was 9 weeks along. I just had this feeling.

On to the present. I had to move back in with my Ma about 8 months ago. I've noticed that since I moved in that there's something not good in the house. I had a horrible nightmare about two weeks ago now about some evil man (about 6 foot, sturdy build but not quite a lumberjack) gripping a small boy (of about 3-4) by the head, a hand on each side. He was bent over the boy and it looked like vomiting-for lack of a better word-pure balck into the little boy. The little boy then went on a killing rampage of innocent people for no reason, really. I was (almost like a camera view) crouched next to an SUV and he walked over after shooting innocent people and climbed in the rear drivers side, grabbed a green sucker and opened it. After smiling smugly and eating the sucker he slowly turned his head in my direction, though I woke up just before I made eye contact with him.

His face had black shadowing around his temples and his eyes were solid black. This dream was very unsettling for me because it just seemed so real. I felt that the little boy actually followed me to work the next day (Thursday). It was truly creepy.

Well, I was determined to figure out what the little boy wanted because Friday morning I felt him being scared and he said "Help me" to me. So, while I was in the shower I decided to help him. I wanted to see how far my abilities would let me go. I closed my eyes and called upon Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael. I had Michael stand next to me for strength and Raphael hold the little boy by the shoulders to help me heal him. I then reached my hand into his chest, wrapped the darkness around my wrist and pulled it from him. I flicked my wrist like you do when you have excess water on your hand and it flung off and dissapated since it had nowhere to go. I noticed a small fraction of it lingering, so I wrapped my arms and wings around the little boy. I closed my eyes and pushed pure golden/white light thru him until I felt he was free of the black evil that had invaded him. I opened my eyes and he looked up at me with crystal blue eyes. I knew it had worked. He closed his eyes again and smiled a sweet, serene smile. I opened my wings back up and came back to my shower. I asked him what he wanted and he replied with "My mommy." I smiled and told him that he could go find her now. He was now sitting on my toilet, swinging his legs. He smiled and said "I did". He meant me.

I stopped in my tracks as I realized that the little boy that I had just saved what MY little boy that I had given up over 3 years ago. He's been following me ever since. He made sure that I knew it was him because he dimmed the bathroom lights and giggled. I told him that he's not allowed to play with the lights while mommy is in the shower. He smiled and continued to swing his feet the way that kids do. It made me so happy to know that not only could I help, but I inadvertantly helped my lost little boy...who wasn't so lost after all. He's been following me around and cuddling up to me often since.

I'm not sure who else can relate to anything of the sort, but I thought I'd put it out there. I was hesitant to post it, but I felt his encouragement to share this story.

Thank you to whomever takes the time to read it, and an extra thanks to those who understand.

Love, Light and Ladybugs.

Brittney. ( Member of the EC )

Angel Love

Thought I would share that recently, as a group of friends and I held a prayer group, an angel appeared. We were all standing in a circle holding hands, praying, and this eight foot angel appeared. He seemed to be almost a pearlescent medium blue color...he began moving from person to person placing his hand on their heads, and when he did this, honey began running from his hands, down the person's head and hair, ( in the spirit of course.) I could actually feel the honey dripping down my head when the angel got to me. Very cool! Gave me God-bumps! (Goosebumps):-)

Megan Johnson

Angel Nurse

In 1998, Luke was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of eight years old. As
sometimes happens, he came down with an infection, which meant he had to go to
the hospital. He was there for about two weeks, and that's when something
remarkable happened. One evening, Luke's mother was sitting at his bedside
quietly praying as he slept. A nurse came into the room to check Luke's
temperature, but his mother noted something rather peculiar about her. The nurse
was wearing an old-fashioned uniform of the type that would have been common 30
years previously, in the 1960s. The nurse noticed that Luke's mother had a Bible
by the side of his bed. She said that she was a Christian, too, and said she
would pray for Luke's healing. Luke's family had never seen this odd nurse
before nor again in Luke's remaining time in the hospital. "I came out of the hospital fully healed of my infection," says Luke, who is now 19. More remarkable, he is completely free of cancer. "My mum believes this nurse could have been a guardian angel coming down to give my mum some hope," Luke says. "If she wasn't an angel, why would she be wearing 1960s old-fashioned nurse

Guardian Angels

I think I have met my Guardian Angels one was a black man and one was a white man.

The black man helped us at night when we couldn't get into a block of flats to visit someone - when we turned back to thank him he vanished. The white man appeared when I was out running at night - I got really tired and started walking and he started running and tried to stay infront of me so I had to keep running to stay ahead. He vanished at the end of the road. I felt protected knowing I have finally seen them.


Grandpa's Comfort

It was December of 2002 and I was struggling with the death of my dear dog that I had just lost in August. I had Harley since he was eight weeks old and it was terribly difficult for me to lose him to an untreatable tumor at the age of 13. I had grown up with lots of animals. I was especially close with my grandpa, who had trained hunting dogs. When I was a child I accompanied him on many walks in the neighboring farmer's fields with his dogs.

In December, a few months after losing Harley, a friend that was having personal problems asked if we could take care of his 13 year old dog named Majik. He didn't know how long he would need us to keep her, but didn't want to take her to the humane society. He loved her very much and couldn't take care of her properly. Being the animal lover that I am, I couldn't say no. Majik was a very loving dog who needed a lot of attention. She was nervous and under-weight when we got her and my job was to make her comfortable, which I did as well as I knew how.

The months went by and Majik's health started to decline. Then came the question of what was the next step? Was it time for her to move on to be with God? This was a very difficult question for me to answer, having just gone through this with my own dog. The answer came to me in a way that not only made me sure of my decision, but was also very comforting.

My husband had just told me that our daughter, aged 4, had went for a walk in the woods behind our house by herself that day. He had went into a panic not being able to find her for approximately 15 minutes. He finally spotted her in the woods with our new puppy. That night, as I was getting her ready for bed she said to me, "Mom, I miss Grandpa Horton - I love him very much." I said, "Do you mean my Grandpa Horton - your great Grandpa?" She said "yes, I met him in the woods today. He said that he loved me very much and that he loved you very much." I asked her what he looked like and she described him to me. When I asked her what color hair he had she said, "Grandpa doesn't have any hair!". In fact he had been bald since his early twenties! My grandpa had died in 1981, 17 years before Amber was born.

I knew then that the time had come for me to take Majik in and that my grandpa would be there to receive her along with God. It was still very difficult, but I found peace in knowing that it was all going to be okay.

Grandma's Gigantic Gift

My grandma's death was naturally something all of us knew would be would arrive all too soon, her being the age of 92. Still, none of us are every ready to let go of the ones we love. The day following my wonderful grandma's funeral, I walked to the church next door to her house to talk with the priest. He told me that because we had been separated by 850 miles for the last 10 years or more, she could now be closer to me in heaven, than she could here on earth, being separated by hundreds of miles. He knew she had grown close to the Lord in the final years of her life having so much time alone with him and she was praying for me right now from the Father's side. I went back to her house (which she had not lived in for over 10 years) to find my mother and sister writing descriptions the beautiful flowers she had received in the book from the funeral home. There were so many that we brought some of the potted plants to the house and they had just been watered so were sitting on the kitchen cabinet.

My sister busy with mom looking through plant books to find the correct spelling of some of the plants and arrangements when they were unable to find the correct spelling of Eucalyptus in any of the books. About that time I had walked into the kitchen to admire the plants and I noticed something in the one of the flower pots. Without thinking I asked, "What is this in here?" as I reached inside and picked up a Eucalyptus cough drop from the dirt and correctly spelled E U C A L Y P T U S for my sister, reading it from the wrapper of the cough drop. All three of us looked upward and my sister and mom said in unison, "Thanks grandma!" and all three of us had to giggle at grandma's sense of humor. She had always had a little dry throat and loved to suck on lemon drops or in the last years, eucolyptus cough drops. She had not lived in the big old house for over 10 years so we knew it was no accident, the cough drop appearing in the flower pot.

This was not only one final gift of love and humor from my wonderful grandma, whom everyone had always adored because of her wonderful sense of humor, but the beginning of my journey to salvation! Thanks grandma, for opening my eyes to the truth! She always knew very well it literally took a two by four over the head to get my attention, however, this time my sweet little granny did it with just a tiny little cough drop. I love you grandma! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Message from God

I live in Australia I will cut my story short a couple of years ago my family and I were going through a hard time and I started hearing voices in my mind telling me events that is to happen to me and around the World. I realized that those things the voices were telling me were actually coming out true, I started to tell my family and they would tell me that I am crazy, I started to believe that I was going crazy.

Then one day at work I was so depressed I started to cry and I prayed to God to show me a sign I was not crazy. A few days later a lady came to our shop which is a take away food business and asked my husband if she could see the lady that works here but I was out at the time and she left her number for me to call her. My husband passed me the message and gave me her number and I called her and asked her if she would like to come and see me the next day which was Tuesday and we were closed.

On Tuesday morning after I dropped my children to school I went and waited outside our shop for the lady which I have never seen before it wasn't long when I looked to my side and I saw a lady coming towards me and I felt something about her there was this brightness on her. She came to me and said Hello my name is Lydia, God came to my sleep and asked me to come and see you, and tell you that you are not crazy, I thought I was going to drop when she said that to me, and I felt this unexplainable feeling and I prayed to God for his message and thanked him.

I have had a lot of things that happened after that day which is to much to write, but I know when you have faith in God he is always there by your side to help you.

Regards Helen Salatas

Clear Danger

I know Angels do exist. I have a lot of mini encounters about how Angels actually save us from danger but this one that happened last night (April of 2011) and was the most memorable one of all.

Me and my family (my 4 kids, my mom, my sister, my husband and our nanny) were driving home last nite after watching a movie. We were in 2 separate cars, 3 of my kids were with my husband in another car while I drive my car and with me were my sister who is sitting with me in front, my 7 1/2 month old baby with her nanny and my Mom. I told my husband to stay with us and lead our way. We were both driving at a speed of 80 km/h, distance between our cars was like a car and a half apart.

As I was slowly driving, watching my husband drive ahead, I suddenly felt weakness, trembling and something was like telling me that something's going to happen. I don't know how to call the feeling, but they were like 'sights' or 'manifestations' of events that showed something's really about to happen, while I watched my husband's car closely (3 of my kids are with him). As I felt this and as I saw all those manifestations, I started whispering prayers to myself over and over again, saying GOD PLEASE PROTECT US, PLEASE PROTECT MY CHILDREN, PLEASE KEEP US SAFE repeatedly for like 3-5 minutes.

While mumbling, and feeling weak at the same time, this car suddenly appeared from nowhere, swerved to where I was, hit the front of my car (hit because I saw and felt it as my car kind of lift from the ground to the right for a few seconds), and we were all shaken inside. I don't know what happened next, all I felt was that my feet didn't move an inch, even my hands were still on the steering wheel motionless, but my car was like gliding smoothly, and I was just like waiting for something. Suddenly, I heard my sister and my mom say, go to the side shoulder coz you have been hit. Only then I realized that I needed to move my feet, and my hands so I can slowly shoulder to the right of the highway.

While doing this, another car was doing the same thing since he too was also hit. I told that man to check my car coz I couldn't do it myself, I was still trembling with what happened. He said, no damage, and asked me if I was okay. I saw their car with dents on the right. My husband checked on me too, fortunately they were not hit. As I moved along the highway slowly, I saw around 5-6 cars who were also hit at the same incident. All of their cars were damaged, either at the left or the right of the rear part, one lost the bumper. It was a strange sight, seeing all of these cars while I move away in deep thought why my car was spared.

As we remember the story from last nite till now, we know very well that there was an angel right there with us who saved us from a clear danger. I was really thankful that my family went home all safe and unscratched and unhurt. This experience will be remembered till the last breath of my life.

Melanie P. Tuliao

Watching Over Me

Sunday November 6, 2005 was the last night I drank, and thanks to the grace of God and his angels, I am here to tell you about it. The night was no different from so many other nights. I was out, I was drinking, and as the night wound down, I did not want to stop my drinking for the night. I wanted more. A co-worker invited me over to his home, and suggested I follow him. It was about a 30 mile trip out of Northern VA. around the DC Beltway, and in to MD where he lived.

While I was driving, I knew I should not have been driving, but I did not care. I was in another blind pursuit of a drink. I knew at any point I would get pulled over and get a DUI. That was my only worry at the moment. I continued on though. I was also very depressed at this point in my life. I spent the entire trip trying to reach my Ex-wife on the phone, and I left her many messages. What I said, I do not know. I remember having thoughts of just how fast I could take an off ramp or an on ramp. I was out of control, and I new it.

As I swerved from one lane to the next, or drove up on the side walks out of control, I did not care. I just wanted to get to my friends house to keep drinking. It was not until I sobered up at my friends house the next morning and pieced together the night based upon what I remembered, and I was filled with the remorse, guilt, and fear that I almost killed someone the night before. It is difficult to describe in words the crazy thoughts I had that night, and the fact that I did not care if they happened. I even remember trying to push my truck to the limit and over it as I drove so I would wreck. However the next morning, I knew the only way I survived that trip was with the help of a guardian angel.

It was a complete 180. The night before, all I cared about was the drink and not getting a DUI, and now all I could do was be filled with the certainty that if I drank again, I would kill some one by drunk driving. Where I would normally admit I was stupid the night before and go about my day with guilt over my actions, this morning, I experienced a complete psychic change. I was aware of my actions and overwhelmed with the reality and gravity of the situation. The first few hours of sobering up that morning changed my life, and just the other day I celebrated another continuous month of sobriety. I have been able to help other people who were in my shoes so they also can enjoy a sober life. I know I am only sober today because of God, and it was his angels watching over me that allowed me to finally get the message.

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