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The following links are to a talk given by Leo Buscaglia on the topic of LOVE. This funny, loving man will take you on a journey on the meaning of love in your life. Take time to listen to it and reconnect to your inner, real, self; the spiritual self that is here having a material experience. As empaths we feel more than most normal people and more often know what emptiness there is in the heart of modern society; the empty promise of something better just around the corner; that carrot on a stick in front of our noses just out of reach. What is so amazing about the lectures Leo gave was what happened at the end. He would go into the audience and give a big hug to everyone who wanted one. He would stay there, for more than an hour, hugging everyone who wanted one. So, take a love break from the rest of the world and sit back and reconnect to YOU and the rest of us and know that you are loved.







"Do what makes you happiest. Look upon what gives you joy. Speak to those who warm your heart. Listen to that which lifts your spirit. Surround yourself with sights and sounds and people that give you pleasure. For all the happiness you give to others all year long, give yourself a perfect day." --Author Unknown

Throw some love into the wind


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