10 Signs You Are Experiencing a Psychic Awakening

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2 years ago
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The following is a repost from the following link called Cauldrons and Cupcakes. I hope you enjoy it and know that you are not alone.

10 Signs You are Experiencing a PsychicAwakening

Image from www.wall321.com

Image from www.wall321.com

I suspect everybody has a degree of psychic ability, just as a everybody has a degree of athletic or artistic ability. Some people have special gifts; other people have a particular interest that leads them to develop their abilities. But the phenomenon itself is ordinary and widespread.
~Michael Crichton,Travels

Theres a difference between spiritual awareness and full on psychic awakening. Spiritual awareness happens when we begin to understand that there is more to the Universe than meets the eye. This may be commonly expressed by such things asasking the Angels to find you an excellent parking spot right out the front of a crowded supermarket. Psychic awakening is a crazy ride, where your psychic and intuitive awareness becomes hyper-stimulated and hyper-alert, and where you cannot controlhow or when that happens.

Spiritual awareness leads to an opening of our hearts and to a period of personal and spiritual growth.

Psychic awakening leads to a path of service.

It can be unbearably uncomfortable and scary. But it does get easier. Here are ten signs that what youre experiencing is an awakening of your psychic abilities:

1. Crowds become overwhelming, distressing and make you feel psychically battered and energetically drained.

2. Your dreams become increasing vivid and seem to contain messages, information and symbols that go beyond what your normal subconscious would put on the nightly view-screen of the inside of your eyelids. You remember these dreams, and keep thinking about them during the day, trying to work out what they mean.

Image from Wilde Life

Image from Wilde Life

3. You become confused at what people tell you, when part of you knows that the words they aresaying dont match their emotions, inner thoughts or energy. You cant put it into words, but youfeel that conflict and find it disturbing. You have no way to prove what you feel.

Image from Finance Fox

Image from Finance Fox

4. You get feelings of heat in your palms and fingers, your feet, around your heart, on your forehead around your third eye chakra, or in the top of your head. You may also get a sensation of moving energy or tingling.

Image from Can Stock Photo

Image from Can Stock Photo

5. Your sleep becomes disturbed. You wake up at 2am, wide awake and waiting for something. But what? Weirdly, by about 4am you can get back to sleep again, and you dont become tired from this crazy routine.

Image from dinfo

Image from dinfo

6. You become suddenly attracted to crystals, healing arts and metaphysical tools. You mayfeel energy in stones, places or people, or access impressions or information if you touch a person or an object.

Image from groupon

Image from groupon

7. You get a fullness or a choking sensation in your throat (or throat chakra) like something is stuck there, or you want to speak, but there isnt anything you can think of to say.

Image from WattPad

Image from WattPad

8. Electro-magnetic energy, wi-fi and electrical fields make you feel fuzzy, off-balance or exhausted. You feel immediately better in nature, or out of cities.

Image from BiPlane

Image from BiPlane

9. Your sense of deja vu increases, and you experience moments of having been somewhere before, relivingaconversation or performing an activityagain, even if it really is the first time you have experienced this thing.

Image from asusta2

Image from asusta2

10. You know things about people or situations that prove to be correct, even though there is no way you could have consciously known about those things.

Image from Flow Of My Soul

Image from Flow Of My Soul

If this sounds like you, please dont feel that there is something wrong with you, or that you are going crazy. Intuitive ability and psychic awakening is a normal part of our souls development. Modern western culture may no longer recognise the pathyou are taking, but it is very real, and you are not alone in this journey.

Trust that your time is now, and that you are very much needed in the world. Know that there is a place for you here in my tribe, and that I value you and all you are experiencing.

Throw some love into the wind.


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Emmy Long
2 years ago
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This all seems so correct. Do you know of any advice to help cope with this while living in a world that doesn't get it? I'm struggling lately because I am trying to cope without support. I do have people who believe me (well at least the two that I've told) but they don't experience what I do so they can't really help. My boyfriend believes that I know things, but when I use my knowledge to make a point it isn't always heard because, to him, it doesn't make sense. I'm struggling with family as well because what I know and feel doesn't align with what they think is best for me. Any advice that seems even a little relevant would be very much appreciated.
Equus Aquarius
2 years ago
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I definitely can relate to this!

It seems like all of my senses are experimenting with abilities that I had either blocked out or never even knew that I had! There are local people that I can talk to but it seems like they really frown upon too many questions discussing specific abilities & how to develop them, without charging a fee; I understand that everyone needs to make money but I am not rich, and I have so many questions! I also do not want to overwhelm any other empaths. I understand how draining a needy person can be.

My husband has been very supportive (deep down he knows that he is highly sensitive and is at the very least clairvoyant), but he is not very interested in talking about it and exploring it, so I do not want to overwhelm him.

I am actually enjoying my journey, but I am confused as to how to go about developing my abilities and what my strengths are? Does anybody know how I can figure this out? Any help would be wonderful & I would greatly appreciate it:)

Thank You!

2 years ago
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yea i think i am going through this maybe a year ago i started getting rapid daja vu and some times my hands randomly get warm i am having weird dreams i dreamt of something about my necklace my mum gave me i think it means something but hard to explain its a very vivid dream but can't remember much

2 years ago
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Hi, I am a newbie ;)

I agree with the many signs but, believe there are many, many more too. That`s the difficulty in identifying the what the heck we are going through as there is no pattern nor direct route, the route is a personal one so to speak.

I am, and have been for a while all over the place and only recently discovered why - long and very difficult story to explain but, in short I have quite literally become someone else emotionally, even mentally.

The universe hinted at me with twinges of anxiety last year but, I did not understand the signs, not even when I crashed and burned two months ago. Suffered severe anxiety and panic over very small incidents.

Since then the anxiety is always with me unless completely away from a certain individual for at least a few days (this person is whom I work with and has learning disabilities - his mood swings can be drastic from stress, anger, confusion, negativity....) We became so close at one time and that closeness I now understand opened up a real can of worms for me (I did not realize I was able to absorb emotions and mental processes, I did not realize until recently when it just suddenly all made sense from nowhere. I have become like him in so many ways. So confused, worried, stressed and negative for no real reason - This is just not me!!)

Walking away is very difficult, I feel a very strong pull not to leave yet, I know (and the universe is stepping in with miraculous opportunities to get me the heck out) However at the same time there is a pull from elsewhere is trying to enforce my staying, the confusion and a sense of responsibility for this lad is overwhelming.

Any advice is welcome

last year
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The tingling sensation. This one got to me. Completely knocked me off my chair. The others I understood, felt like I can relate, absolutely.

But, the tingling sensation throughout my body. Recently started a couple of months ago and has increased. I now feel it every day. I was just telling my mother this and I couldn't figure out why.


last year
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All of these are true for me. It became very apparent after an explosive emotional interaction with my husband which left me very off balance and off center. I have finally been able to understand the why's in my life....I am hoping to learn more about myself and how to regain my center. As well I am trying to re establish some sort of relationship with my husband without drowning in the emotion of it all.

last year
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Oh yes, this is me. It was a very rocky road at first (and still is) but as I go through it, I get used to it and realize that the bad moments will pass and be my greatest moments (personal growth) if I get through them by not giving up hope and realizing the lesson in each "episode" :)

At this point, I'm feeling much better and embracing my sensitivity and just being in this world the way everyone should be :) I'm so happy to be me. I feel like I'm finally home. And no matter where I go, there I am. And today, that's a good thing.

The way through it, is through. Into the pain until it's all resolved. But make sure to come up for a breather if it gets to be too much. We can do it! :)

last year
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Yep, to all above. And I'm finally happy about it.
last year
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I am most definately going through this right now. It has actually only been a week or so since I really have noticed what exactly is happening to me. I just started looking for answers to questions I had internally and one by one they were answered and I came to realization. Its a wonderful feeling of finally knowing who I am. My husband was saying I was crazy and I knew that he was wrong. I am still trying to find my exact path as I have prophecy and clairentience abilities. I feel drawn to healing as well as medium ship and am still figuring things out. This EM has helped alot already. Im so excited for my journey and the people Ill be able to help.

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