Visions Hault, Cannot Feel Down Energy Lines

3 years ago
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Hi Everyone(:

Anyone ever hit a point where you could no longer "see"? It is like I am suddenly walking around blind, and frankly it is unnerving if not terrifying.

Recently, numerous bad things have happened in my life simultaneously (academic, career, personal, illness, death of loved one). It has not just been my sight: my dreams, ability to sense energy, feel the deceased, and experience centering in my own physical body have all taken a large blow.

The lack of visions is scariest of all though. I am at an unbelievable crossroad in my life that will decide my future: I want to walk a particular path, which I was on before those bad things all happened. I am working toward getting back on it, but my actions have no control over the final allowance. I am taking a major gamble, and I am not one to gamble. I am afraid, and I am more afraid because I cannot see... anything. Nothing. My entire energy line as close as tomorrow feels blank. All I can think is, 'what happened to me?! ...what will happen to me?" Do any of you know how to pull out of this blindness?

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