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2 years ago
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How well can you pick up thoughts? I find my capacity is limited. I find that a challenge during work and I et nervous, because the person always wants to know why something is going on, when I'm only able to either transmutate or pick up emotions. What should i do when someone asks this question? should I just tell them I can't pick up on that? I'm nervous that may make them hang up. this is in no way meant to make any anxious and I apologize if it does! It's a question I was just having because I am right now logged in.

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2 years ago
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So here we are again!

Okay, First up, I can't pick up thoughts, some people read minds but most psychics (at least the one's I know) don't read minds, they read the energy of the situation.

I'm not sure what your asking but I'm going to assume that what the client is asking is for you to pick up on the thoughts of another person?? There is something called third party reading which means that the psychic is being asked by the client to read another person. This is generally something that most psychics don't do because we only read the person asking permission to be read.

However, there is a way around this by reading the energy or dynamics of the relationship. You're not exactly reading the other person but you can pick up on the overall energy of the relationship between the third party and the client.

So, back to the question - thoughts are not that relevant. A reader friend once said that a client could ask "is he thinking about me" and even if the answer is "yes" what's the point? We have millions of random thoughts a day but they don't necessarily determine what thoughts the person will act upon.

Generally psychics are looking at the overall energy, not specific thoughts.


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I had a crazy experience the other day in my uber ride home from work. This sweet little man picked me up, had a normal conversation while driving but I kept hearing him say how beautiful I was in my head. Of course I didn't not mention anything to this sweet little man because that would beweird lol but when I got to my destination, he said I have to tell you something "you are sooooo beautiful" ... I instantly started blushing and told him thank you. I hear peoples thoughts often but this one was awesome because he confirmed that he was thinking that and boy did I hear him loud and clear. I love my gifts and wouldn't trade them for the world.

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I can't voluntarily read them. I do audibly hear peoples thoughts but I also see their emotions as written words. The hearing thing doesn't happen as much and its often single words or sentence fragments.

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