Emmy Long
Emmy Long
4 years ago
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I've been in a kind of similar situation. A girl was being very mean to me because of something my boyfriend (at the time) did to her. I did nothing to her but she kept saying mean nasty things to me and so I eventually got so mad I said mean things back. I felt bad as soon as I said them.Unfortunately, we can't unsay words. But we can apologize for them and that's what I did. She called me crazy and bipolar for switching moods so quickly. And she had every right.the things she said to me weren't true, but the things I said to her were. So in the end I was just angry, but she was hurt. I don't think she's ever forgiven me, but because I let her know I really was sorry for hurting her, I was able to forgive myself. And of course I forgive her, people say dumb things when they're angry.What I'm gettin at is, if you said stupid things (and only IF) then apologize and mean it. And then forgive yourself. The other person may never be able to, and that's sad for them. If you ever meet up with them again, be kind and show love. Angry people need love showered upon them, not more anger.

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