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Thank you for the good topic!

I agree about telling the person if it is life or death or even something else that is serious. Even if they don't do anything, then at least you tried.

About 20 yrs. ago, before I understood that I was an empath, there were two times when I picked up upcoming deaths that possibly could have been prevented, but I'd just met the person, my husband was doing work for both of them, and I was afraid it would reflect on him if they thought his wife was some kind of a nut case.

One died 3 weeks after I met him, the other one year after I met her, both of the illnesses that I had picked up previously.

I later had a long talk with the wife of the man who died and his wife said he would not have listened, that he was stubborn and once he decided something, that was it. (He committed suicide). That helped a bit, but I still felt like a bad person for not trying, especially given my being a psychiatric social worker.

In the other case, I later learned the woman was a believer in such abilities and would have been totally open to what I was saying and maybe her cancer could have been caught early enough. I've never stopped feeling guilty about that one.

I hear people say they turn off their ability to read people and never tell them and I think why were we given this ability, if not to use it? I will never not tell someone something important I see again, even if they think I'm a complete boob. Just my opinion.

However, when it comes to relatively unimportant stuff, I find if I tell them they are about to jump into a swimming pool with no water in terms of a relationship, investment, etc., I find they will usually do it anyway, and afterwards, will kill the messenger (me). Every time they see me, it reminds them of how stupid they were and they lash out. So, now I let them keep their unnecessary dramas if they want them that badly.

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Understand that some will be greatful and some will not. The biggest question you should ask yourself is what benefit does it have to the person. Is it information that they are in pain and you are just recieiving it, or is it a message from spirit, which could actually benefit them. Ask your guides. For example, if you see an accident, this info may not meant to be shared but for you to maybe say a prayer for them. If you feel they are a druggie and need rehab, again, they will likely not recieive this well, so you have to ask your guides am I just randomly channeling this or is there something for me to do or say that will benefit from the situation. Is a warning for me to stay away? ect. If it is a message from the Angels, could be an answer to aprayer they had, so instead of giving them info on everything you get, you may just want to make it short and sweet and stick with just the message., ie: "the angels say not to worry, everything is working out and you are being taken care of: ect. What you can also do is is write the info on a piece of paper, keep it to the core of the information and then hand it to them and walk away. If they want more info, they will call to you. Not all information is meant to be shared. I rarely get information on death, but once in a blue, I do. I refuse to tell the person because it is destined, and by saying something like that to do them, will only make that their last moments filled with fear and panick, which causes no benefit to them waht so ever, so instead, I might say something such as "have a beautiful day" and then send some energy to help them make it the best day ever. Use your intutition and if it brings fear or something negative, then it's no benefit to anyone no matter how good your intentions are. We can get problems all day long, and they already know what the issue is, without a resolution that will touch them, is pointless, at least this is my rule of thumb,lol. Use your intution, maybe they just need a simple smile and good day to you, that will completely change them. Maybe it's a compliment that turns that "frown up side down," even if they give you that "ok, that was weird look" we often don't see the effect it has within" and it touches them. I hope this help:)

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