Being a Healer and where to start..

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4 years ago
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Hello everyone! Thanks for opening my discussion!

So I have always had a calling to help others. At first I thought the medical field would be sufficient but after experiencing what that is truly like, western medicine was not a good fit. I'm always getting wrapped up in others issues and offering help or advice. It is very frustrating at times because most people aren't willing to make a change. I have tried to hold back as of lately and only help those who come to me.. but it doesn't feel like enough.

When I began what I call my spiritual awakening. I have had a few people (that I didn't know at all) tell me that I am a healer and that I have other gifts as well. They wouldn't tell me what gifts, they said I need to find them myself..

Anyways, I was really excited to hear this from outside sources since I always felt this way about myself. I am so passionate about healing but I just do not know where to start. I have SO many ideas swirling around my head about what I could do. I would love to be a 'mind body spirit healer' as my passions are strongest on topics like energy, nutrition, natural medicine and fitness.

So my question, how should I start this process? How do I find out my gifts for sure? I have inklings but always second guess. Beyond that, how do I help? How do I even explain to people that I have a healing gift without sounding too crazy or cocky?

Thank you so much for your time and advice!

Feel free to ask me any extra information or whatever! I added a recent picture of myself so you have an idea of who you are speaking with. I hear that helps sometimes.


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Nocturne's Angel
4 years ago
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Hi Devon,

It's wonderful to see you again :)

I will let the others give you advice since I'm not exactly a Healer, but what I can say is that Touch will show a person. If you feel that words aren't adequate enough to explain a situation, etc. Touch is a Magnificent Power that can break the barrier, so to speak and it can bridge or form the Pathway where the words would have only left a void.

I hope that what I have written makes sense,

There will be others who will assist you on your Journey :)

Thank You for your Decision to assist others with your Gifts :)


4 years ago
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It makes perfect sense! I am a little embarrassed I haven't thought of this myself. I suppose lately I have been a bit withdrawn, as in, I have been working on myself and trying to keep my energy Light. I am often surrounded with much lower vibrations and easily get sucked back down.. for now! Everyday I grow stronger and I can bounce back so quickly now! It's exciting!

Next time I am in a situation where words are not working will definitely try touch!

Thank you thank you!

Janett Niemi
4 years ago
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Yes, I too have had people just "assume" that I am a nurse, a healer, though professionally that is almost laughable. Since I have always worked in business, I will be the first to say that it can be a very cutthroat endeavor. (I never was, but there were those in my company who could be very competitive!)

There are lots of ways to "heal." I agree that touch is a very important to the human body and can be a great outlet for us healers. But, you can also "heal" with your writings. I am a writer which is one of the ways that I "heal," and being a writer I find myself being drawn to those who also have a knack for the written word. I was impressed with your narrative-it was to the point, concise yet it flowed with loving emotion. Those of us who have this ability, usually have no idea that it is a gift and as in all gifts, it was given to us to help others.

I am sending you lots of loving energy on this quest...


4 years ago
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Thank you Janett!

I had to reread my post to see if I said anything about my writings. I didn't! I really take to heart your compliment about my narrative. I have recently discovered that I thoroughly enjoy writing. I journal a lot and through that I have had my most clear connection with the Divine. Lately, I have been writing more for my blog, which is unusual as I generally keep my writing private. Through this experience I have started to consider that perhaps I do have a written gift! That would be lovely!

I shall explore some more!

Love to you! <3

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