Am I a healer, and what are the flashes or mini-dreams I have of people I've never met?

4 years ago
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First off, the healer? This has only happened a few times to me. I was with a friend and felt drawn or pulled to a certain area of their body. A knee, and hip from one friend, shoulders and stomach for another. I had such an urge to reach out and touch that area. The one friend said my hands got really hot when I touched her shoulders.I am not sure any healing occurred.

The other thing, with the flashes or pictures... really hard to explain. Most of them, I don't recognize the people. Sometimes I will get an image when speaking with a friend. One day listening to a friend talk about her future, her feelings, I saw a ball and chain. Stop laughing! Shes divorced already. I felt the shortness of the chain, i.e. links, represented this life for her, and that her issues lay in childhood. Is this from my abilities?

Can I develop healing? What is it I am seeing?

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Emmy Long
Emmy Long
4 years ago
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I'm new to everything too and I had what I thought was a possible healing experience too. I felt the draw to the person and my hands got warm and a strange feeling. Someone suggested reiki to me and it didn't quite fit me because I think I do more with emotional healing by sending energy but from what I learned about reiki it might suit you. Something to look into at least :) hope I helped!

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