What do you think about healing people without their consent?

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2 years ago
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A friend of mine is not am Empath, but she is a spiritual healer and she made it her own principle not to heal people without their permission.

Then, I was thinking about it because if I only heal people with their permission, it would mean like telling everyone about being an Empath and not everyone is open or accepting towards Empaths.

That is why for me, if I want to heal, I would rather do it with or without the other person's permission.

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Nocturne's Angel
2 years ago
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I personally don't do anything without someone's permission because I feel it is a violation of their rights & personal space & I know if someone thought to take away my choice I would be seriously upset.

Equus Aquarius
2 years ago
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I would have to agree with NA on this, too.

Even though you want to help, others do not always want to receive your help. It is a hard lesson to learn but it is a very necessary one; one that I have learned fairly recently, too:)



2 years ago
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Thank you for your explanation.

I was having doubts about my choice in this, which is why I posted this discussion.

2 years ago
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Interesting Q. One school of thought says don't do it. the other one says do it but be silent about it. Often The one needing healing is unaware of the underlying situation and would not be able to know what to do due to the interference or imbalance. I've done both and I always ask for guidance from my higher self before proceeding. I also watch and note the difference in people after the healing. That tells me the guidance was correct when followed. In all cases, I always defer to my higher self on these matters. Either way the recipient gets what is needed.

2 years ago
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An experience or two with this. I've had some odd occurrences where the actual intended person was unaware that I was sending energies, which I only did at the request of family members. My suggestion is to send energy long distance in general sort of way if the individual is unaware, and then be sure to disconnect your "energetic" association with that person. Even unaware individuals can sense a healer, whether they understand, on a conscious level, this is occurring or not.. Was kinda trippy and unsettling to discover this, and took a while to have "particularly one", back off. I don't even know how to explain this and have it make sense, but I'll try.....

Ummmm.....apparently, a living person can kinda "haunt" or come to you on a purposeful and subconscious level. Not in a bad way, but it's like the subconscious/spirit or whatever ya wanna call it, knew I was a healer, and wanted my help, however, please understand the conscious/free will thing is very important! I tried and wasn't "allowed" to address the specific issue without conscious knowledge/free will permission, of the individual that I couldn't shake loose. They weren't harmful, nor had ill intent in an manner, they were just so strongly connected and I wasn't even aware. Kinda freaked me out when I discovered what was up.....lol. I did all kinda things to disconnect, to no avail. I did contact the relative and explain my dilemma, but they have yet to tell the relative what occurred. However, once I did this, I was able to energetically disconnect (as best anyone is able), because apparently the subconscious/spirit of this person understood I would try again to help, once I was given conscious permission.

I personally feel bad, because I truly want to help, but it doesn't look as though it's going to happen. Beliefs....hard to shake once ingrained in most folks, no matter how many times you are able to "prove" this actually is a legitimate form of treatment and showing what intention and love for your fellow human beings, can actually do. Kinda silly that "others" can be so closed minded, when this is the easiest, most readily available type of healing one can offer or receive. '\_(**)_/' Not that I would suggest anyone give up "conventional" healing and following their "experts" advice concerning treatment. :-)

2 years ago
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So this is why I think many turn to prayers on someones behalf.. or sending light..

asking for something bigger than yourself to help someone..

Gin S
2 years ago
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If the person does not want healing wouldn't they unconciously block it?

2 years ago
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Been there. I have a few thoughts on this, too. I have also been kicked in the pants repeatedly when I try to go around the person's refusal, or simply their lack of permission - what gives me the right to say I know better than they do about their path? Just because their lack of perfection bothers me? I have come to the belief that for lasting change, a healer creates the space that allows others to heal themselves, so the person needs to be on board. Some people will grant permission verbally and not in truth, and vice versa. Healings are so much more effective with a conscious statement of honest intention from both healer and participant, for this level of healing.There are different levels of healing. The kind that needs permission is the intrusive kind, the kind that can lay vulnerable parts that can be reconstructed or repaired. But verbally, you can always tell a person that you think of them, that you care, and energetically you can always send them the same: love and support that is not attached to any level of control over them. You can say "I am keeping you in my thoughts" or tell them you are praying for them. I have yet to meet anyone who opposes this approach.
2 years ago
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Free Will...a wonderful gift from God and I am grateful for it!

When I first started with this energy healing, it was easy to throw up my hands and do this kinda thing. The first person was in a coma and I had consent of her sister, so it worked out well, no problem. The second time, I asked the PTB if I could do it, because it was another friend and he was in the hospital with heart issues, I was granted permission, but got hit pretty hard myself....lesson learned with that, and ouch!. After that, I just sent in general white light and well wishes, until the friend whose Sis came up with cancer and he asked for help. That's when I learned that if the person is conscious and old enough to understand free will, even if ya go through a relative, ya gotta have their permission.

So, yes....free will is uber important and ya can't just go around willy nilly and impose upon it.

I love my loved ones, but they are driving me nuts. LOL I've proved I can do certain things and my desire to nurture and care for others is hard to temper, but I do. I awoke with swollen and bruised knuckles recently, but no pain, and still have yet to discover who it will be, and a couple of days later, awoke with what felt like a broken thumb. These things occur to me before my loved ones,so I record them, and when they contact me, I remind them that I feel them too and yeah, could they let me know it's them. LOL Flu shots.....the worst, but hey... what would I know, right? LOL Ya'll be careful imposing on wills, cause I think some folks kinda want to or need to be ill because they are trying to go through what they need to, in order to learn and experience certain things.... so yeah, free will...it's kinda important.

last year
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Ideally one wants permission, yes, but it is not always obtainable (as e.g. in distant healing. )I would add another consideration though. I do not think I take on other people's negative energies, or invite them in, as I have worked on any potential masochistic, and or attention seeking programs (if they were ever there), a long time ago - and asked for them to be all removed, forgiven myself etc....
So if I do get negative energy, and it disaffects my wellbeing - If I were really forceful, I'd say I am being attacked! But than I know that most of those energies are just very confused, so that softens my view a bit :)

I have a right though to be happy, and feel well. I.e. if something disaffects me - I send Light, and ask for healing and cleansing. I obviously allow Spirit to have the final word, and stop or deviate my healing, but I do not think they do. I see such healings as self-defense! And if one being wants to suffer, but that suffering disaffects another being, who does not want to suffer - the suffer being, has no claim to keep their suffering! If they wanted to learn something from that suffering, they will have to find another way, or do it with another being, who is still masochistic. If it were any other way - the Divine would have sadistic sides to it, but I believe it doe not!

So if I get a massage client, who does not want me to add energy healing work to their treatment - that is fine. I pass that request on to my helpers, but I still stay attuned and switched on. If the client has any energies that cause me harm otherwise, I will be protected, or if not possible the energies will be healed/ removed none-the-less. And considering that every cell of such a clients body has some free will too, if his body wants healing, but he does not - there might still be healing flowing anyway too....

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