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Kate T
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Hello! I was not sure where i should put this topic as in encompasses more than just the healing gift of my/our empathic nature :( But i hope it's ok here

Before anything I know that i modify the energy of a place and that this happens wether i want it or not, even though i tried controlling or diminshing it. I have observed how this somehow provokes instinctual reactions within people. Some people have seen certain things that work interestingly for me (i.e: my best friends, my roommates, my parents/relatives...) in the sense that the law of attraction manifests faster. I do that, i want that, i work for it, it comes in a way or another. On the other hand, i do a mistake, and it is treated much worse than it is in reality (as if 100000xx other people do not do 100 worse things, such as when I am passionate about an idea or explaining something to someone, and i prefer treating and getting to the root of the problem, not avoiding it). I thought countless times why this happens but then i found out this could happento absolutely anyone, and all one's need is a clear mind and will. This comes from understanding what you are, who you are, what you want to do, and always learning, keeping both your mind and curiosity awake and your power of discerning good from bad/consciousness intact. Which means... basically opposing a lot of external factors from today's society.

I might be lucky because i always had this outer shell and had my own filtrers... i could spot lies from a mile, or discern good from bad thoughts if they were directed at me/friends/relatives. I never had problems with stray animals and when i was little i used to play with the dogs from the parking xD For me it was obvious why they barked or were aggresive with certain people: it was always about what that human being packed inside. If there was no kindness or warmth towards the animals they were facing, and instead aggresivity or fear, well, even i as a human being wouldn't react too well to that.(But few families are like "learn to love animals, you see, they actually have a quite clear way of being and psychology, and many times it it because of the humans that they got to be aggressive..." instead of "a stray dog! don't ever touch him or get close to it, they can kill you in an instant without warning!"). I also use to have a calming effect on kids (and i love being with horses for some periods of time; they are naturally high-spirited sometimes in their disfavour given that they have to work for people, so the energies blend well...)

I even went to one of my best friends' home whose mother really liked alternative medicine, gemstones & co... and she said i am like a crystal xD and what she meant i understood was that i used to transform/channel energy myself

But going back to the point, i always affected my environment and it has always affected me, but I am afraid something is starting to happen... or has been happening for about 2-3 years or so. Ok I know things happen much earlier than that, but ... It's just that i do not feel at peace and good anymore with the direction that my society is going and this has never happened. I am not fully aware of others even though i've had the occasion to travel abroad every year, but the energies i feel in a lot of cities form my country are absolutely... ehh xD It's the 3 S words: strain, stress, struggle. While funny people are playing around with ideas about how bad religion is for humanity (instead of realising that they are doing like in that saying with the gun: when someone gets murdered, do you blame the gun, or the one who used the gun? The same with religion: can you blame the idea of religion in itself, or the people using and twisting it in their favour, those ideas that were originally created thousands of years ago during some ill times to prevent people from literally killing or abusing each other in daylight?).

It's like the world is becoming more cruel and detached from the real values and nature, and from their own hearts. Technology steals away calm and real life interaction and experiences and only a few retain this empathy that does not change regardless of what is used (you can feel one through computer, telephone, or simply when thinking about him/her... and that's just it). At one point it looked as if we were heading somewhere nice, but suddenly people fell so easily for the deceiving look of a black cloud that i cannot understand it. In my own capital for example there are good aspects, but one of the most basic ones are ignored: it is almost impossible to meditate and recharge, this is how charged the atmosphere is with all kind of stimuli, like electric devices, radio waves and constantly agitated people that come mainly for one thing in there, because it is a pretty plain otherwise: to make money.

Trust is pretty much gone from people's hearts, and creativity lacks way too much: more and more literally think like robots. If you don't boast about something, it will likely go unnoticed, way too many have already forgotten to look behind appearances. It is like the lessons of yesterday or the well known, old/ancient teaching some teachers still try to teach you get erased. People fail to see in depth. I wondered about these things since i was little and saw some things that literally made me question the way society works and whys and hows, but i never knew that the more you grow up the more closed you become. So I chose not to. And now it brings suffering. Then I also suffer for the ones close to me: I want to protect them. And for how unknowing and easily manipulated people can be. And yet I'd rather suffer for being a minority with my thoughts rather than give up to ill ideas, as that would make me feel worse than anything else. Maybe from this point of view, i have a huge ego, but i only learned to respect myself and other human beings for what they have to give when i delved into these branches: psychology, empathy, psychichness, astrology... and as the saying goes, you won't loose something you worked for without afight :D

So i heard quite some things... directly or indirectly... masses of energy, the natural energy of a place, energy grids, related stuff. Saw people with some amazing abilities and i cannot help but wonder: is it only me who is having this weird feeling about a deep pit we should all avoid? That someone should make masses of people question their ideologies and, yet again, that they are searching for love, praise and confort through the wrong means?

It's not wrong to fight either... in fact i believe little things are right or wrong, and yet i think there's one factor that should be the bottom line for everything: the need to protect our environment in the long run. All until your very own resources get destroyed, until water becomes more expensive than blood, until you interfere with weather, natural cycles, and the fauna/flora that is also trying to live with your f****-up consciousness (for 4 years now, i have been watching how the forest from around our house from the mountains is being cut down illegaly, and i swore i have to do something about it when i grow up)

SIMPLY, why, and for what, are my questions?

Also, if stuff like thiswas shownon TV at least once a day instead of some Bra commercials, i think i would be so happy (yep, we are pretty much atoms compared to that Giant ^^ and now one should know that worm holes are even bigger). Like, seriously, someone should start making people question themselves and their environment... and also, their own reality. :( It seems it's something that needs to constantly be done... none of us is the wisest or most intelligent. Facts are there could be more intelligent life forms than we could realise. Sure, I've met really cool people as well, that made me joyfull. But I've even met people from such communities (with knowledge about energies& co) that were really unrespectfull and a bit exagerrated/ or had a tendency to loose energy and thus vampirise people, so not even knowledge makes you wise or more correct in your action right away. or they went past someone's boundaries and then started judging (or I might simply/personally not like this one, i had a tendency to judge as well :) )

I wish i would know about your opinion as well! It never hurts to know other exeriences/points of view...

~a 19 y old student (with ageless thoughts) on a rainy Sunday evening ^^

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